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Our blog about pastor search, church staffing, and church leadership from our years of experience

7 Signs of a Healthy Staff Culture

Why Humility Is The Key To Overcoming Life's Challenges with Carey Nieuwhof

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Need Help In These 4 Areas? It May Be Time To Invest In HR

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The Biggest Challenges Of Restricted Gifts And How You Can Handle Them

How Churches, Leaders, And Ministries Can Multiply Their Impact Through Collaboration, Not Competition with Peter Greer [Podcast]

9 Changes That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Aging Church

How To Set Yourself Up For Success In A Newly Created Position

Working In Witness: The Importance Of Living Your Faith At Work with John Brandon [Podcast]

Beating Burnout: 7 Ways To Keep Your Staff Members At The Top Of Their Games

Value In Vulnerability: How To Find Hope In Asking For Help with Jon Peters

6 Warning Signs You're Risking A Moral Failure – And How To Avoid A Fall

Loving And Letting Go: 3 Keys To Serving A Community On The Move

What Pastors Want Every Guest To Know with Thom Rainer [Podcast]

Combating A Toxic Culture: How To Engage And Inspire Your Team

How To Create A Dynamic Guest Experience To Drive Growth with Jason Young [Podcast]

4 Ways To Cultivate A "Lightbulb" Culture Of Great Ideas

11 Things A Pastor's Kid May Be Thinking – That You May Not Even Realize

Discerning Delegation: The Importance Of Balance On A Church Staff with Jim Johnson and Paul Basden [Podcast]

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4 Healthy Expectations To Ensure A Positive Job Search

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Why You Need To Consider These 6 Things For Your Next Team Meeting

Why These 5 Safeguards May Help Protect Your Church

How To Help A Hurting Church with Alan Hlavka [Podcast]

The Crucial Church Metric You're (Probably) Not Measuring - But Should!

4 Steps Every Startup Small Group Should Take

[Podcast] Why Your Best Investment Could Be Your Personal Development with Tim Stevens and David Whiting

5 Creative Ways To Engage First Time Volunteers

The Importance Of Growing Your Organization Through Feedback

Practical Productivity: How to Effectively Manage Your Tasks

The Importance of Reproducing Leaders with Jason Houck [Podcast]

15 Summer Reads to Renew, Inspire, and Entertain

Stay On The Right Path By Casting Your Vision

What To Do After A Candidate Receives A Negative Reference

How To Catalyze Your Transformation As A Leader with Ryan C. Bailey [Podcast]

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How To Live A Purposeful Life That Honors God with Dr. Ronnie Floyd [Podcast]

How To Demonstrate Effective, Spiritually Charged Leadership

6 Lessons For Finding The Best Transitional Leader

Ever-Increasing Agility In A Changing Environment

The Importance Of Building Trust As A New Leader with Derek Harden [Podcast]

The Importance Of Giving Transparent Feedback As A Leader

How To Determine If A Staff Member Is A Poor Fit

Our Church Can't Afford A Retirement Plan, What Should We Do?

Responding to God's Call in Unlikely Places with Jeff Wheeler [Podcast]

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Internship Program

Why Becoming Is Better Than Being: How Great Leaders Stretch Themselves And Grow

4 Things To Look For In A Candidate When Hiring For A Non-Profit

Allowing God To Influence Our Creative Efforts with Jenny Randle [Podcast]

5 Factors To Remember When Powering Down

What Is The Advantage of Outsourcing?

Why Emotional Intelligence Is The Best Indicator Of A Successful Hire

How To Lead A Dynamic Small Church with Karl Vaters [Podcast]

Does Your Church Office Need A Redesign?

How To Minister In The Midst of Hardship

How To Analyze the Cost Efficiency of Your Staff

Practical Models to Effectively Church Plant with Brian Beauford [Podcast]

4 Helpful Tips on How to Transition From Friend to Boss

3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Hiring Millennials

How To Effectively Multiply Healthy Churches with Dave Ferguson [Podcast]

5 Ways To Effectively Protect Your Integrity

5 Lessons for Church Planters From Successful Startups

Why You Need to Cultivate a Culture of Honor to Drive Your Church Growth with Chris Lawson [Podcast]

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Conducting Reference Checks

How To Empower Your Children's Ministry Volunteers

How To Be A Peacemaker And Avoid Staff Conflict

Prioritizing Tasks That Truly Matter In Your Ministry with Rory Vaden [Podcast]

Who Pastors the Pastor? 5 Ways to Cope with Personal Grief

5 Ways To Better Engage Church Visitors

10 Ways To Be Better In A Supporter Role

5 Practical Methods to Drive Church Growth with Rich Birch [Podcast]

3 Questions To Discern If You're Ready For A Fresh Start

3 Reasons Every Church Needs a Solid Communications Department

3 Common Mistakes Churches Make During the Search Process

How To Have Practical Hope Through Difficult Times with Gina McClain and Jessica Bealer [Podcast]

7 Communication Practices That Will Improve Your Staff Culture

Making Sense Of The Minister’s Housing Allowance

How to Combat Fraud With Church Governance

How To Cultivate A Climate Of Appreciation with General Warner [Podcast]

5 Questions That Will Define Your Church’s Identity

Why Church Leaders Should Hire Entrepreneurial Staff Members

Paid, Volunteer, Or Both? Best Practices For Managing Your Worship Team

Scaling And Maintaining Staff Culture with William Vanderbloemen [Podcast]

4 Reasons Why Children’s Pastors Resign

2 Essential Qualities Of Executive Pastor Candidates

3 Keys To Building The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Driving Culture Into The Lifecycle Of The Employee with William Vanderbloemen [Podcast]

How To Properly Interview An Internal Candidate

10 Things To Consider As Your Church Grows

5 Red Flags During A Background Check

Staff Values: Why They Work And How To Create Them with William Vanderbloemen [Podcast]

6 Creative Ways To Serve In The Church

What Staff Culture Is (And What It Isn’t)

3 Important Reminders For Evaluating A Job Candidate

Why Culture Will Win In The Next 10 Years with William Vanderbloemen [Podcast]

Applying For A Job? How To Know If You're A Culture Fit

Is It Time To Hire A Technical Director?

What To Do If Your Church Doesn’t Offer A 401(k)

Why Community Is Essential To The Advancement Of Your Ministry with Rusty George [Podcast]

6 Strategies To Find And Maintain Balance In Ministry

How To "Fire" A Church Volunteer

The 5 Potential Troubles Of Applying Directly To A Church

Building Sustainable Staff Culture Across The Country with Kieran Mathew [Podcast]

3 Volunteer Positions You Probably Don't Have (But Should)

3 Ways To Keep Your Youth Pastor Longer

What Worship Style Is Right For Your Church?

How To Shift Your Perspective Of Discipleship with Daniel Im [Podcast]

How To Create A Retirement Plan For Your Church Staff

The Two Most Common Firing Situations (And How To Handle Them)

5 Ways To Develop A Multigenerational Church 

How Secular Work Experience Prepared Me To Plant A Church with David Dwight [Podcast]

3 Things All Campus Pastors Should Do

4 Teams Every Senior Pastor Needs

5 Ways To Equip Your Volunteers This Weekend

Why Pastors Need To Be Architects Of Culture with Daniel Floyd [Podcast]

4 Strategies To Interview For A Cultural Fit

9 Questions To Ask When Interviewing An Executive Pastor

How To Pick The Best References For Your Job Search

Finding The Right Pace For Change with Chris Emmitt [Podcast]

4 Steps To Regain Your Vision For Ministry

3 Things to Keep In Mind When Church Planting In The City

8 Tips For A Successful Phone Interview

Planning For The Future By Rediscovering The Past with Ray Green [Podcast]

10 Things Millennials Are Looking For In Small Groups

4 Ways For Busy Church Leaders To Keep Their Focus On God

Does Your Church Know Who To Reach?

Making Your Mark As A New Pastor with Adam Demetrician [Podcast]

3 Church Staff Positions That Will Become More Common This Year

4 Questions Great Leaders Ask Themselves

5 Resolutions For Church Leaders To Make This Year

How To Build (And Retain) Your Best Volunteer Team with Scott Magdalein

Why Ministry Jobs Are So Difficult To Find

Building A Better Staff Culture In The New Year

How To Deal With An Unexpected Staff Transition

The Best Way To Grow Your Leadership This Year with Jeff Simmons

19 Leadership Hacks To Start The New Year

7 Helpful Tips For Children's Ministry Success

How To Assess A Church Job's Compensation

How To Build Contagious Culture As A New Pastor with Philip Miller

5 Ways To Improve Your Sunday Announcements

When Is It Time To Promote A Staff Member?

What The Apostle Paul Can Teach Us About Building A Team with Peyton Jones

3 Qualities Of Outstanding Church Volunteers

4 Explanations That Make The Housing Allowance Easier To Understand

How Church Leaders Can Lean Into Their Giftedness with Sean Palmer

How To Boost Your Productivity In 2018

4 Ways To Grow Your Volunteer Team In The New Year

5 Benefits That Will Attract Millennials To Your Team

Making Room At The Table For Outside Hires with Pastor Stu Hodges

How To Positively Influence Your Staff Culture

8 Tips For Pastors Struggling With Burnout

How To Manage Generational Differences During A Senior Pastor Search

The 5 Words That Will Ruin Your Resume

The #1 Question Every Growing Church Needs To Ask with Pastor Chris Hodges

5 Ways To Approach An Upcoming Ministry Transition

3 Ways To Increase Your Attendance This Christmas

4 Essential Keys To Invite (Not Recruit) Volunteers Into Your Children’s Ministry

The Essential Role Of The Executive Pastor with Scott Douglass [Podcast]

The Ultimate Giving Guide To Staff Raises

5 Ways To Show Gratitude For Your Volunteers This Thanksgiving

How Gratitude Can Transform Your Interviews

The Key To A Seamless Pastoral Transition with Pastor Brian Hunt [Podcast]

Is Your Church Ready For Change?

How To Make Your Meetings More Effective

Should Your Church Invest In A Website?

Why Leaders Need To Discover Their Story with Dr. Johnny Parker [Podcast]

4 Ways Churches Can Combat High Costs Of Living For Pastors

How To Improve Your Job Satisfaction In Ministry

4 Ways To Fully Utilize Your Volunteers' Strengths

How To Stay Hungry, Curious, And Prayerful with Adam Weber [Podcast]

3 Reminders To Get You Through A Difficult Season Of Ministry

9 Overlooked Costs Of A Bad Hire

5 Questions To Address During A Pastoral Transition

How To Gracefully Transition To A New Staff Team with Phil EuBank [Podcast]

4 Ways To Grow Through Insecurity In Ministry

4 Leadership Mistakes That Are Driving Away Your Staff Members

5 Reasons To Take A Church Internship

The Defining Factor Of Churches That Last with Pastor Brad White [Podcast]

How To Avoid "Transplant Shock" In Ministry

The #1 Habit That Pastors Need To Break

4 Ways To Make A Job Transition Easier On Your Spouse

How To Lead Through The Growing Pains Of Ministry with Pastor Aaron Brockett [Podcast]

How To Create A Work Environment That Says 'Yes'

10 Things Your Pastor Needs You To Be

3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Remote Employee

Why Every Church Leader Needs To Take A Sabbatical with Josh Jones [Podcast]

How Church Leaders Should Spend Their Day Off

3 Tips For Multigenerational Church Staffs To Work Together Efficiently

4 Ways For Pastors To Increase Church Volunteer Service

How To Build A Gospel-Fluent Team with Jeff Vanderstelt [Podcast]

What To Do When A Candidate Has Bad Credit

Why You Should Let Your Audience Use Their Smartphones This Sunday

What Every Church Leader Wants, But Not What Every Church Leader Gets

How Culture Can Revolutionize Your Church with Sara Crippen & Jannet Morgan [Podcast]

How To Transition From Staff-Led To Volunteer-Led Culture

3 Reasons Why Your Church Staff Team Needs An Office

7 Crucial Components Of A Church Residency Program

Is Your Church Ready For Multisite? with Dr. Chip Henderson [Podcast]

4 Keys To Healthy Team Collaboration

3 Questions To Ask Before Letting Someone Go

How Your Church Can Help With Disaster Relief In Another City

The Secret To Multiplying Your Ministry with Dr. Warren Bird [Podcast]

4 Action Steps For Your First Day On The Job

How To Develop A Compelling Vision For Your Organization

5 Reasons Pastors Should Pursue Physical Fitness

Why You Need To Follow Before You Can Lead with Josh Pezold [Podcast]

10 Things Parents Want To See In Your Children's Ministry

How To Transition From Church Staff Member To Lead Pastor

What It Takes To Be The Internal Hire with Matthew Johnson [Podcast]

5 Easy Tips For Improving Your Interview Process

10 Action Steps For Your Next Staff Member Transition 

What Will It Take To Double Our Attendance?

The Do’s And Don’ts Of An Onsite Interview

How To Create Winning Culture For Any Generation with Weston Belkot [Podcast]

9 Action Steps To Take When You Lose Your Job

3 Myths To Dispel About Successful Leaders

3 Factors That Keep Millennials Coming Back To Church

How To Lead A Church Without Authority with Clay Scroggins [Podcast]

7 Questions To Ask Your Church Staff On A Bi-Annual Basis

6 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job

4 Regular Habits Of Relational Leaders

How Automation Can Multiply Your Team Productivity with Neil Miller [Podcast]

6 Ways To Gracefully Realign Your Church Staff Team

5 Reasons To Offer An Internship Program At Your Church

4 Ideas About Introverts To Keep In Mind On Your Church Staff

Should You Take Your Team To Israel? with David Whiting [Podcast]

What To Consider Before Saying "Yes" To A Job Offer

4 Tips For A Better Church Job Search

3 Actions To Take Before Sending A Text Or Email

How A Church In London Is Defying Cultural Barriers with Pastor Mark Wiltshire & Vlad Ciolan [Podcast]

4 Qualities Of Exceptional Student Pastors

3 Ways To Encourage Your Congregation Through Difficulty

5 Steps To Implement New Systems For Your Team

Rethinking Diversity On Your Church Staff Team with Sam Collier [Podcast]

I’m A Millennial & Just Celebrated 5 Years At Vanderbloemen…Here’s Why

3 Characteristics To Look For In ‘Back Of The House’ Church Volunteers

9 Ways To Develop And Empower Leaders Through Delegation

How To Recruit And Develop Multisite Volunteers with Steve Adams [Podcast]

Are You Ready To Become A Lead Pastor?

5 Fool-Proof Steps To Ensure A Healthy Working Environment

3 Ways For Church Leaders To Maximize The Waiting Period

How Much Growth Is Right For Your Church? with Larry Osborne [Podcast]

How To Interview For Your Next Pastor

6 Traits Employers Look For In Church Job Seekers

11 Reasons Every Church Leader Needs A Coach

How To Be More Productive And Set Better Goals with Christy Wright [Podcast]

4 Ways To Create Great Staff Culture For Both Introverts And Extroverts

6 Tips To Being An Effective Reference For A Candidate

4 Ways To Move Beyond Stagnation In A Ministry Role

Setting A Sustainable Pace In Ministry with Andrew Hopper [Podcast]

5 Ways To Be Successful In Your New Job

What To Consider When Using Job Boards

6 Ways To Prepare For A Pastoral Transition

How Pastors Can Overcome Barriers To Growth with David Ashcraft [Podcast]

Young (Future) Leaders: How To Wait Well

Why You Haven’t Been Promoted Yet

How To Get More Traction From Sunday’s Message

What Every Church Planter Needs To Hear with John McKinzie [Podcast]

How To Lead Your Team To Fulfill A Vision

How To Deal With The Unexpected Loss Of Your Pastor

7 Self-Care Habits You Can Start Today

The Secret To A Successful Ministry with Dr. Chris Stephens [Podcast]

5 People You Shouldn't List As References

7 Ways To Support Your Worship Team Members

How Churches Can Get (And Stay) Unstuck with Tony Morgan [Podcast]

How To Handle Church Staff Layoffs

How To Maximize Effectiveness With Different Church Staff Communication Styles

What To Do AFTER You've Made A New Hire

A Journey In Discovering Spiritual Gifts with Sam Storms [Podcast]

9 Must-Read Books For Every Outreach Or Missions Ministry

How To Handle An Ineffective Church Staff Member

4 Ways To Discern If A Pastor's Child Should Be Their Successor

How To Develop Leaders & Launch Campuses with Craig Altman [Podcast]

How To Eliminate Gossip On Your Church Staff

3 Reminders For Pastors Planning Mother's Day Sunday

3 Landmines To Avoid When Going Multisite

How To Intentionally Discover Your Calling with Paul Sohn [Podcast]

How Church Leaders Can Improve Their Stewardship of Life

5 Considerations All Pastors Need To Think Through NOW

How Healthy Competition Can Make Your Church Staff Better

How To Lead Revitalization In Your Church with Lee Kricher [Podcast]

How To Lead Well Through Transition

7 Commandments For Every Young Student Pastor

3 Qualities Of Great Candidates You Can't See On A Resume

The Pastoral Nature Of Leading Worship with Zac Hicks [Podcast]

4 Simple Ways To Grow Your Student Ministry

9 Characteristics To Look For In Administrative Hires

5 Time Management Tips For Busy Church Staffs

Why Pastors Need To Be Pastored with Paul David Tripp [Podcast]

5 Ways to Ensure New Hires Assimilate Well

Why Not To Hire A Search Firm

5 Tips To Help Your New Employee Join Your Church Staff

Why Christian Leaders Need To Rediscover Their Curiosity with Barnabas Piper [Podcast]

15 Awesome Resources For Church Leaders

Why Your Church Should Consider Having A Teaching Team

Leaving The Corporate World? How To Find The Best Ministry Role For You

Ways Your Church Can Minister To Nearly-Weds with Scott Kedersha [Podcast]

5 Ways To Foster Contentment In The Workplace

What To Do If Your Candidate Gets A Bad Reference

How To Manage Volunteers For Your (& Their) Sanity

How To Lead & Develop Creatives On Your Church Staff with Stephen Brewster [Podcast]

How To Engage & Retain Your Easter Visitors

3 Keys For A Flourishing Kids' Ministry

4 Ways To Balance The Tensions In Hiring

How To Do Effective Outreach To Men with Roger Patterson [Podcast]

4 Priorities Every Church Leader Must Set

How To Celebrate Church Staff Employee Milestones

5 Ways Church Leaders Can Spot High-Capacity Candidates

Why Leaders Need To Be More Coachlike with Michael Bungay Stanier [Podcast]

7 Keys To Onboarding Your Church Staff Successfully

18 Simple Volunteer Appreciation Tips

6 Ways For Pastors To Get Out Of A Sermon-Prep Rut

How To Build Systems For Great Staff Culture with Katie Viscontini [Podcast]

The 5 Best Ways For Your Church To Connect With First-Time Guests

How To Welcome A New Church Staff Member Well

3 Check Points For Selecting Your Pastor Search Committee Members

How Pastors Can Keep Their Easter Sermons Fresh

Should Your Church Get Rid Of Your "Meet & Greet" Time? with David Fantin [Podcast]

10 Questions to Ask Before You Change the Name of Your Church

5 Ways To Keep Your Team's Energy Up During Easter Weekend

3 Essential Interview Traits To Look For In Church Staff Candidates

Why Churches Should Rethink Their Singles Ministry [Podcast]

6 Steps To Having A Tough Conversation With A Church Staff Member

5 Ways Stressed-Out Church Leaders Can Thrive Again

How Lead Pastors Can Improve Their Teaching Team

How To Find & Unleash Leaders For Your Church with David Crank [Podcast]

9 Email Best Practices For Your Church Staff

Church Leaders: Why Growth Requires Struggle

How To Recruit, Train, & Keep Great #KidMin Volunteers [Q&A]

5 Signs Of A High-Trust Team

How Pastors Can Prevent Or Recover From A Fall with Roy Yanke [Podcast]

How Leaders Of Multisite Churches Can Build Relationships With Volunteers

How to Value The Singles In Your Church & Get Them Plugged In

4 Differences Between Job Boards And Search Firms

Establishing Personal & Family Boundaries In Ministry with Pastor Jimmy Evans [Podcast]

5 Keys To A Seamless Ministry Job Transition

How To Discern Where Your Next Ministry Move Is

4 Ways To Improve Your Team’s Culture In 2018

5 Things Every Senior Pastor & Executive Pastor Need From Each Other

Knowing When To Relinquish Your Role with Carey Nieuwhof [Podcast]

How To Lead A Church Staff As An Introvert

5 Questions For Effective Self-Assessment In Ministry

How To Effectively Lead A Multi-Generational Church Staff

Developing Wise Money Habits In A Social Media World with Rachel Cruze [Podcast]

8 Perks To Provide Your Church Staff To Help Them Thrive

4 Ways Church Leaders Can Coach Young Single Staff Members

3 Ways To Create Exceptional Experiences At Your Church

5 Great (And Free) Ministry Resources

How To Do Ministry In A De-Churched Context with Jon Ritner [Podcast]

Our Top 16 Blog Posts Of 2016

6 Resolutions Pastors Should Make For the New Year

10 Practical Blogs Every Pastor Should Subscribe To

How To Build Bridges In Your Youth Ministry with Rev. Russell St. Bernard [Podcast]

3 Ways You're Making Church Awkward For Visitors

Practical Ways To Retain Volunteers with Jared Hogue [Podcast]

4 Simple Ways To Be A Healthier Church Leader

5 Ways A Bad Hire Affects Your Church Staff

Why Pastors Need To Invest In Their Staff’s Development

Why Good Volunteers Quit with Brian Dodd [Podcast]

3 Things To Consider When Replacing A Long-Tenured Pastor

How Church Leaders Can Balance The Sacred & Secular During Christmas

3 Mistakes Pastors Make During The Holidays

What Church Leaders Need To Know About Gen Z with Dan DeWitt [Podcast]

5 Ways To Get Your Ministry Resume Noticed

3 Best Practices For Your Church Job Search

3 Interview Questions Pastors Must Be Prepared To Answer

6 Creative Christmas Outreach Ideas For Your Church

How To Build A Leadership Development Pipeline with Eric Geiger & Kevin Peck [Podcast]

8 Ways To Keep Your Christmas Service Visitors Coming Back

3 Physical Signs You Might Be Burned Out

What Vanderbloemen Is Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Why You Should Create A Work Environment of Appreciation with Dr. Paul White [Podcast]

5 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Volunteers

The Best Church Jobs For Every Personality Type [Infographic]

Why Churches Shouldn't Go Overboard At Christmas

6 Ways To Hire For Adaptability On Your Church Staff

How To Thoughtfully Monitor Your Family's Internet Use with Matt McKee [Podcast]

3 Ways To Encourage Your Staff During Advent

How To Overcome Challenges In Your Children’s Ministry [Q&A]

6 Critical Signs It’s Time To Seek Coaching

How To Improve Your Church's First Impressions with Greg Atkinson [Podcast]

4 Things Smart Search Committees Look For In A Resume

How To Show Appreciation To Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers Year-Round

Why Church Leaders Need More Coaching, Not Conferences

5 Costs Of Having A Vacant Position On Your Church Staff

How To Spot & Prevent Burnout On Your Team with Deborah Ike [Podcast]

3 Factors That Make Church Staffing So Challenging

5 Things To Include In Your Church Staff Onboarding Process

3 Reasons Your Church Needs A Missions Ministry

How To Graciously Fire A Church Staff Member with Jeremy Roberts [Podcast]

7 Ways Busy Pastors Can Improve Their Work-Life Balance

Why Pastors Shouldn’t Preach More Than 40 Weekends A Year

6 Things Your Team Needs That You Aren’t Providing

How To Build Culture & Discipleship In A Growing Church with Heather Zempel [Podcast]

6 Social Media DON’Ts For Church Staff Members

3 Church Leadership Pitfalls That Can Lead To A Split

The 5 Obstacles Of Collaborative Hiring

4 Unspoken Questions Your Church Staff Is Asking You

The Unexpected Benefits Of Sabbaticals with Justin Trapp [Podcast]

How To Ensure Your Church Staff Members Are In The Right Roles

6 Ways You Can Show Your Pastor Appreciation This Month

6 Strategies For Telling Your Church Staff “No”

3 Reasons Your Pastor Needs A Sabbatical

Why Leaders Need Coaching with Shawn Lovejoy [Podcast]

7 Ideas to Show Your Pastor Appreciation This Month

How Personal Branding Can Help You In Your Church Job Search

How To Navigate Working On A Team Where You Don’t Fit The Culture

Why Non-Ministry Experience Is Valuable On Your Church Staff

Recent Trends In Church Staff Compensation with Dr. Warren Bird [Podcast]

3 Ways To Make Your Church Staff Retreats More Effective

4 Practical Tools For Every Church Communications Director

3 Keys To Effective Communication Within Your Church Staff

How To Build A Team With Aligned Vision with Fr. David Roseberry [Podcast]

10 Ways Church Staffs Can Increase Productivity

The ABCs To Leading An Effective #KidMin Small Group

5 Red Flags To Watch For In Church Staff Candidates

How The New Overtime Regulations Will Affect Churches with David Middlebrook [Podcast]

How To Get More Out Of Your Church Staff Meetings

9 Creative Ways Your Church Can Use Instagram Stories This Week

8 Ways To Lead Your Millennial Employees Well

6 Things To Evaluate When Applying For Church Jobs

How Church Leaders Can Dream Bigger with Mark Batterson [Podcast]

6 Ways Churches Can Reach Millennials

5 Reasons Great Candidates Aren’t Joining Your Church Staff

How Church Leaders Should Handle Failure

4 Uncommon Habits Of Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Marcus Warner [Podcast]

6 Steps To Stronger Spiritual Maturity On Your Church Staff

17 Questions Your Pastor Search Committee Should Ask Your Church Staff

5 Things I Wish I'd Done Differently As A Pastor

How Great Leadership Teams Communicate with Ryan Hartwig [Podcast]

What Church Leaders Need To Know About Age Discrimination

10 Ways Youth Pastors Can Equip Their Volunteer Leaders

12 Must-Read Books For Every Children’s Pastor

The Best Resources For Developing Leaders with Todd Adkins [Podcast]

How To Get A Rockstar Children’s Pastor

Why Church Leaders Should Be Originators

5 Things To Look For In An Inexperienced Children’s Pastor

The 5 Benefits Of Collaborative Hiring

How To Announce Your New Pastor

Why Your Church Staff Isn’t Bought Into Your Vision

Why You Shouldn’t Hire Someone With A “Life-Long Calling"

Building A Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church with Mark DeYmaz

3 Things Church Leaders Need To Do Before Confronting Someone

4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Church Staff Culture

21 Signs Your Church Staff Has Toxic Team Culture

How Churches Can Thrive In A Post-Christendom World with Mike McDaniel [Podcast]

3 Steps To Starting A Leadership Pipeline On Your Church Staff

12 Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Your Church’s Volunteers

17 Must-Have Apps For Church Leaders

Finding Purpose In A New Generation with Ken Costa [Podcast]

6 Ways To Inspire Loyalty On Your Church Staff

What Church Leaders Need To Know About Taking Initiative

5 Ways To Ensure Your Children's Ministry Is Safe & Secure

The Most Effective Way To Develop Leaders with Nicole Unice [Podcast]

3 Advantages Of Moving From The Corporate World To A Church Staff

How To Get A Church Job Without Experience

5 Ways To Develop Leaders Within Your Church

5 Surprises About Transitioning To A Church Staff From The Corporate World

Team Building With A Global Perspective with Nick Runyon [Podcast]

How To Successfully Join A New Church Staff

4 Essential Characteristics Of Church Leaders

4 Crucial Steps Of Church Staffing Due Diligence

How OneHope Shares The Gospel With Over 100 Million Children A Year with Rob Hoskins [Podcast]

7 Simple Steps To Finding Your Next Pastor

3 Reasons Why You Haven't Heard From The Search Committee

19 Books Your Church Library Can’t Be Without

What Churches Should Know About Team Building with Dr. James Merritt [Podcast]

5 Hang Ups Of Pastor Search Committees

6 Mistakes Churches Make When Paying Their Pastor

6 Questions Pastor Search Committees Should Ask Before Beginning A Search

Empowering A Community In The Midst Of A Crisis with Jeremy Courtney [Podcast]

6 Mistakes Search Committees Make When Looking For A Senior Pastor

The 4 Biggest Challenges Of Being A Pastor-Less Church

7 Common Conflicts Of Pastor Search Committees

The Official Handbook for Pastor Search Committees with William Vanderbloemen [Podcast]

2 Costly Mistakes Of Pastor Search Committees

9 Characteristics Of An Effective Interim Pastor

Who Should Be On Your Pastor Search Committee?

How To Build A Contagious Church Volunteer Culture with Kevin Lloyd [Podcast]

3 Questions To Ask Before Launching A New Church Program Or Ministry

6 Keys To A Thriving Internship Program For Your Church

5 Social Media & Email Guidelines For Church Staffs

How Saddleback Online Started 1700 Small Groups In 4 Years with Jay Kranda [Podcast]

What The New Overtime Regulations Mean For Your Church Staff

The 5 Factors That Can Move Your Church Forward

How To Plant A Church For A New Generation with Jeanne Stevens [Podcast]

4 Ways You’re Making Your Worship Pastor's Job Impossible

The Church Leader's Role In Creating The Future

How To Maintain Church Job Satisfaction After The “Honeymoon Phase”

5 Productivity Hacks For Busy Pastors

Bridging The Generational Gap On Your Church Staff with Haydn Shaw [Podcast]

4 Simple Steps To Transform Your Church Staff Culture

3 Reasons You Need A Full-Time Children’s Pastor

4 Key Roles You Need To Break The 500 Barrier

Why More Churches Need An Executive Pastor with David Fletcher [Podcast]

6 Podcasts Every Church Leader Should Listen To

The 4 Costly Consequences Of A Bad Church Staff Hire

3 Reasons You Should Be Paying Your Children’s Pastor More

The Most Common Financial Mistakes Churches Make with Randy Ongie [Podcast]

4 Non-Monetary Ways To Attract A Great Church Staff Candidate

4 Ways Pastors Can Deal With Vision Hijackers

5 Ways To Help Your New Church Staff Hires Transition Well

3 Important Questions To Ask A Candidate’s Spouse

How To Create Small Groups For Everyone with Chris Surratt [Podcast]

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How To Battle Ministry Burnout

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How To Fire Your Best Friend

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5 Things To Remember During Your Pastoral Search

3 Reasons You Should Consider Peer Reviews

5 Steps To Avoiding A Disastrous Exit

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Making Your First Day Matter

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