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Jamie Byrd

Jamie Broach Byrd is an Executive Search Consultant at Vanderbloemen Search Group.

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3 Common Mistakes Churches Make During the Search Process
Posted by Jamie Byrd on 4/25/18 7:04 AM

Making Sense Of The Minister’s Housing Allowance

*Note: On October 6, 2017, a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled that the housing allowance provided to clergy by the Internal Revenue Code is unconstitutional and violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. This ruling will likely be stayed until it is decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. Keep this development in mind as you read this post. We will add updates as information becomes available.

Making sense of the minister’s housing allowance is no easy task. However, it is the most important tax benefit available to ministers today, so it is critical you understand how to make use of it.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 4/19/18 7:15 AM

How To "Fire" A Church Volunteer

No matter the situation, firing someone is a difficult and sometimes an uncomfortable thing to do. Firing someone who is volunteering their time can be even worse. We often tolerate in volunteers what we would not tolerate in an employee because the volunteer is not getting paid. Oftentimes it feels like it would be easier to just keep them on the team rather than have a difficult and potentially awkward conversation.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 3/8/18 7:00 AM

Building A Better Staff Culture In The New Year

You’ve written your vision and mission statements, relentlessly debated what your core values should be, and have come to the conclusion that you need to build a great staff culture. But what comes next? Building a healthy staff culture must be intentional; you can’t just expect it to happen on its own. While creating a staff culture is not something that can be done overnight, here are 5 things your church can do to start building your staff culture today:

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 1/11/18 7:00 AM

5 Ways To Show Gratitude For Your Volunteers This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the blessings God has given us and to show our genuine gratitude for those blessings by giving thanks. Perhaps one of the more important blessings a church can have is its volunteers. After all, what church would be successful in reaching others for Christ were it not for its army of key volunteers and lay people?

Thanksgiving season is a great time to show your appreciation to volunteers, and you don’t have to break the church bank to do it. Here are five simple, but heartfelt, ways to show your gratitude for volunteers and lay leaders in your church.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 11/23/17 7:00 AM

The Do’s And Don’ts Of An Onsite Interview

Interviewing for a new ministry position is exciting, but it can also be a nerve-wracking and stressful situation for some, especially those final onsite interviews at a church. Meeting new people, having to answer the same questions multiple times, and trying to be “on” around everyone you encounter during the process can be draining to say the least. 

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 8/23/17 7:00 AM

3 Reminders For Pastors Planning Mother's Day Sunday

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. While I will celebrate both my own mother and being a mother myself, I also know this holiday can be complicated for some. I know this from my own journey with motherhood and from the countless stories of others. If your church is currently planning how to celebrate Mother’s Day or whether to celebrate it in worship at all, I encourage you to consider and acknowledge these three things in your services.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 5/4/17 7:52 AM

3 Interview Questions Pastors Must Be Prepared To Answer

In my role at Vanderbloemen Search Group, I get the amazing opportunity to talk daily with pastors seeking their next ministry opportunity. Often, what separates good candidates from the great ones is a candidate’s ability to give thoughtful responses to the questions asked of them. A person who is able to answer questions succinctly and articulately comes across as being prepared and having a high interest in the position.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 12/1/16 7:14 AM

6 Things To Evaluate When Applying For Church Jobs

Are you applying for a church job? Have you been out of the job market for while, or is this your first job search? Here are 6 things you should consider about yourself and your church staff experience before applying for a church job.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 9/7/16 7:00 AM

12 Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Your Church’s Volunteers

Volunteers play such an integral part of every church. The truth is, most churches wouldn’t be able to survive without them. They perform a myriad of roles and allow a church to operate at a lower cost than it otherwise would. Showing appreciation for your volunteers not only makes sense, it’s imperative to keeping well trained and helpful volunteers happily involved in your church’s ministry.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 7/21/16 8:03 AM

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