Our Top 15 Blog Posts Of 2015


2015 was an exciting year for the Vanderbloemen blog. We added several new team members who brought unique leadership perspectives and invaluable church staffing wisdom to our posts. We began the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, discussing church leadership and team-building best practices with some of the sharpest leaders out there. We were honored to be named this year's #1 Company Culture by Entreprenuer.com, a testament to our culture of content creation and thought-leadership. And we created many free templates, guides, and additional practical resources to assist Pastors and church staff members as they serve on the front lines of ministry.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out our 15 most popular blog posts of 2015, and share it with your staff.

1. 16 Books Every Church Leader Should Read On Their Next Sabbatical

From team-building books to spiritual guides, this compilation of our team’s favorite leadership resources has been our highest-read blog this year. Pastors, let us know what books we should add to this list for a “part two” blog in 2016.

2. 4 Keys To Thriving In A Fast Paced Work Environment

High capacity staff members need to be able to thrive in a high-speed work environment. Church staffs often have extremely busy seasons, and church staff members would so well to learn how to be effective during those times without becoming burnt out.

3. 8 Signs It Might Be Time To Resign From Your Church Staff

One of the most difficult struggles any church staff member can face is knowing when it’s time to move on. In ministry, a job is much more than just a job. How can you discern whether or not you should resign? Read this great insight from Tim Stevens.

4. 6 Things To Looks For In A Ministry Resume

Ministry resumes are much different than resumes in the corporate arena, and the way they are analyzed should also be different. Don’t miss out on a great candidate – or hire the wrong one – by missing these key aspects in their ministry resume.

5. 5 Things Great Leaders Don’t Do

While leaders’ personalities and leadership styles may vary, there are several major things that effective church leaders don’t do. Pastors, don’t fall into these poor leadership traps.

6. 13 Ways To Sabotage Your Senior Pastor Search

Pastor Search Committees sometimes stall, slow, or crash the Pastor search process. Read this to avoid sabotaging the search for your next Pastor.

7. What Is Periscope And How Should Your Church Use It

Periscope is a new social media platform that could be a great asset for your church’s social media presence and interaction. This could be especially useful for your Youth Ministry.

8. 9 Ways To Thank Your Pastor This Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, but the appreciation shouldn’t stop there. Read this for ideas on how to thank your Pastor.

9. What Can Your Staff Learn From The Fastest Growing Churches?

Churches who are growing quickly have mastered some of the best practices of team-building and church development. Which of them should your church implement?

10. The Top 10 Reasons Why Staff Leave Their Ministry Positions

Are you losing high-capacity team members from your church staff? Read this to find out why they’re leaving.

11. 4 Common Lies We Believe About Looking For A New Job

Job-hunting is difficult, even in ministry; but it’s even more difficult if we fall into believing these four lies.

12. 7 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Employees

Want to be an irreplaceable team member? Read this blog post and continue to improve your effectiveness. It may just increase your job-satisfaction as well.

13. 21 Questions Church Leaders Should Ask Themselves Every 6 Months

Don’t be a complacent leader. Keep your skills sharp, be honest with yourself, and work for further self-awareness and self-improvement with this list.

14. The 5 Mistakes Churches Make In Worship Pastor Searches

Seeking a Worship Leader is a unique staff member search with its own set of qualifications and potential pitfalls.

15. 5 Ways To Attract The Right Candidates With Your Job Description

Hiring a right candidate starts with writing an effective job description. Make sure you include everything you should to recruit the kind of candidates you want.

There you have it! Our 15 highest-read blog posts of 2015. Thanks for being a part of our Vanderbloemen community, and, as always, let us know how we can continue to serve and equip you in 2016.

What subjects would you like to hear more on this upcoming year? Let us know in the comments below.

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