[Podcast] How To Reach Millennials Through Liturgy with Rusty Gates

Rusty Gates Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast

The Neoliturgical movement is growing, and churches embracing it are attracting millennials and young families. More and more churches have corporate prayer in their worship service, observe the Eucharist on a weekly basis, and encourage their members to reflect upon Advent and Lent. Why?

In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, Holly sits down with Rusty Gates, former pastor, Vanderbloemen Search Specialist and creator of the Audio Liturgy Podcast.

Rusty talks with Holly about:

  • What is the Neoliturgical movement?
  • How the Neoliturgical movement is affecting churches
  • Church history and why we're becoming obsessed with looking back


Rusty Gates

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Quotes from Rusty:

"With my generation, narrative has become a big part of our identity." [CLICK TO TWEET]

"I see churches looking back and saying,'We forgot about these things and they're good and beautiful and true.'" [CLICK TO TWEET]

"One of the trends I'm seeing is that the message isn't the climax of the service anymore." [CLICK TO TWEET]


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