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How To Overcome Challenges In Your Children’s Ministry [Q&A]

We recently had a wonderful webinar, How To Build & Grow A Stellar Children's Ministry. When we opened up the webinar for Q&A, we had a flood of great #kidmin questions - too many to answer during the webinar.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 11/10/16 7:49 AM

How To Show Appreciation To Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers Year-Round

Thanksgiving or Christmas time shouldn’t be the only time you celebrate your KidMin volunteers. Being a volunteer for Children’s Ministry isn’t easy, and unfortunately, it’s common to have a high volunteer turnover rate. Keep your volunteers by showing them how thankful you are for them and how valuable their service is to you and your church.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 11/4/16 8:02 AM

The ABCs To Leading An Effective #KidMin Small Group

Imagine a room with a dozen elementary kids hopped up on snacks and juice: four boys are playing tag, a couple kids are playing leap frog, three girls are singing “Let It Go,” and several are arguing about who sits closest to the door. Sounds eerily similar to what many Children's Ministry small groups look like across America, right?

Posted by Danny Watterson on 9/15/16 7:44 AM

10 Ways Youth Pastors Can Equip Their Volunteer Leaders

It's easy for Youth & Student Pastors to forget that their young volunteer leaders - just like the students - are still searching for their own acceptance and guidance as well. They may know that they love students and want to lead, but they still desperately need direction and help. They need leaders they can watch and emulate. They need leaders who intentionally spend time investing in their volunteers.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 8/18/16 7:08 AM

12 Must-Read Books For Every Children’s Pastor

Whether you are just starting out in Kids Ministry or are a seasoned Children’s Pastor, whether you are in a church of 200 or 20,000, the constantly changing climate of today’s culture affects how leaders can and should reach each generation. Ideas that may be suitable one day, but may not be as useful the next. However, principles and perspectives are timeless and remain the same.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 8/17/16 7:41 AM

How To Get A Rockstar Children’s Pastor

When my dad first went into the ministry, he was sent to a two-point charge in East Texas. As you can imagine, funds were pretty limited, so volunteers not only taught Sunday School classes, but oversaw almost every ministry that each church offered. That included Children’s Ministry—such as it was. Children’s Church was basically a way to keep young kids occupied while their parents attended service. This approach to Kids Ministry wasn’t exclusive to small churches; you could have seen this same basic set-up at churches of all sizes and denominations.

Posted by Sarah Hogan on 8/15/16 8:04 AM

5 Things To Look For In An Inexperienced Children’s Pastor

Great Children’s Pastors are in high demand. Every church is looking for a rock star #KidMin Pastor who has worked in a church of several thousand and running a Kids Ministry of a few hundred. The problem is that that is a really small pool of candidates.

Posted by Jeff Gilmer on 8/11/16 7:33 AM

17 Must-Have Apps For Church Leaders

If you tune in regularly to the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, you know that one of the final questions we ask all of our guests is, “What app is catching your attention these days?” The answers always surprise me and, when not ministry-related, are related to personal hobbies, interests, or are just plain fun!

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 7/20/16 7:03 AM

5 Ways To Ensure Your Children's Ministry Is Safe & Secure

The most important role a children's pastor has in the ministry is keeping kids safe and secure.

Your Kids Ministry can and should be fun and engaging, and you can have a plethora of volunteers and exciting events, but the number one concern for parents is the safety of their most prized possessions while they're in your care. Earning parents' trust by having high security standards is paramount to keeping families engaged.

Here is a checklist of the top five ways to ensure your Children's Ministry stays effective for years to come by remaining safe and secure.

Posted by Danny Watterson on 7/13/16 7:02 AM

3 Reasons You Need A Full-Time Children’s Pastor

Reflecting on my childhood experience at church, the first thing to enter my mind is the old felt board and characters used by my Sunday School teacher to tell visual stories from the Bible.

Posted by David Fantin on 5/5/16 7:45 AM

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