How Solid Is Your Compensation And Benefits Plan?


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For a Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, or Church Board, there is no greater stewardship decision than compensation for your church staff. There are many compensation factors to consider because of the nuances of ministry. At most churches, 45-65% of the church’s budget is compensation. Given that compensation is a substantial part of your church’s budget, we here at Vanderbloemen are offering our Vanderbloemen and ChristianTeams clients access to a free compensation analysis database with information from over 2,600 churches. 

As a former Executive Pastor that has selected data with very few data points, I know how a compensation survey can be manipulated to increase pastors’ salaries, which is not good stewardship. Thus, the quality of the data in a compensation survey is critical. Over the past 18 months, our team at Vanderbloemen has been building a compensation database using the Executive Searches and compensation analyses that we have completed over the last many years. 

Now we are ready to roll this out to our clients for free. Here’s a guide to walk you through the process to ensure you’re able to make the most of this free tool.

What Exactly is Compensation Composed of and Why is This Analysis Unique?

Compensation is made up of salary and benefits. We believe we have the best data in the church market for both of these aspects of compensation, and here’s why. After surveying over 3,700 positions, we’ve stored the data we received from our clients to create the most accurate depiction of church compensation. Furthermore, to get the best data, you must take cost-of-living into consideration, as well as including the annual inflation-indexed. We have taken all these different factors of compensation and put them together to create a free, customized compensation analysis for your church.

If you’re a client interested in receiving this free information, reach out to us to receive your organization’s private survey link.

How do I Fill out the Survey?

Once you receive the survey and click on your link, you can navigate through the pages using the tabs at the top of the page or by using the next buttons at the bottom of the page. While we understand the survey is long, the depth of information we receive allows us to provide you with such accurate, strong data. Furthermore, the only way to receive a benefits analysis is to fill out the questions surrounding benefits. It may not be possible to finish filling out the survey in one sitting. If that is the case, you can save your work at the bottom of the page and return to it using the same link you will receive in your email. 

Compensation Analysis Survey

Please note that all links are unique, and sharing your link with someone will not allow them to access their own compensation report, but rather it will change the information you provide. After you finish your initial analysis, you are able to reuse your links to get an analysis of different roles in your church without having to fill out the entire survey again.

How Will This Report Help My Church?

After you’ve completed filling out the questionnaire, you will receive a PDF showing where your church’s compensation falls in comparison to other churches with similar sizes and budgets. This information is already adjusted to account for the cost-of-living in your church’s area. 

Compensation Analysis by Budget

Compensation Analysis by AttendanceIf you fill out the survey including all of the benefits information, you’ll be able to see how your church's benefits compare to similar churches and use that information to make important compensation decisions.

Furthermore, after filling out the questionnaire one time, you can submit it as many times as you’d like to get compensation data on the other roles within your church. 

How Should I Interpret This Data?

This data will serve as a tool you can use to understand how your church’s compensation (salary + benefits) compares to other churches. The analysis will use 50 data points to show the range in compensation based on both size and budget of your church. 

Compensation Analysis Sabbatical Chart

We may not have 50 data points available yet for some roles. In this case, you’ll be provided with as many data points as possible. When interpreting your results, it’s important to keep in mind the number of data points and the range of the data. If you have a large range with few data points, this analysis may not help understand compensation for a specific role in your church. Remember, however, the more people who fill out this survey, the more information we will have, and therefore the more accurate data you will receive. If your PDF is not super helpful when you first fill out the survey, give it some time and try again. Over time, our data will become more useful and accurate as we acquire more data points.

Key Things to Remember:

  • All links are unique and should not be shared with individuals outside of your church.

  • You can receive as many compensation analyses as you would like.

  • The more information you provide, the better your analysis will be.

  • As more individuals use this tool, our data will become increasingly accurate.

  • Providing your information to us not only allows you to receive a detailed analysis but will also help us serve others.

  • Lastly, this is a FREE tool provided only to Vanderbloemen and Christian Teams clients.

We here at Vanderbloemen are excited to get to provide you with this free compensation analysis. Thank you for trusting Vanderbloemen and ChristianTeams to help in your staffing decisions.

Ready to get started?

If you're a Vanderbloemen search client within the past 2 years - email us and we will send you your unique survey link.

If you're not a Vanderbloemen search client - click here to order your custom compensation report for as many positions as you desire for $2,500.