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3 Things All Campus Pastors Should Do
Posted by Rusty Gates on 2/19/18 7:00 AM

17 Must-Have Apps For Church Leaders

If you tune in regularly to the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, you know that one of the final questions we ask all of our guests is, “What app is catching your attention these days?” The answers always surprise me and, when not ministry-related, are related to personal hobbies, interests, or are just plain fun!

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 7/20/16 7:03 AM

4 Ways To Set Your Associate Pastor Up For Success

If I were to tell you that I was a Senior Pastor or a Teaching Pastor, chances are, you would have a pretty good idea of what my role and responsibilities were in the church. However, if I told you I was an Associate Pastor, it would be slightly ambiguous what I did. The reality is that Associate Pastor roles are as unique as the hundreds of churches we have had the privilege of partnering with. That’s because Associate Pastors are often the "utility players" – the staff members who tend to wear a number of hats and carry a variety of responsibilities to make the ministry happen.

Some Associate Pastors teach on Sunday mornings, others run youth programs, and still others manage volunteers and administration. I have experienced this first hand from years of being an Associate Pastor at my previous church.

Posted by Rusty Gates on 2/18/16 3:44 PM

3 Questions To Drastically Improve Your Communication

In today’s world of mass media and communication, writing and speaking skills are such critical tools in a leader’s toolkit that they are often what sets them apart from their peers and improves their chances for advancement.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 4/14/15 9:36 AM

7 Ideas To Make Your Easter Service Memorable

I have such fond memories of attending Easter services when I was little. Even as a child, I had an awareness of it being a very special and set-apart Sunday. As I grew older and traveled further on my faith walk, the day remained just as exciting and significant – the day we celebrate that death has been defeated and that we have a Savior who lives.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 3/23/15 10:39 AM

4 Things To Consider When Hiring Millennials

There’s a wide range of views on the pros and cons of the millennial generation and their contribution to society. Some see millennials as the demise of western civilization as we know it, and other people find them to be innovators ushering in much needed change and connectivity to the world.

Posted by Sarah Robins on 3/19/15 10:44 AM

3 Steps To Take Your Church To The Next Level

We are all looking for a secret formula for taking our church to the next level, whether spiritually, numerically, personally, or all of the above. While there is no substitute for hard work, here are three easy practices to implement in order to positively impact your church’s growth.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 3/9/15 11:02 AM

8 Questions To Ask Before Planning Your Church Easter Egg Hunt

Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt is a fun and culturally understood way to engage families in your church and the local community around Easter. As we lead up to the weeks before Easter, and as many of you are frantically putting your last minute details together for your Easter Egg Hunt, here are eight questions to ask yourself to make your big event a success.

Posted by Gail Mayes on 3/3/15 11:16 AM

4 Ways to Help Your Congregation Engage In Lent

Today is known within the Church calendar as Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent and the start of the 40-day journey toward the cross of Good Friday and the empty tomb of Easter. Many view this season as a time of preparation, reflection, and self-examination very similar to the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert in preparation for his ministry. Depending on your background, the ways you participate in Lent may look very different, but below you will find some ideas that could help you and your congregation refresh your view of this season that has been observed by the Church for millennia.

Posted by Rusty Gates on 2/18/15 1:07 PM

5 Things Children’s Pastors Need To Hear From Church Leadership

Children’s Pastors are charged with one of the most difficult duties in the church: helping to raise up the next generation of Kingdom-builders. It is no small task to instill the truth of the gospel in children at a young age and to do it in a fun and engaging way that catches children’s attention while simultaneously building a team of volunteers and staff – and all on a very low budget!

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 2/17/15 1:16 PM

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