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In today’s episode, our Founder and CEO, William Vanderbloemen spoke with Toni Nieuwhof, author, lawyer, pharmacist, and church leader. She is also an influential speaker, leader, and co-founder of Connexus Church. Her extensive and unique background has given her unique and practical insight on how people grow, emotionally, personally and spiritually.

Toni and her husband, Carey have spoken openly about their marriage for over 3 decades now in efforts to encourage Christian couples around the world. Her new book, Before You Split helps you find out what you really want from your marriage and how to move forward to a better future. Toni digs into relevant trends she’s seen in marriages through quarantine and lays out the benefits of leaving your unhappiness behind instead of your marriage. She hopes this book will encourage spouses to stay together and grow stronger through challenges even in an age where separation is common. This conversation is insightful, practical, and a powerful reminder of the Lord’s plan for your marriage. We hope you enjoy this conversation and check out Toni’s new book, available now.

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