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Our blog about pastor search, church staffing, and church leadership from our years of experience

Danny Watterson

Danny Watterson is an Executive Search Consultant at Vanderbloemen Search Group.

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Why Staying Centered In God And Family Is The Best Thing For Your Ministry
Posted by Danny Watterson on 8/13/18 7:03 AM

Why These 5 Safeguards May Help Protect Your Church

The past few years have seen instances of violence and unimaginable tragedy across the country. A few short years ago, violence on church campuses was extremely rare. Growing up, I remember a certain reverence from people by simply being on a church campus – a reverence only overshadowed by actually being inside a house of worship.

Things have changed. Today, we must stop and consider how we can protect those with whom we worship. While we’re not experts in church security, here are five safeguards that may make a difference at your church.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 8/1/18 7:04 AM

7 Areas To Develop To Become An Exceptional Leader


I spent a large portion of my ministry as a Student Pastor. Like many with a student ministry background, I remember many aspects of my experience fondly; others, I'd like to forget. Regardless, my years as a student pastor were foundational as I learned invaluable lessons that taught me how to lead well.

As I look back on my early years of ministry, however, I realize that there were areas in which nobody took the time to coach me. I was left, sometimes, to learn on my own.

If you’re currently a new leader in ministry or have one on your team, here are seven areas of leadership to focus on developing.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 7/9/18 7:04 AM

Why Emotional Intelligence Is The Best Indicator Of A Successful Hire

As we search the country for the best and brightest leaders of churches and non-profits, we run into a variety of qualified candidates. Many times we find that success isn't clearly spelled out on a resume. Often, the best candidates don’t have the highest level of education or come from the largest organizations.

Rather, they have a high Emotional Intelligence factor. Emotional Intelligence is defined by Travis Bradberry in the book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, as "the ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions that achieve positive results."

Here are four key attributes to look for in both your current team and in those you plan to hire in the future that will redefine your assessment of a quality candidate.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 6/6/18 7:49 AM

3 Important Reminders For Evaluating A Job Candidate

As we partner with churches and organizations to help them build their best teams, we often hear similar criteria for potential candidates. The inevitable questions that many churches ask are: How big of an environment did this candidate work in previously?  In our search for quality candidates, is it possible that we’re asking the wrong question? Does the size and scope of a previous ministry matter to this hire?

While scope of work is important, it shouldn’t tell the whole story of a candidate. Instead, the question should be: What is his/her leadership capacity? We’ve seen candidates from smaller churches who could easily handle a much larger scope of work, as well as candidates from larger organizations and aren’t equipped for broader responsibility.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 3/21/18 7:00 AM

3 Reminders To Get You Through A Difficult Season Of Ministry

Have you ever watched a large-scale triathlon up close?  It’s pretty remarkable.  All the organization and teamwork that takes place to pull an event like that off is impressive. I’m fortunate enough to live in a city that hosts a full distance Ironman, which is 140.6 grueling miles.

Every year, my family and I make it a point to cheer on those that have committed to crossing the finish line. Most of these athletes have been training for well over a year to get to that point. They’ve likely juggled family and career responsibilities and battled through injuries and long, difficult rides or runs. Hours upon hours of pushing themselves to stay the course. I can’t help but be reminded of Philippians 3 where Paul says, Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.”

There are so many parallels to our journey in ministry. As I meet with candidates from across the country and hear some of their trials and struggles, I can’t help but encourage them with some of these tips. If you’re struggling with jumping out of your role or out of ministry altogether, perhaps these reminders will help you stay the course.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 11/6/17 7:00 AM

How To Get More Traction From Sunday’s Message

Ever wonder how many “gigabytes” your brain could store if it were a computer? Scientists estimate that the answer would be equivalent to up to 2.5 million gigabytes of storage! For reference, the biggest hard drive to date is only 10,000 gigabytes. 

However, if you ask someone from your congregation what you spoke on this weekend, chances are, they won’t have the slightest clue.  Now, before you get discouraged and quit the ministry to apply for Chick-fil-A, know that it likely has little to do with you. There could be many reasons why the message you spent days preparing doesn’t make it to Wednesday. Whatever the reason, here are a few creative ways to get more mileage out of your content.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 6/7/17 7:01 AM

How Church Leaders Can Improve Their Stewardship of Life

In ministry, maintaining a healthy balance between work and life can be difficult. Yes, ministry is a 24/7 calling, but we're also called to be good stewards of our family, friends, and mental/physical/emotional/spiritual health. How can church leaders discover and keep healthy work-life rhythms?

Posted by Danny Watterson on 5/1/17 7:44 AM

7 Commandments For Every Young Student Pastor


Posted by Danny Watterson on 4/20/17 7:47 AM

5 Tips To Help Your New Employee Join Your Church Staff

Congratulations, you’ve hired a candidate! Bringing a fresh face and perspective onto the team is always an exciting phase. Don’t be fooled, however, the next few months will be critical in determining the long-term success of the candidate. Here are a few things you can do as the leader of your new employee to help onboard them smoothly and ensure a happy and productive future. 

Posted by Danny Watterson on 4/5/17 7:45 AM

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