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11 Things A Pastor's Kid May Be Thinking – That You May Not Even Realize
Posted by Kendal Drinkwine on 8/22/18 7:02 AM

7 Areas To Develop To Become An Exceptional Leader


I spent a large portion of my ministry as a Student Pastor. Like many with a student ministry background, I remember many aspects of my experience fondly; others, I'd like to forget. Regardless, my years as a student pastor were foundational as I learned invaluable lessons that taught me how to lead well.

As I look back on my early years of ministry, however, I realize that there were areas in which nobody took the time to coach me. I was left, sometimes, to learn on my own.

If you’re currently a new leader in ministry or have one on your team, here are seven areas of leadership to focus on developing.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 7/9/18 7:04 AM

4 Reasons Why Children’s Pastors Resign

I’ve been a part of and worked with many churches, and I have never met a pastor that says children’s ministry is not an important part of their church. By its nature, children's ministry is the most evangelistic ministry in most churches. Children’s pastors and volunteers work with people every week who have literally never heard about Jesus, and often there are more conversions and baptisms in children's ministry than in any other area of the church.

These are the wins that pastors strive for and love to celebrate, so why are children’s pastors so quick to leave their positions? 

Posted by Bailley Hawkins on 4/9/18 7:00 AM

3 Ways To Keep Your Youth Pastor Longer

It’s no surprise that the youth pastor position has one of the highest turnover rates on a church staff. The role is increasingly becoming harder to fill and it’s extremely rare to find a youth pastor who desires to stay in his or her position for life.

However, not all hope is not lost for your student ministry! These 3 ideas for church leaders will help them retain their quality youth pastors for the long haul.

Posted by Sarah Robins on 3/1/18 7:00 AM

7 Helpful Tips For Children's Ministry Success

Children's Ministry is a key component in the growth stages of development for every child walking into your church doors. From infants until youth ministry, there is an amazing opportunity to show God’s love, grace, and redemption in tangible ways through your children’s ministry.

Here are seven helpful tips for a Children’s Minister to achieve success in 2018.

Posted by Katie Chapman on 1/4/18 7:00 AM

10 Things Parents Want To See In Your Children's Ministry

As someone who has worked with many children’s ministries over the years, I felt like I had a good handle on what great children's ministries looked like. However, I will admit that prior to personally fathering children, this self-assessment was a bit overstated.

I can now say with 100% certainty that my expectations changed the day that I put my first child into the children's ministry at our church. After many years of actual experience working with children’s ministries and involving my own kids, I’ve noticed that some church practices have stood out among the rest. Here are some of the biggest takeaways I’ve seen implemented in great children’s ministries.

Posted by Ben Homesley on 8/31/17 7:00 AM

4 Qualities Of Exceptional Student Pastors

Student pastors have one of the highest turnover rates in churches. Some people consider the role to be an “entry level” point for individuals who are called to full-time ministry, so many candidates are not committed to a long-term position in student ministry. More often though, turnover stems from simply having the wrong person in the role.

Posted by Phanuel Roxas on 7/24/17 7:00 AM

7 Commandments For Every Young Student Pastor


Posted by Danny Watterson on 4/20/17 7:47 AM

4 Simple Ways To Grow Your Student Ministry

Student ministry is one of the most important - and one of the most unique - ministries of any church. Keeping the focus and attention of a slew of 12-18 year olds while also teaching them about the Gospel and building relationships is quite the task. How do you do all of these things while also reaching more and more students for Jesus?

Posted by Katie Bivens on 4/17/17 7:56 AM

3 Keys For A Flourishing Kids' Ministry


What is the secret sauce to a flourishing Kids’ Ministry? It is the question all Children's Ministry leaders ask. In our quest to find the answer, we attend Children’s Ministry Conferences, read #KidMin blogs and books, and listen to podcasts. It is a ministry that has to balance safety, fun, and Biblical truths all in an engaging and age-appropriate environment. There are so many questions to be answered. Should we provide a specific ministry for differently-abled children? How often should we ask people to volunteer? What is the best curriculum? What should our volunteer-to-child ratio be? How should we separate age groups? Snacks or no snacks?

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 3/16/17 7:33 AM

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