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The Crucial Church Metric You're (Probably) Not Measuring - But Should!
Posted by Pushpay on 7/30/18 7:12 AM

Practical Productivity: How to Effectively Manage Your Tasks

In a day and age where people seem busier and more distracted than ever, it can be difficult to manage your time and to-do list well. Being productive can be even more challenging when you’re on a church staff wearing many different hats as team members in ministry tend to do. However, there are a few practices that can be implemented to help individuals make the most efficient use of their time.

Here are five strategies that will help you be productive and stay on task.

Posted by Katie Bivens on 7/18/18 7:07 AM

5 Ways To Better Engage Church Visitors

Many factors lead people to visit a new church. Perhaps they’ve recently moved to the area; perhaps they are exploring Christianity for the first time; or maybe they’re just in town for the weekend looking for a place to worship.

Churches must engage visitors in meaningful ways regardless of their motivations or how long they attend. The smallest interactions can have a transformational impact and bring a visitor closer to Christ; therefore, it's important to get them right.

Here are five best practices to engage visitors at your church:

Posted by Rusty Gates on 5/3/18 7:03 AM

10 Ways To Be Better In A Supporter Role

Historically, supporting roles solely answered phones, did payroll, and performed other administrative duties. Today, staff members in supporting roles often play a key role in decision making. They’re not sitting idly by; they are trusted for their thoughts and opinions, and even take on management and project responsibilities.

Supporters are usually steady, reliable, and detail-oriented. According to the Insights Assessment (a tool we use here at Vanderbloemen), supporters often provide "practical support quietly, painstakingly and conscientiously, usually behind the scenes." In short, supporters are critical to a well-balanced team. 

If you are in a supporting role, you likely thrive through organization and system implementation. What are other ways that you can be better at your job? Here are ten ways to be better in a supporter role:

Posted by Nicole Cochran on 5/2/18 7:01 AM

3 Reasons Every Church Needs a Solid Communications Department

The Senior Pastor or Worship Pastor are often clearly defined roles in church organizational structures. Their work is often the most visible – without a Worship Pastor on Sunday, you would surely notice if there were no music.

But what about a communications department? If you’re a small to mid-size church, you may not even have a communications department. If you do, you may not have a full grasp of what they do. You may even be undervaluing the important work they do behind the scenes to advance the mission of your church.

Here are three reasons every church needs a solid communications department:

Posted by Meredith Mohr on 4/26/18 7:07 AM

Making Sense Of The Minister’s Housing Allowance

*Note: On October 6, 2017, a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled that the housing allowance provided to clergy by the Internal Revenue Code is unconstitutional and violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. This ruling will likely be stayed until it is decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. Keep this development in mind as you read this post. We will add updates as information becomes available.

Making sense of the minister’s housing allowance is no easy task. However, it is the most important tax benefit available to ministers today, so it is critical you understand how to make use of it.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 4/19/18 7:15 AM

How to Combat Fraud With Church Governance

Faithful people are taught to trust. Nehemiah and his people trusted God to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. But when working, they worked with one hand, and kept the other hand on their swords (Nehemiah 4:17-18). Nehemiah had absolute trust, and he also was smart enough to protect his people.

According to Mark Scherling in Practical Risk Management for the CIO, 10% of people are always ethical, 10% of people are unethical, and 80% of the time, ethics depend on the situation. What does this mean for your church?

Posted by Amy Sahely on 4/18/18 7:02 AM

2 Essential Qualities Of Executive Pastor Candidates

The role of the Executive Pastor is growing to be an important position in mid-to-large sized churches. In fact, executive pastors often are the second most important role to hire for, aside from the senior or lead pastor.

What is unique about this role, however, is that churches may not need to hire for it until they are growing and expanding in a way that an executive pastor would be able to build upon. Many churches may not know exactly what an executive pastor does, so interviewing for the position can become difficult.

Posted by Meredith Mohr on 4/5/18 7:00 AM

10 Things To Consider As Your Church Grows

We have the privilege of working with many thriving and growing churches on a daily basis. Every week, we hear stories from across the country of the Kingdom work being done in thriving churches. If your church is finding itself in a season of growth, you know better than anyone that it’s an exciting (and chaotic) time! There are many things for church leaders to consider and implement to support that growth in the future.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 3/29/18 7:00 AM

6 Creative Ways To Serve In The Church

When I joined my church a few years back, there were less than 100 people on a typical Sunday gathering. When I joined the staff as an associate pastor, we were up to about 300 and growing quickly. It was a season of all kinds of transition. We frantically sought out new spaces to meet as we had clearly outgrown the art gallery / community space we started in. As we added to the staff, divided up ministry responsibilities, and things kept growing.

Posted by Rusty Gates on 3/26/18 7:00 AM

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