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Vanderbloemen Candidate QA


Who will see my resume?

Only the staff here at Vanderbloemen will know that you are considering opportunities. Our process is completely confidential. Candidates will always know, give their consent, and be interviewed before their information is shared with the hiring organization.

What type of coaching do you provide?

We offer church leadership coaching on how to build, run, and keep great teams through our blogs and podcasts. Though we don't offer personalized coaching for job-seekers, here are a few articles that might help you get started:

7 Job Hunting Tips 

Can you help me build my resume?

We do not provide personal resume coaching for candidates, as it would be a conflict of interest as we serve our clients. Here are a few articles that you might find useful regarding resumes and interviews:

3 Quick Steps to an Effective Resume
What Not to Put on Your Resume
5 Ways to Fail Your Interview
More Tips for That First Glance: The Cover Letter
4 Questions To Lead You To Your Dream Job

I received a resume upload error because the file is too large.

Our system can only accept resumes sized 3 MB or smaller. Graphic-heavy resumes tend to have errors during the submission process.

One simple way to reduce the size of your file is to visit http://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf

If you have a picture in your resume, an easy way to downsize the picture but retain the quality is to use the Facebook version of that same photo. Upload it to Facebook, then download it from Facebook.

If you use Adobe Acrobat Pro, under “Document” click “Downsize” and voilà!

Email it to hello@vanderbloemen.com with additional questions and we can help you from there.

Error Message about already being applied to a job

Sometimes, if you started the process of submitting your resume for consideration for a position but didn’t finish, our system will have already created a profile for you in our system. If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, email us at hello@vanderbloemen.com so that we can make sure to get your application in the right place. 

What is a retained executive search firm? Is that a placement firm?

Vanderbloemen is a retained executive search firm. We have been hired by the church or organization to help them find the best candidates available for an open position. In contrast, a placement firm helps individual candidates find jobs. We’re different than a placement agency because a placement agency’s client is the candidate or job seeker. Our goal at Vanderbloemen is to find highly qualified candidates for the church or organization with which we are working.

How do I find out where I am in the process?

The primary way you will know about your position within a particular search is through the email updates we will send you throughout the search process. We will be in touch to let you know whether we are still considering your candidacy, if we’re following up with a few specific candidates, or if your candidacy isn’t going to move forward. For additional inquiries, please email hello@vanderbloemen.com.

Can I apply to more than one position?

Absolutely! We understand that for many people, the time of searching for a new ministry opportunity is one of knocking on multiple doors and seeing which ones open. We would encourage you to keep an eye on our website and apply to positions that would be a good fit based on your experience, skills, and passions. We are constantly working with new churches and organizations which means you never know when that potential perfect fit is right around the corner.

Do I need to write a separate cover letter for each position?

No. The majority of the search process is done within our company, which means that the churches will not see any of your information until you are presented as a finalist. That said, feel free to write a single general ministry cover letter which we will keep on file and review in consideration for all of the searches to which you apply. We’d hate to have you spend a lot of extra time working on multiple cover letters.

Can I work for Vanderbloemen?

Our company is always expanding and we are regularly bringing new people onto the team. We handle our internal positions like we do all of our searches. When we are looking to make an addition to the team, we will post a job search on our website here, where you will be able to submit your resume for consideration like with any other search. Feel free to email hello@vanderbloemen.com for additional questions.