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Advent Presbyterian Church

Senior Pastor

Cordova, Tennessee



Denomination: Presbyterian - EPC

Weekly Attendance: 540

Location: Cordova, Tennessee

The Role: The Senior Pastor will serve as the spiritual and directional point and primary communicator for Advent Presbyterian Church.

Advent #1

Meet Advent Presbyterian:

The founding of Advent in 1978 was led by Pastor Dave Schieber who came to Cordova from Pennsylvania, with his wife and 3 young children. Advent Presbyterian Church was chartered as a Presbyterian Church in 1978. Many churches in the Memphis area have existed over 100 years, so by those standards, Advent is certainly not old or historic. To her members, she is both. Many congregants have worshiped and served at Advent for 20, 30, and 40 years. Advent is family to these members and they have provided sweat equity to start and sustain her while building a loving, caring, culture with traditions that make everyone feel welcome and connected when they join her fellowship.

Advent added a second campus in 2009 after Arlington Presbyterian Church, due to its dwindling membership,  proposed Advent merge the two churches. Advent had been praying about planting a church in the growing Lakeland/Arlington area, east of Cordova.  

Advent is a joyful, creative and caring family of believers who genuinely care for each other and have built a sense of community together.  There are ample opportunities for people to be involved through service, leadership positions, and small groups.  The worship music is lively and engaging and there are options for contemporary and traditional worship services.  The creative culture at Advent allows for diversity of gifts to be expressed and celebrated.  There is a good balance of head, heart, and hands at Advent. 

Advent's congregation is mission focused. The Cordova campus houses a Christian Life Center (CLC) with a gymnasium, ball courts, game room, craft room, exercise room, youth room, and multipurpose rooms.  Members and community organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports teams, and mentoring programs use the facilities throughout the week. 

The CLC is also the location for Advent Cordova Preschool, a kindergarten readiness program for 4 and 5 year-olds. There is also a Parent's Day Out (PDO) program, and both of these programs are open to families in the community and have been an important local outreach.  

 Advent Arlington opened a Preschool and PDO program in 2012 when the education building was completed. The program is open to the community and the education building is also used by community organizations as outreach. 

As we continue to cause God great joy on a daily basis, Advent Presbyterian Church’s theme for 2020 is unity.


About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor will serve as the spiritual and directional point and primary communicator for Advent Presbyterian Church.  He/She will lead Advent into the future with conviction, vision, and humility and be responsible for supervising the executive leadership of two church campuses (Cordova and Arlington locations). The ideal candidate will have experience in a leadership position in a church of similar size and be a gifted preacher/teacher able to engage with a diverse community while fostering a culture of high expectations to help grow God’s Kingdom.

Advent #2

The Senior Pastor Will: 

  • Serve as the spiritual leader of the church.

  • Organize and lead services of worship and administer the Sacraments.

  • Serve as the lead pastor with the expectation of preaching a minimum of 36 weeks a year, including Easter and Christmas services.

  • Promote overall vision for the direction of the ministries of the church.

  • Serve as Moderator of Advent’s Session.

  • Support and serve as supervisor for both the Executive Director of the Cordova campus and the Associate Pastor at the Arlington campus.

  • Deliver biblically rooted, engaging messages that inspire members and staff to action.

  • Willing to lead and teach Bible studies on occasion.

  • Create a culture of high expectations for every member to develop Godly character and to become disciples of Christ.

  • Regularly attend church activities and functions.

  • Foster a welcoming environment with pathways for guests and new members to be involved and assimilated into the church.

  • Develop relationships with other churches and organizations in our community consistent with our church’s mission and values.

  • Serve as a servant leader and set an example in personal discipleship, stewardship, involvement, prayer, and evangelism.

  • Develop and prepare Christian leaders.

  • Conduct weddings, funerals, baptisms, and provide various types of counseling, as needed.

  • Serve as Advent’s primary representative and connection to the Presbytery and the EPC.

Advent #3

What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • At least five year’s pastoral experience at a church similar to Advent’s size preferred.

  • Experience at a multisite church preferred.

  • Currently ordained or a desire to be an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

  • At least a Master of Divinity or similar degree from an accredited theological institution.

Personal Characteristics

  • Must have a strong, demonstrated relationship with Jesus Christ, guided by a commitment to following the principles spelled out in the Bible for living a life of thankful service to God.

  • Declares the Bible as Truth and the inspired, infallible Word of God.

  • Establishes and maintains a balance of family, Church, social, and personal responsibilities.

  • Family and community-oriented.

  • Holds to Reformed theology and is comfortable with the Presbyterian polity, including the ordination of women.

  • Possess strong interpersonal skills, be able to relate to all age groups, keep confidences, and have the ability to share his/her ministry with Associate Pastor/s and/or Elders as part of a ministry team.

  • A person of peace who is accessible and approachable.

  • Responds to others with grace and without judgment.

  • Enthusiastic, while also being disciplined and productive.

  • Community-oriented with a passion for reaching out to the unchurched of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Must be computer literate and comfortable with learning and adopting new technological/communication tools, as appropriate.

  • A gifted and adaptable communicator with a natural sense of humor.

  • Results-oriented with a strong work ethic.

  • Vision casting that is Biblically driven, Holy Spirit inspired, and prayerfully considered.

Advent #4

What it's Like to Live in Cordova (Memphis), Tennessee: 

Cordova, Tennessee, is a community on the east side of Shelby County primarily within the city limits of Memphis.  With beginnings as a farming village, Cordova has grown to be a fast growing community combining residential with a variety of restaurants, shopping venues, and entertainment choices.

Located in northeast Shelby County near the intersection of two major interstates, Arlington is considered to be one of the top five fastest growing communities in Tennessee.  Much of its charm is attributed to the fact that while there is much growth, the small town feeling has been retained. 

Northwest of Cordova lies the town of Bartlett, which started as the last major stagecoach station leaving Memphis on the route to Nashville.  With a population just over 59,000, Bartlett is the tenth largest city in the state of Tennessee.  In Bartlett you will find parks, farmers markets, movie theaters, and a host of shopping choices.

Germantown is south of Cordova and has been named one of the nation’s top ten small cities for working parents by Forbes magazine. Germantown prides itself on being a close-knit community with strong family ties and a rich history. 

Cordova is about a thirty minute drive from the heart of Memphis, Tennessee.  Memphis, known as the home of Elvis Presley, has a vast variety of blues, soul, and rock-and-roll music and is the largest city on the Mississippi River with a population of almost 650,000.  Each area in the Memphis metropolitan area offers endless entertainment events, plenty of family activities, and opportunities to connect within the community.

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