Building High Capacity Teams for the Virtual Church with Nils Smith [Podcast]

High Capacity Church Staff Teams and the Virtual Church

Taking the church online is a source of great debate and frustration amongst pastors everywhere. Today, having services online is all but required! How to undertake it, when to undertake it, and with what team to undertake it are questions we've heard more than once.

In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, Holly Tate sits down with Nils Smith, Online Pastor and builder of Online Church at CBC.

Nils talks with William about:

  • Social Media and the Online Church
  • The components of a great team
  • Moving his family across the country
  • Building a project and team from the ground up

High Capacity Church Staff Teams and the Virtual Church

Nils Smith

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Quotes from Nils:

"Pastors often want to overthink how to put a plan together." [CLICK TO TWEET]

"Whatever your plan is, it's going to be irrelevant by the time you launch it." [CLICK TO TWEET]

"Stop thinking about it and start doing it." [CLICK TO TWEET]


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