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Our blog about pastor search, church staffing, and church leadership from our years of experience

Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton is the Director of Candidate Relations at Vanderbloemen Search Group.

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How To Transition From Staff-Led To Volunteer-Led Culture
Posted by Bob Sutton on 9/25/17 7:00 AM

Why You Haven’t Been Promoted Yet

Yes, I know. You deserve it. You’ve waited your turn. You’ve been patient. Why won’t they just promote you already?

There are likely many reasons why your boss hasn’t decided to move you up the organizational chart yet. Use this list as a barometer. If you want to be promoted, consider the following things before you ask for your raise.

Posted by Bob Sutton on 6/8/17 7:01 AM

The 5 Best Ways For Your Church To Connect With First-Time Guests


A few years ago, along with my wife and a few friends, I decided to visit a large church we had heard about. I was excited. The preacher was well-known as one of the best in the country. We arrived early and sat on the left side of the sanctuary about two-thirds back from the stage. The service started, and the music was amazing. Then the announcements came. The pastor asked all first-time guests to stand up. My heartbeat quickened and, despite a momentary hesitation, I stood up. I looked to my right to see that my wife and our friends did not stand. That moment was meant for my welcome, but it made me feel anything but welcome. I was alone, called out for being an outsider. It was not what the church intended the moment to be.

Posted by Bob Sutton on 2/27/17 7:13 AM

8 Perks To Provide Your Church Staff To Help Them Thrive

There are many standard benefits that churches can offer their staff. Things like medical benefits, dental benefits, and paid time off are well-known and great to offer. These are fairly standard benefits to offer today, so what would it look like to be more generous with benefits and really help staff people to thrive?

Posted by Bob Sutton on 1/9/17 7:52 AM

4 Things Smart Search Committees Look For In A Resume

Let’s face it, not all ministry resumes are created equal. Some people have known what they wanted to do since first grade and have focused on education and activities that are attractive to potential employers in their desired career path. Many others discover a later-in-life calling to what they were made to do.

Posted by Bob Sutton on 11/7/16 7:22 AM

7 Ways Busy Pastors Can Improve Their Work-Life Balance

I recently spoke with a pastor who, after 30 years of ministry, had to step away from his church because he was burnt out. He had been working 80-hour weeks regularly for the last decade. His well-known megachurch was constantly innovating. The church was growing. People were being changed by the Gospel. Everything was moving in the right direction. Except his workload. He told me that he knew 3 years ago that he couldn’t sustain that pace, but ran as long and hard as he could until he hit the wall.

Posted by Bob Sutton on 10/24/16 6:56 AM

8 Ways To Lead Your Millennial Employees Well

The workplace is changing. The influx of millennials in the workforce is only going to continue, and effective leaders are figuring out how to lead them well. It's no different for churches and ministries.

Posted by Bob Sutton on 9/7/16 7:05 AM

What Church Leaders Need To Know About Age Discrimination

The Church is currently facing a challenge, and, not surprisingly, it's a people problem. Demographically, we are entering a peculiar time in church history. For a short time, there are going to be millions fewer people in the workforce in their prime working years.

Posted by Bob Sutton on 8/22/16 8:01 AM

How To Ask Your Boss For Help

One of the jobs of a great church leader is to get the most out of their employees by encouraging and empowering them to achieve bigger and better things. As someone who has worked under both great and not-so-great leaders, I realize this is a challenging thing to do. There is a constant dance: trying to challenge your staff without overworking them. 

Posted by Bob Sutton on 3/24/16 6:52 AM

7 Mistakes Church Leaders Make When Trying To Rest

On the Seventh Day, the Lord rested. Did you ever wonder what the Lord did that day? I doubt that he just "sat there," to use a figure of speech. What we know is that He paused from creating and rested. I think that a lot of us don’t have a great picture of what rest looks like. We know that we need to rest, but rest can be elusive. Some days we set aside to recover, but we end up being drawn right back into what causes us stress. How can we achieve true Sabbath rest?

Posted by Bob Sutton on 1/29/16 6:45 AM

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