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Bayside Church

Adventure Campus Senior Pastor

Roseville, California


Denomination: Evangelical Covenant

Weekly Attendance: 21,000

Neighborhood: Roseville, California

The role: The Adventure Adventure Campus Senior Pastor leads a Bayside campus in concert with the overall direction of Bayside and is responsible for the campus’ growth, health, and alignment to Bayside’s DNA.

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Meet Bayside Church: 

Pastor Ray Johnston planted Bayside in 1995 and has led the church to become one of the largest, fastest growing, and healthiest churches in the country. Bayside is the largest church in the Sacramento metropolitan area and is affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church. The church has grown to over 20,000 with much of the growth happening in the past few years. Every weekend there are 21 services to choose from at seven campuses. The original campus is located in Roseville, California, which is also host to a video café. The additional campuses are in Folsom, Roseville (Blue Oaks and Adventure), Sacramento (Midtown) Santa Rosa and Davis.

There are scores of ministries and programs for all ages in all phases of life, but it all comes back to their focus on just three priorities: Reach Wide, Grow Deep, and Unleash Compassion. Everything they do can be connected to one of these three values. Although Ray Johnston is the founding pastor, there are a team of pastors who work together to lead the Bayside movement. Ray is joined by Lincoln Brewster who leads the worship ministry at all campuses, and each campus has a Senior Pastor who meets weekly with Ray to provide direction for the church.

The Bayside culture is engaging, fast-paced, and yet full of oxymoron’s: there is a strong vision and leader, and yet a culture of humility and mutual submission. It is one of the fastest growing churches in the country, and yet they are the first to admit they haven’t figured it all out. They are organized and systematic in some ways, yet, very organic in others. There is a real sense of strategy and intentionality, and also an entrepreneurial vibe of ‘building the plane while flying.’

We believe Bayside is on the edge of exponential growth and even greater impact in their community and across the world. This is a very significant role and amazing opportunity for a high level leader and communicator who would like to buckle in and go along for the ride.

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About the Adventure Campus Senior Pastor:

Bayside is looking for a Senior Pastor who can lead one of the largest campuses in the Bayside network of churches. Bayside Adventure is located in Roseville in close proximity to several other Bayside campuses. The campus runs nearly 3,000 on a weekly basis, with strong growth trends to be close to 5,000 in the next several years. With solid growth, a tremendous team, and healthy culture, Bayside Adventure is as strong as it has ever been.

This position is a fantastic opportunity for a ‘top dog’ leader with a towering communication gift to lead the Adventure Campus as Senior Pastor. Unlike most senior pastors, this individual will have the strength of other high capacity leaders in the Bayside movement. 

The Adventure Campus Senior Pastor will: 

The Senior Pastor at Bayside Adventure will lead this campus in concert with the overall direction of Bayside and is responsible for the campus’ growth, health, and alignment to Bayside’s DNA.

  • Oversee weekend services.  

  • Speak regularly at the campus, and periodically at other Bayside campuses. Note: Bayside campuses feature in-person live teaching.

  • Maintain the Bayside level of quality in everything done on the weekends, including the initial impression, worship experience, children’s ministry, youth ministry, and facility/technology areas.

  • Oversee building teams for parking, greeting, ushers, hospitality, set up, and tear down, to maintain a warm, non-threatening atmosphere.

  • Insure opportunities for connection at every weekend service.

  • Develop and lead volunteer and paid staff.

  • Responsible for hiring staff at the campus.

  • Insure pastoral care and discipleship is happening through the small group system and delivery of midweek ministries in collaboration with Granite Bay ministries.

  • Oversee the campus budget in congruence with the expectations of each campus.

  • Responsible for continued growth to meet quarterly goals.

  • Implementation and monitoring of marketing programs in coordination with Granite Bay communications team.

  • Work in partnership with core ministries so staff on campus are trained, resourced and supported.

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and message prep meetings at the Granite Bay campus.

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What you bring: 


Candidates will need a biblical foundation and ability to rightly divide the word of truth. Where this education came from might vary from candidate to candidate.

Experience & Skills

  • Prior experience in a lead ministry role and upfront communicating.

  • The natural ability to collaborate and work within a team setting.

  • Ability to multitask.

  • An ability to live a faith-based life out in a way that connects with church leaders, and is contagious to both believers and non-believers.

  • The ability to build teams of people stronger and smarter than themselves.

  • The ability to work collaboratively in a high functioning, high capacity team.

  • An ability to lead conversations and drive results.

  • Demonstrate a high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.

  • An entrepreneurial self-starter who naturally seeks out new ways to grow an organization.

  • Chemistry that fits with the Bayside Church culture.

  • Capability to create, foster and maintain strong teams.

  • A proven track record of building and expanding a ministry or organization.

  • An effective team leader who can inspire others to work together to achieve organizational excellence.

  • A keen ability to create new ideas and bring new ideas to fruition.

  • An ability to integrate into an existing system and offer creative improvements without disrupting an already flourishing system.

  • Proven skills that foster trust, fairness, and teamwork among staff, members, and volunteers, and a common focus on excellence in all areas.

Personal Characteristics

  • A humility that is evidenced in your walk and life.

  • Known to be flexible.

  • Thrives in an environment that is fast-paced, high-energy, risk-taking, exciting and fun.

  • Can tolerate and even soar in the midst of ambiguity.

  • Doesn’t need everything figured out before the race begins.

  • A growing personal relationship with God.

  • Exhibit a godly lifestyle.

  • Loyal to the vision of Bayside.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Great communicator/teacher.

  • Proven leadership ability.

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What it's like to live in Roseville, California:

Beautiful Roseville, CA is nestled in the picturesque mountain foothills of the Sierras and is part of the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. With elevations ranging from 200 feet to over 10,800 feet, there is tremendous diversity in the landscape and much to discover. Rich in history and with a wide variety of recreational choices, there is something for everyone.

Recreational activities in the Sacramento area include biking country roads, walking trails along small streams, boating and jet skiing at Folsom Lake, as well as hiking trails around the lake. Folsom Lake, with seventy-seven miles of shoreline, is one of the most heavily used recreational areas in the state.  Not only are there an abundance of lakes, but the area also boasts over 575 miles of rivers and streams that provide habitat for over twenty known species of fish. The Sierra Nevada’s provide you a choice of many ski areas; all within a one and a half hour drive from Roseville.

The welcoming community of Roseville is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, between the San Francisco Bay area and the scenic Lake Tahoe basin. It is a short drive to Lake Tahoe and the High Sierras, offering fantastic skiing, while the summer offers hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. Roseville is also approximately a 2 hour drive from San Francisco.

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