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Tim Stevens

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How To Analyze the Cost Efficiency of Your Staff
Posted by Tim Stevens on 5/30/18 7:07 AM

9 Questions To Ask When Interviewing An Executive Pastor

From the time I was a teen, I knew I was destined to work at a church. The problem was, I didn’t see any roles that fit me. I didn’t have a drive to preach, so I didn’t want to be a senior pastor. I didn’t like teens even when I was one, and so figured I shouldn’t be a youth pastor. And my musical ability wasn’t awesome, which meant being a worship leader wasn’t in my future.

Then I met an executive pastor, and in a nanosecond I knew that was my destiny. What? I can run a church without having to be the guy in the spotlight? Sign me up.

Posted by Tim Stevens on 2/8/18 7:00 AM

8 Tips For Pastors Struggling With Burnout

I served at the same church for 20 years. In case you are wondering, that means I showed up for work at the same place for 7,287 days in a row. I was treated well and went on vacation every year, but there were no sabbaticals or extended leaves. 

Posted by Tim Stevens on 12/11/17 7:00 AM

10 Things Your Pastor Needs You To Be

I have the privilege to talk to scores of young leaders. Many of them are just starting out in ministry and jumping onto the staff of a church. They come in with tons of energy and ambition and a desire to serve. I’ve been asked, “What does it take to be a great staff member?”

Posted by Tim Stevens on 10/12/17 7:00 AM

What Every Church Leader Wants, But Not What Every Church Leader Gets

I have a pretty cool job.

Nearly every day I get to sit across the table from pastors and church leaders. I listen to their stories. I hear about their dreams. We talk about what is next for their families.

Many of them are contemplating leaving their church. They are thinking about moving to another ministry opportunity. There are many reasons I hear:

Posted by Tim Stevens on 9/27/17 7:00 AM

What Will It Take To Double Our Attendance?

This is a question I’ve been asked several times—typically by Executive or Senior Pastors who want to know how they can prepare for significant growth. Sometimes it is in context of moving to permanent space—or opening a new building. “We really think it’s possible that we will double in the next couple of years—how can we prepare for the growth?”

During the first 15 years of my role as an Executive Pastor, we doubled (on average) every 3 years. So we were constantly thinking about how to prepare for the next surge of growth.

Here is some of what I told my staff during these seasons of growth:

Posted by Tim Stevens on 8/24/17 7:00 AM

5 Things Every Senior Pastor & Executive Pastor Need From Each Other

Over the past couple of weeks, I have published a couple of articles about the relationship between the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor on my blog, LeadingSmart.com. Here is a short overview of those articles with some bonus material just for our Vanderbloemen readers.

Posted by Tim Stevens on 1/18/17 7:43 AM

Why Church Leaders Need More Coaching, Not Conferences

Conferences are great. They can be inspiring and helpful. They get you out of your environment so you have fresh eyes to learn. I've hosted conferences and taken many groups to conferences - they definitely have a purpose. Workshops or seminars are also good. You have a bit longer to learn about a specific topic and even interact some with the other people who are learning. I've taught many workshops over the years.

But there is nothing like coaching.

Posted by Tim Stevens on 11/3/16 7:04 AM

How Church Leaders Should Handle Failure

Adapted from Fairness is Overrated.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I think a similar list could help define the stages a church leader goes through when his or her church or ministry experiences a failure.

Posted by Tim Stevens on 8/31/16 10:54 AM

3 Reasons You Should Be Paying Your Children’s Pastor More

Usually when you see an article with a title like this, it was written by a Children’s Pastor. Or you might see a similar type of article written by a worship leader who says that all worship leaders are under-paid.

Posted by Tim Stevens on 4/27/16 7:47 AM

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