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Our blog about pastor search, church staffing, and church leadership from our years of experience

Tracey Smith

Tracey Smith is an Executive Search Consultant at Vanderbloemen Search Group.

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4 Action Steps For Your First Day On The Job
Posted by Tracey Smith on 9/11/17 7:00 AM

3 Actions To Take Before Sending A Text Or Email

Over the past decade, we have seen several significant changes to the way we do ministry due to the advancement of technology. Among all these technological advancements, perhaps the changes that have best helped pastors be more efficient is email and text. Our communication is almost instantaneous. Some of us can still remember when we had to sit down to hand write a letter, only to wait two or three days before it would reach the other person. 

Posted by Tracey Smith on 7/26/17 7:01 AM

How To Deal With The Unexpected Loss Of Your Pastor

During my early years of my ministry, I had the privilege to serve at a large, thriving and growing church in the Southeast. The church was experiencing a season where ministry was fun and exciting and we were seeing God do some amazing life transformation in the church. During the height of seeing God work, we unexpectantly suffered the loss of two beloved pastors within a few months of each other. It was devastating to the church and to the local community we served. 

Posted by Tracey Smith on 6/1/17 7:04 AM

What To Do AFTER You've Made A New Hire

So you've made the hire for your church staff or ministry! Now what? That is a great question. Most church leaders and non-profit employers spend so much time and focus on the front end of the hiring process that they often forget about how to be intentional once the new employee has arrived. But the smartest leaders we've seen - those who excel in retaining great staff members - remain intentional in their actions after the hire has been made.

Posted by Tracey Smith on 5/17/17 7:19 AM

How To Lead Well Through Transition

Here at Vanderbloemen, we consult with churches and ministries about organizational and leadership transition. Transition is an inescapable part of leadership, but how you manage transition is what is the most important. Over my 23 years of ministry, I experienced three major leadership transitions.

Posted by Tracey Smith on 4/24/17 7:22 AM

5 Ways To Foster Contentment In The Workplace

Part of my role as an Executive Search Consultant is, at times, interviewing someone who isn't happy in their current position. For one reason or another, they feel that they need to move to the next level, are not being paid enough, are feeling a "holy dissatisfaction," or are simply unhappy with their responsibilities or manager.

Posted by Tracey Smith on 3/27/17 7:15 AM

How To Welcome A New Church Staff Member Well

So you have made a hire for your church staff. Now what? That's an important question. Many church leaders spend so much time and focus on the front end of the hiring process that they can forget to be intentional once the new employee has arrived.

Posted by Tracey Smith on 2/24/17 6:56 AM

5 Ways Stressed-Out Church Leaders Can Thrive Again

Church leaders, are you stressed out? Do you always seem to be telling others how busy you are? It might be time to schedule a break soon, reassess yourself, and rediscover the joy of leading.

Posted by Tracey Smith on 2/9/17 7:48 AM

4 Essential Characteristics Of Church Leaders

Here at Vanderbloemen Search Group, we are constantly challenged in one of our team's core values, “Stewardship of Life.” This staff value has had a huge impact on me - I even chose the word “healthy” as my theme for the year. One area that I would like to become healthier in is in my personal leadership.

Posted by Tracey Smith on 6/30/16 7:13 AM

4 Steps To Better Leadership In The New Year

This New Year’s Eve, over a billion people will tune in as the ball drops in Times Square and we all say “farewell” to the past year and “hello” to the next. One of my family's traditions is to gather around our family room with friends and reflect on what we have to be thankful for in the past year, and then we tell one word of what we would like to focus on for the New Year. My word for this upcoming year is “healthy.” Not just “healthy” in a physical way, but healthy as a husband, a dad, a leader, and even as a follower of Christ.

Posted by Tracey Smith on 12/30/15 7:11 AM

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