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Deanna Kotrla

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How To Interview For Your Next Pastor
Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 7/3/17 7:00 AM

4 Ways To Balance The Tensions In Hiring


There is one conversation that I have in almost every consultation with a church or ministry looking to hire. It revolves around helping leaders and search teams understand this truth: You must balance the tension of essentials you need and traits you want in a new hire. Another way to think of it is “must have“ versus “like to have” qualities. The truth of any staff search process is that we all have values we desire in a potential new hire, yet no one single person often can meet all of our expectations.

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 3/15/17 7:07 AM

3 Essential Interview Traits To Look For In Church Staff Candidates

Knowing that a bad hire can be costly both financially and to the momentum and morale of your church staff, it’s important to know what to look for as you interview candidates for your team.

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 2/15/17 7:13 AM

17 Must-Have Apps For Church Leaders

If you tune in regularly to the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, you know that one of the final questions we ask all of our guests is, “What app is catching your attention these days?” The answers always surprise me and, when not ministry-related, are related to personal hobbies, interests, or are just plain fun!

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 7/20/16 7:03 AM

5 Social Media & Email Guidelines For Church Staffs

There is significant power to be leveraged in social media and digital communication. We have seen trends and headlines make celebrities and break leaders. The difficulty in today’s media-saturated world is aligning your church’s culture and values with your digital communication while maintaining integrity. Never before has this been more challenging, especially for large and diverse church staffs.

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 5/25/16 7:21 AM

4 Non-Monetary Ways To Attract A Great Church Staff Candidate

You may have heard the phrase “money talks” regarding the hiring and retaining of a new staff member. While I don’t disagree with the large role that a fair and competitive salary plays in hiring a candidate, there are also non-monetary ways to attract a great candidate to your church or ministry.

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 4/25/16 7:45 AM

6 Essential Roles For Your Creative Arts Team

As a church grows, it can be challenging to discern the roles between the creative arts programming and technical teams. Many of the responsibilities seem to overlap and the skill sets and competencies can be very similar. So how do you discover which creative or worship team roles are needed for your church and what type of person best meets your church's needs? It’s important to first define the roles and responsibilities in order to discover where you should start.

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 3/16/16 7:24 AM

The 3 Models Of Multisite Ministry

Multisite ministry is an ever-changing, organic model for today's church. Churches that engage in a multisite approach have a host of questions to answer and decisions to discern before jumping into the numerous options available. Whether you are either considering a multisite model or currently in one already, I hope this post will help clarify a few of the different options of how to structure your multisite ministry.

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 2/4/16 7:04 AM

5 Questions Your Pastor Search Committee Should Ask Your Church Staff

Before launching into hiring a new Senior Pastor, it is a smart idea for pastor search committees to take an assessment of the views and opinions of the church staff members. The church staff members are a valuable resource to any search committee and a wealth of information to those who are wise enough to listen to their viewpoints. Church staff members are on the frontlines of ministry daily, and they were the ones who interacted closely with the outgoing Pastor. Therefore, they should be the people working closely with the pastor search committee for your new pastoral hire.

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 12/3/15 6:58 AM

23 Creative Ideas For Your Christmas Eve Service

Planning for your church's holiday services is a time filled with endless creative possibilities. How do you create a unique service for your church year after year while remaining true to tradition? How can your Pastor engage the local congregation while also reaching out to the community? These are the questions that keep Pastors and Creative Arts leaders up at night throughout the Christmas season.

Posted by Deanna Kotrla on 12/2/15 6:42 AM

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