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Brookfield Bible Church

NextGen Pastor

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania



Average Weekly Attendance: 242

Denomination: Nondenominational

Location: Harrisburg, PA


brookfield.jpgAbout the Organization:

Brookfield Bible Church is an independent local church.  Our mission is to introduce others to Jesus Christ and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Him.  We hope to accomplish the mission by creating environments where people can Connect, Grow, and Serve.  We strive to connect with the visitor through a culturally relevant worship service that offers practical and engaging messages as well as refreshing and uplifting worship to our Savior.  We hope to foster growth through our small groups.  The growth we are striving towards is two-fold. We desire to grow deep  in our walk through intimacy with Christ, and we desire to grow wide by winning people to Jesus. .  Finally, we want to make the path towards service as easy as possible so that those in the church can use their gifts and talents to further God's Kingdom.


About the Position:

The NextGen Pastor of Brookfield Bible Church will have a deep love for Jesus, a passion for reaching families for Christ and for helping them grow into mature disciples and a desire to take a vibrant, relevant, growing family ministry to the next level.

The primary role of the NextGen Pastor will be to oversee the family ministries while serving a growing church of about 240 people.

What We Are Searching For / Qualifications:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the NextGen Pastor:


A four-year degree in ministry or theological training is preferred. Meet the Biblical qualifications of an elder as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.


Previous experience in ministry to children, students, and families is required.

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a good reputation within churches he has served in, as well as in the community.
  • Full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. 
  • An inspirational leader with excellent relational intelligence.
  • Possess strong preaching and teaching background.
  • Giftedness in administration, leadership, and teaching.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Team leadership abilities with experience recruiting and developing volunteer staff.
  • Collaborate in a fast-paced environment while bringing value to the entire organization.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to deal with individuals and groups within a wide range of situations.
  • A strong grasp of family ministry models and philosophy complemented with an understanding of how to implement effective family ministry strategies.
  • Coachable and  desires to grow in personal abilities and faith.
  • A skill to develop and mobilize volunteers. .
  • Strong systems thinker with the capability to lead large projects.
  • Understanding of success measurement through goal planning and assessment.
  • Excellent computer skills and use technology (computer, audio, video and internet resources for ministry).
  • Be committed to holiness and developing a personal walk with God to model and lead others in their faith.
  • If married, love spouse as Christ loved the church. If a parent, discipline children to know God and love Him.
  • Pursue professional, personal, and spiritual development.
  • A strong commitment to assisting the ministries of the church in fulfilling their mission and vision.
  • Energy and enthusiasm particularly around students, yet able to exude a calming influence when needed.
  • Carry a posture of strength, approachability, and humility.
  • Strong, demonstrated relationship with Jesus Christ, guided by a commitment to following the principles spelled out in the Bible for living a life of thankful service to God.
  • A demonstrated high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.
  • A doctrinal position that matches that of the Brookfield Bible Church Family.

About the Location: 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's state capital, is perhaps best known for its assortment of historical museums and a nice waterfront strip along the Susquehanna River. Beyond downtown, residential and industrial areas spread across the river into Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg to the west. The city has some minor-league sports and other recreational amenities.

Harrisburg is in the Great Valley of the eastern foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. The landscape rises rapidly to the west into the main Allegheny ridge and becomes more level to the east. With thick deciduous forests that cover the mountains from east to south, along with the Blue Mountain ridge, Harrisburg does not experience winters  as severe  as   locations to the north.

Harrisburg  is a vibrant hub for young families, thanks in large part to itsfriendly culture, strong economy and excellent schools.   

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