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David Whiting

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The Ultimate Giving Guide To Staff Raises
Posted by David Whiting on 11/27/17 8:37 AM

The #1 Habit That Pastors Need To Break

When I was a young pastor first starting out in ministry, I was in a good church with stagnant attendance. We weren’t growing; we weren’t declining. For years, despite some minor ups and downs, our weekly average was fairly stable.  However, a couple of churches across town were growing dramatically.

Posted by David Whiting on 10/19/17 7:01 AM

Are You Ready To Become A Lead Pastor?

You’ve been a youth pastor, small groups pastor, children’s pastor, or an executive pastor for years, and you're now wondering if maybe you should begin to lead a church – as the senior pastor. So, how do you know if it is time for you to begin to look to become a lead pastor?

Posted by David Whiting on 7/10/17 7:01 AM

How Pastors Can Keep Their Easter Sermons Fresh

As a pastor, I often said that “Sunday comes every seven days with ridiculous regularity, and you can’t slow it down no matter how hard you try.” When you preach week after week after week, that pressure can build as you attempt to teach the Bible in a transformational way. Sunday comes once a week - it's an obvious reality, but it can be a stressful reality for those writing sermons week in and week out.

Posted by David Whiting on 2/22/17 7:23 AM

10 Questions to Ask Before You Change the Name of Your Church


Years ago when I was a Lead Pastor, we changed the name of our church. We had been North Baptist Church and we changed the name to Northridge Church. Going through that process was not easy in a 125-year-old church. But I was convinced that our name was serving more as a wall than a bridge. So, striving to do everything we could to win as many for Christ as possible, we went through the difficult, time-consuming, and expensive process of changing the name of our church.

Posted by David Whiting on 2/20/17 7:42 AM

How Lead Pastors Can Improve Their Teaching Team

Lead Pastors, you want the quality of your teaching team to be as excellent as possible. Likely, you are the Senior Pastor because you have the strongest teaching gift on your team. However, to continue to be the best communicator you can be and to keep good stewardship of life with a proper work/life balance (one of our nine core values here at Vanderbloemen), you need regular breaks.

Posted by David Whiting on 2/8/17 7:13 AM

Why Churches Shouldn't Go Overboard At Christmas

I want to provide a bit of a contrarian thought when it comes to Christmas and Easter programming at your church. Most churches do their biggest services on Christmas Sunday and Easter Sunday, and that’s good and expected. But sometimes I wonder if we overdo it. Let me explain.

Posted by David Whiting on 11/17/16 7:14 AM

Why Pastors Shouldn’t Preach More Than 40 Weekends A Year

If you're a Lead Pastor, chances are you want the quality of your church's teaching to be as excellent as possible. Likely, you are the Senior Pastor because you have a strong teaching gift, or the strongest teaching gift on your teaching team. However, I believe that if you are preaching more than 40 times a year, your effectiveness may become hindered.

Posted by David Whiting on 10/20/16 6:49 AM

Why You Shouldn’t Hire Someone With A “Life-Long Calling"

I remember talking to a young man about his ministry aspirations as he was finishing up seminary. He firmly declared that God had called him to Youth Ministry for life and that he was looking forward to finding where that place was. He was firm in saying this wasn’t a stepping-stone ministry for him; this was what God had called him to do for the rest of his life.

Posted by David Whiting on 8/3/16 7:31 AM

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