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How To Discern Where Your Next Ministry Move Is
Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 1/20/17 7:56 AM

10 Ways Youth Pastors Can Equip Their Volunteer Leaders

It's easy for Youth & Student Pastors to forget that their young volunteer leaders - just like the students - are still searching for their own acceptance and guidance as well. They may know that they love students and want to lead, but they still desperately need direction and help. They need leaders they can watch and emulate. They need leaders who intentionally spend time investing in their volunteers.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 8/18/16 7:08 AM

Vanderbloemen Search Group Gives Thanks

Here at Vanderbloemen Search Group, our team is constantly thankful to be able to work with amazing churches to help them find key staff. As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reflecting on the specific things that bring us the most gratitude, and we encourage your church staff to do the same.

Here is what our team is giving thanks for this month:

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 11/25/15 7:05 AM

5 Elements To An Effective Volunteer Agreement & Job Description

The challenges of leading volunteer teams are many and varied. Building your volunteer base with people who are energized by and aligned with your church’s mission – and retaining those volunteers – can take all the hours in your week if not done intentionally and strategically.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 10/23/15 6:52 AM

Why Churches Need Better Pastor Searches [Infographic]

When churches need to hire a new staff member, they rarely know at the outset how much time or money they will end up investing in the search. 

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 7/23/15 1:03 PM

Succession Planning For Senior Pastors [Infographic]

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 7/7/15 10:35 AM

5 Things Children’s Pastors Need To Hear From Church Leadership

Children’s Pastors are charged with one of the most difficult duties in the church: helping to raise up the next generation of Kingdom-builders. It is no small task to instill the truth of the gospel in children at a young age and to do it in a fun and engaging way that catches children’s attention while simultaneously building a team of volunteers and staff – and all on a very low budget!

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 2/17/15 1:16 PM

3 Ways To Lead Your Church Staff Through A Crisis

By definition, a crisis is labeled as a period of great difficulty in which actions must be taken for the good of the community affected. If your church body and/or staff happen to be the “affected community,” these actions immediately become much more crucial.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 2/12/15 1:30 PM

What Can Your Staff Learn From The Fastest Growing Churches?

We recently partnered with Tony Morgan's The UnStuck Group to conduct a survey on church staffing and structure. Over 600 churches participated, and we wanted to share the results with you.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 1/28/15 2:07 PM

5 Twitter Hacks For Churches

Has your church found itself on Twitter yet? If so, congratulations! If not, please take this as a subtle hint that it might be time to get started. I promise it’s not as daunting as it seems, and social media can be a useful tool to boost your church’s attendance and communication.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 1/13/15 1:55 PM

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