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Vanderbloemen Internship Program

We believe in developing Christian leaders by offering real job experience to college students who are passionate about Kingdom work.

Our internship program allows students to gain real work skills, build life-long relationships, and develop the qualities needed for success.

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Developing Future Leaders

If you’re a college student interested in gaining real experience in our Marketing, Sales, Finance, or Operations departments, we’d love to hear from you! We know as a student, you’re busy keeping up with school work, organizations, and of course - having fun. 

We offer full-time and part-time opportunities and welcome interns to stay for as long as their college career lasts.

Our interns don’t just file paperwork, clean up systems, or manage grunt-work, they are on the front-lines of our business: interacting with customers, managing our communications, brainstorming efficient solutions, and sitting in on our weekly all-staff meeting to better understand our business and our team.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’re interested in, send us your resume to be alerted when new internship opportunities are available.

Intern Opportunities in Our Departments


  • Maintain and improve the quality of the compensation database.
  • Analyze and consolidate compensation data.
  • Participate in various software and IT related projects.
  • Utilize and grow in skills like critical and analytical thinking.
  • Learn new technologies quickly.


  • Provides valuable assistance to the sales and business development team; assists the team with reaching new clients and closing the back door with old clients. 
  • Updates various database and project management systems, and fosters strong relationships with our internal clients.
  • Play an integral role in sales operations and data management projects for the company’s growth. 


  • Bring new ideas and solution-side living to everyday marketing tasks.
  • Become Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified, understand the firm’s inbound marketing methodology.
  • Understand the dual-facing inbound marketing and sales strategy of both clients and candidates.
  • Contribute to and help manage the Vanderbloemen blog and content strategy; assist with content creation, marketing campaigns, and social media initiatives. 


  • Assist with a wide range of projects related to internal customer service, operational systems, and processes & procedures. 
  • Prepare job postings
  • Research & writing for search profiles
  • Process DISC personality assessment requests
  • Create interview templates
  • Provide technical support for various software and applications. 
  • Perform various administrative tasks
  • Apply learned skills in a professional setting. 

Here’s What Previous Interns Are Saying



bola headshot


"Throughout my internship experience, I was able to develop a positive and better understanding towards intentionally serving churches by giving aligning solutions all while working alongside amazing leaders who serve others with a greater purpose! Within my position, some of the many skills I learned included how to generate compensation reports, provide those reports to clients, and input consistent data points that were vital to the compensation database.

I am so thankful for the internship program because it has shown me first-hand how a company’s vision has a huge effect on creating its culture and organizational excellence! I look forward to continuing to grow and develop my career with Vanderbloemen!"



Jillian Dickens-1


"Being a part of the Vanderbloemen team truly exceeded all my expectations. Working on the Compensation Team, I was encouraged to research and brainstorm with the rest of the team to find solutions and continue improving our systems. I was always encouraged to ask questions and propose new ideas which challenged me to take responsibility and learn skills beyond just following instructions.

As a Finance Intern, I got to work on creating the compensation database, and learn to navigate Salesforce.

Also, because of the perfect balance of guidance and freedom given to me, I was able to grow in my ability to stay organized, problem solve, and communicate, in addition to the specific tasks of this role."

"I think one of the best things about the Vanderbloemen internship is the amount of responsibility I have been given. It has allowed me to learn and grow professionally with amazing mentors that have taught me so much and really walked alongside me. This internship has prepared me greatly for my future career endeavors and I couldn’t be more thankful for the time I have had with Vanderbloemen. It is an experience that I would highly recommend!"





"Vanderbloemen has provided me with an experience unlike any other. Everyday, I get to wake up and work for a company with a purpose. The staff is so uplifting and constantly seeking to build one another up. The sales team especially does a good job at showing me the bigger picture behind every task I'm assigned, encouraging me in how I contribute to the team.  Being a sales intern has given me the opportunity to learn how to engage in conversations with a variety of clients from many different walks of life. I have also become proficient in navigating Salesforce. Vanderbloemen has done an excellent job at preparing me for my career in the future."

gray beasley

sales INTERN

gray headshot




tabitha headshot

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Vanderbloemen. My coworkers are all very close and we all uphold the values that make this company so successful.

I worked with the operations team and assisted Chantel in the creation of a diversity course that will be presented to church and nonprofit clients.

Any intern that joins this company will gain the proper office experience while having the time of their lives!"



sg headshot

"As a Vanderbloemen intern, I wasn't just doing busy work. My supervisors actually wanted to equip me and teach me how to do marketing well, so they gave me the tools I needed to understand tasks and let me run with it. It was such a blast, creatively and intellectually, and the skills I learned in my time at Vanderbloemen equipped me to enter the workforce.

The culture was encouraging, the work was rewarding, and I left with far more than just skills to list on my resume."

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