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Casey Hampton

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5 Fool-Proof Steps To Ensure A Healthy Working Environment
Posted by Casey Hampton on 7/6/17 7:00 AM

7 Ways To Support Your Worship Team Members

Practically every position at a church is strenuous; each has its own particular set of difficulties and big asks. Worship jobs in particular can be taxing because of the hours required, from weekly practice to numerous weekend services. Below are a few simple things you can do to ease the burden for your worship team members (or really any role!).

Posted by Casey Hampton on 5/24/17 7:03 AM

5 Time Management Tips For Busy Church Staffs

In my time on a church staff, I often caught myself saying, “When things slow down, I’ll _______,” (fill in the blank with whatever task or responsibility I didn’t have time to accomplish but had dreams of one day doing). After awhile, I eventually came to discover that life is usually busy, and I’d never have time to do any of those things if I didn’t make time for them.

Posted by Casey Hampton on 4/12/17 7:21 AM

7 Keys To Onboarding Your Church Staff Successfully

Great team culture is one of the biggest benefits you can offer your church staff. More and more, the culture of a workplace is a deciding factor when qualified candidates decide whether or not to take a job. It’s important to remember that the culture of your church staff changes with every hire you make, making onboarding a crucial part of your staffing process.

Posted by Casey Hampton on 3/6/17 7:49 AM

6 Things Your Team Needs That You Aren’t Providing

As church leaders, our goal is to reach as many people as possible for the cause of Christ. Every leader has a team to help them achieve this great commission, whether that is a team of volunteers, your church staff, or even just close friends. Sometimes, however, even with the greatest of intentions, we overlook some of the needs of our team in our attempt to achieve our goals.

Posted by Casey Hampton on 10/19/16 7:08 AM

How To Navigate Working On A Team Where You Don’t Fit The Culture

I beat the culture drum a lot in my Vanderbloemen blog posts. For me, it’s one of those “shout it from the rooftop” things. I spent a lot of years working for companies I loved and respected, but ultimately I just didn’t fit with. I was searching for something in my work that I couldn't put my finger on, and didn’t know what it was until I found the Vanderbloemen team.

Posted by Casey Hampton on 9/29/16 7:26 AM

4 Ways You’re Making Your Worship Pastor's Job Impossible

Worship is one of the biggest "make it or break it" points of your church. Every church leader knows how important it is to have great candidates to fill your worship jobs for the retention of the visitors at your church.

Posted by Casey Hampton on 5/16/16 6:21 AM

4 Simple Steps To Transform Your Church Staff Culture

At Vanderbloemen, we speak a lot about culture. We’ve come to realize that as more and more millennials comprise today’s work force, a good office culture is arguably one of the most important components in recruiting great staff. On the flip side, a bad staff culture is one of the biggest common denominators in why people are unhappy in their jobs.

Posted by Casey Hampton on 5/9/16 7:37 AM

5 Church Salary Tips for Small Churches

Salary is a contention point for every organization, but this is especially the case for churches. As a small church, it’s hard to know what hires to make, and deciding on a salary for those hires makes the decision making process even more difficult. Here are some factors to consider when making these decisions, brought to you by our experience with compensation studies here at Vanderbloemen.

Posted by Casey Hampton on 3/31/16 7:47 AM

4 Challenges Churches Face When Hiring For Worship Roles

All staff positions are important. From the facilities employee who puts liners in trashcans to the Senior Pastor, everyone has a role and function, and they are all vital to keep the church running efficiently. That being said, there are roles that are more visible than others.

Posted by Casey Hampton on 3/7/16 6:54 AM

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