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Caroline Smith

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How Healthy Competition Can Make Your Church Staff Better
Posted by Caroline Smith on 4/26/17 7:42 AM

3 Check Points For Selecting Your Pastor Search Committee Members

Having the right church leaders in place is a critical part of the success of a ministry, but it’s getting them there that is the hardest part. And who you have on your search team makes a big difference when you’re looking for that key hire. Choosing who to have on your pastor search committee is an important decision and should be approached thoughtfully and prayerfully. 

Posted by Caroline Smith on 2/23/17 7:34 AM

How To Show Appreciation To Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers Year-Round

Thanksgiving or Christmas time shouldn’t be the only time you celebrate your KidMin volunteers. Being a volunteer for Children’s Ministry isn’t easy, and unfortunately, it’s common to have a high volunteer turnover rate. Keep your volunteers by showing them how thankful you are for them and how valuable their service is to you and your church.

Posted by Caroline Smith on 11/4/16 8:02 AM

3 Factors That Make Church Staffing So Challenging

At first glance, it seems that church staffing should be a piece of cake, or at the very least not that different from hiring in the secular arena. “You love Jesus? We love Jesus! You grew that ministry from 30 to 300? Great! When can you start?” But if you’ve worked in ministry for any amount of time, you know that finding the best DNA match for your church is a delicate task and, in all reality, far from simple or easy. It’s a task covered with prayer, discussions, committees, and maybe even drama.

Posted by Caroline Smith on 10/31/16 7:13 AM

3 Church Leadership Pitfalls That Can Lead To A Split

I recently saw a production of the play, “The Christians." The play’s setting is a megachurch auditorium and follows the journey of a Senior Pastor who makes a theological shift and a subsequently causes a church split. The set was complete with colored carpet, stained glass windows, and a choir loft. In the audience, my view of the stage looked eerily similar to a church I visited growing up.

Posted by Caroline Smith on 10/14/16 7:11 AM

How To Get A Church Job Without Experience

In today's world, we are constantly bombarded by useless messages that herald a quick fix to our problems: Sign up and get $1,000!” “Wanna be a beauty consultant? Build a team under you and receive triple what you invest.” “Take this to lose 10lbs in one week - without exercising!”

I interact with dozens of ministry candidates every day, and on a regular basis, I am asked, “How can I get a church job if I don’t have experience? What is the quickest way to get into this ministry position I know God has called me to?”

Posted by Caroline Smith on 7/8/16 7:39 AM

5 Quick Resume Tips For Your Church Job Search


Posted by Caroline Smith on 3/30/15 10:21 AM

4 Simple Tips For Beginning Your Church Job Search

Posted by Caroline Smith on 2/19/15 11:50 AM

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