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Association of Christian Schools International

Vice President of Purposeful Design Publications

Colorado Springs, Colorado



Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Opportunity: The Association of Christian Schools International is in search of a Vice President of Purposeful Design Publications who will provide strategic leadership and direction in textbook and teacher/administrator resource development and sales, and the ACSI Student Assessment Program marketing and sales. 


Meet The Association of Christian School International:

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) was founded in 1978 when several regional U.S. school associations joined, becoming a united voice to advance excellence in Christian education. The leaders’ vision was to inspire, challenge, and resource educators and schools. First headquartered in La Habra, California, ACSI moved to an expanded facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1994. Today, ACSI serves nearly 24,000 schools in more than 100 countries.


About the Vice President of Purposeful Design Publications:

The Vice President of Purposeful Design Publications serves as a member of the President’s Leadership Team, providing strategic leadership and direction for the Association, primarily in the areas of textbook and teacher/administrator resource development and sales and the ACSI Student Assessment Program marketing and sales.


The Vice President of Purposeful Design Publications Responsibilities Include: 

  • Development of and day-to-day oversight for the PDP Strategic Business Plan:

    • Establishing and implementing priorities for growth, including a strategic approach to increased market share and an increased revenue strategy.

    • Defining, implementing, and analyzing budget and financial goals.

    • Identifying, hiring, and providing effectual leadership of key business division leaders.

  • Strategic leadership to the Director for Textbook Development:

    • Resource availability and allocation for development and revision of PDP textbooks.

    • Acquisition of new textbook resources including cooperation with ACSI in-house counsel to secure legal contracts for new content.

    • Consistent engagement with the textbook development and revision process to ensure the philosophical, pedagogical, and theological positions of the Association are accurately reflected in the materials produced.

  • Strategic leadership to the Assessment & Training Programs Manager:

    • Resource availability and allocation for management of the ACSI Student Assessment program.

    • Resource availability and allocation to support the PDP marketing and sales plans.

  • Provide a relevant and forward thinking voice to the senior leadership and ACSI Board of Directors of the Association regarding publishing, marketing, and sales for:

    • Research and development of PDP textbooks and resources including adding new products as well as revision of current products.

    • Collaborative opportunities that enhance and grow the PDP brand.

    • Research and development of new and innovative content delivery methods including digital content and additional platforms when considering educational best practices.

    • A global perspective that recognizes the importance and value of the ACSI brand internationally.


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, and or finance; master’s degree preferred.

  • Seven years of proven experience in publishing, educational publishing is preferred.

  • Five years of related experience in publishing workflow process, acquisitions, contract negotiation, and print buying.

  • Three years of proven sales experience in the education market.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills including effective public speaking and writing skills and experience.

  • Five years of proven supervisory capabilities to lead a multi-faceted team of professionals.

  • Effective and steady leadership in a highly deadline-driven work environment.

  • Firm understanding of a Christian philosophy of education, rooted in an authentic biblical worldview perspective.

Personal Characteristics

  • A demonstrated acceptance without reservation of the ACSI Statement of Faith.

  • A strong, clear Christian testimony, acknowledging Christ as Savior and seeking to live as His disciple.

  • A desire for spiritual growth as evidenced by his/her prayer life, Bible study, and spiritual outreach to others.

  • A mature, godly spirit.

  • A Christian role model (Luke 6:40) in attitude, speech, and actions toward others.

  • A person of faith and prayer.

  • A broad acceptance of and by the evangelical Christian community.

  • A strong knowledge and understanding of Scripture.

  • A servant leader.

  • An active participation in a local Bible-believing church.

  • Willingness to have their children attend Christian school.


What it's Like to Live in Colorado Springs, Colorado: 

Known as "Olympic City," Colorado Springs is a great place to live and raise a family. The city is framed by stunning mountain vistas, endless blue skies, and tons of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors - from mountain climbing, hiking, snow sports and more. More than 700,000 residents call Colorado Springs home for it's great quality of life, affordable housing market, and abundance of things to do and experience. 

Colorado Springs is regularly considered one of the healthiest cities in Colorado. Residents spend a lot of time outside, which contributes to an overall feeling of well-rounded and healthy and happy lifestyles, with the city consistently ranking for a city with the cleanest air. 

In the areas outside the city, Colorado has tons of great neighborhoods that are unique and colorfully representative of their residents. From modern developments to a bustling city life downtown, to historic Old Colorado City, there is a place for everyone where they'll feel like they fit in. If you're looking to buy a house or have a little more space, Colorado Springs is a really affordable option.

Despite being a big city, Colorado Springs has a great sense of community - it's easy to get to know and make friends with your neighbors, and it's suburban vibe makes it a great place for young professionals and young families with kids - in fact, according to the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, the median age of residents is about 34. 

On the weekends and off the ski slopes, check out an art festival, farmer's market, free music event, or brewery or coffeeshop - those are in abundance here. Colorado Springs is also a creative city that is a hub for entrepreneurs, great restaurants, and small businesses. 

As the second largest city in the state, Colorado Springs is an excellent place to live - easy access to suburbs balance the feel of the big city, and those who call it home are diverse and community minded. Whether you're visiting or moving here, you'll find a ton of reasons to love Colorado Springs.

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