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Ascent Community Church

Worship Director

Louisville, Colorado

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Denomination: Evangelical Covenant Church

Weekly Attendance: 1,200

Location: Louisville, Colorado

The Role: Worship Director

Ascent Community Church - Worship Pastor 1

Meet Ascent Community Church:

You get a little of everything at Ascent, but our primary reason we are here is to express the love and grace of Jesus Christ to our community and the world.  We hope people see Jesus clearly through many different expressions, including inspirational messages, no strings attached generosity, and a personal and transparent approach that shows real life in Jesus - warts and all.  We want all that we do to feel accessible to anyone that comes through our doors, from those that have never been to church to those that have been hurt by the church to those that have found great joy and life from their church experience.  We will be a risk-taking church, stepping out in faith to respond to all Jesus wants from His church.

Words you will hear weekly:

“We want Ascent to be a place where it's more than experiencing friendly people. We want you to make friends!” 

“We hope kids cry when they leave church, not when they arrive.” 

“Ascent’s love for the local community is evident in everything they do – over the top, inspiring generosity!”


About the Worship Director:

The Worship Director leads others during weekend services and draws people into the presence of God through worship music, leading the worship team, and overseeing all aspects of planning for the worship services. They will also ensure that the vision and creativity of the ministry are forward-focused and in alignment with the overall mission, vision, culture, and purpose of Ascent Community Church. The Worship Director will also lead and develop a team of leaders that work together to create an excellent and authentic experience each week.

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The Worship Director Will: 

  • Support the mission and vision of Ascent Community Church.

  • Collaborate with others to plan and execute weekend services.

  • Effectively and efficiently lead rehearsals with those on the worship team.

  • Identify, cultivate, and develop promising worship leaders and team leads.

  • Set goals and monitor the progress of short and long-term personal and professional goals to build the effectiveness of Ascent’s worship team.

  • Recruit, develop, and equip band and vocalists for events and services.

  • Meet regularly with team members to develop, train, and cast vision.

  • Work closely with the production team and other creative team leads and members.

Ascent Community Church - Worship Pastor 3

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • An undergraduate degree is strongly preferred.

  • 2+ years of experience in a related ministry role in a church of 1000 or more. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Passionately loves Jesus.

  • Committed to having a dedicated walk with God that prioritizes both church and family.

  • Has a call to connect people to Christ through music and joy while worshipping, that is a contagious spirit that permeates the entire team.

  • Highly relational connector who inspires their team to work together to bring people closer to Jesus through worship.

  • Makes worship accessible - speaks the language of a newcomer to the faith or the newcomer to our church.

  • Thinks creatively about compelling worship environments that draw people to Jesus.

  • Consistently exhibits a Christlike character.

  • Believes in the heart and vision of Ascent.

  • Has a very strong work ethic.

  • Has an authentic, genuine spirit in their faith, work, and relationships.

  • Proficient in at least one instrument, guitar highly preferred. 

  • Strong vocal leadership required to lead. 

  • Possesses the musical and technical competency to lead a band effectively.

  • Team player who enjoys having fun with a staff team.

Ascent Community Church - Worship Pastor 4

What it's Like to Live in Louisville, Colorado: 

Located in the southeastern region of Boulder County, you’ll find the picturesque town, with a population of 20,000, of Louisville, Colorado. Nestled in the Boulder Valley at the foot of the Flatiron Mountain range there is an abundance of outdoor recreation and small-town charm. It offers its residents the opportunity to explore different restaurants, charming coffee shops, and beautiful parks in the area. There is a great school system in the area for all of the students who live here. Since Louisville is approximately ten miles south of Boulder and only twenty miles north of Denver, it allows people to have direct access to bigger city amenities while not being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of it. It is also a great area that’s conveniently located right between the city and the mountains. 

Louisville’s downtown area is full of the town's rich history and historic buildings. It’s fully equipped with art galleries, museums, live music, and unique boutiques. Whether it’s exploring the beautiful hiking trails or spending time in the downtown area with family and friends, there’s no shortage of things to do here. Louisville is a breathtaking town and a great place to visit, explore, and call home. 

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