[Quiz] How Strong Is Your Church's Volunteer Culture?


For many church leaders, building a large volunteer base and creating a great volunteer culture are some of the hardest parts of leading their congregation. From having enough volunteers to change dirty diapers on Sunday to ensuring the auditorium is set up for the Thursday youth activities, so much goes into keeping and running a great volunteer team.

How effective is your church at creating a strong volunteer culture? What if you could have objective eyes evaluate how well your church is gaining, leading, and training volunteers?

Based on volunteer best practices from some of the most well-known church leaders, our team created a quiz that would do just that. Whether your church already has a strong culture of volunteering or you think there is some room for improvement, this quiz can give you an objective look into your volunteer culture.

Take this quiz below - It could be your next step to creating or improving your church's contagious volunteer culture!