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Calvary Assembly

Young Adult Pastor

Rochester, NY

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Denomination: Assembly of God

Weekly Attendance:  850

Location: Rochester, NY

The Role:  Young Adult Pastor

Calvary Assembly WorshipMeet Calvary Assembly:

Calvary Assembly is a growing church that creates a safe place for people to take risks in the faith, develop authentic and meaningful relationships, and discover the future that God intends for them. Our team works really hard and laughs way too much.

About the Young Adult Pastor:

The Young Adult Pastor is a full-time position that is responsible for leading and developing the ministry to adults ages 18-29. The focus is reaching, developing, pursuing, and empowering college students and young professionals to live a life of purpose in Jesus. Our church’s vision is to be a safe place to find faith, friends, and your future – and we view our young adult ministry as a place to grow that vision in our college students and young professionals.

Calvary Assembly CommunityThe Young Adult Pastor's Responsibilities Include:

There are two main jobs: To help disciple and connect current young adults at Calvary Assembly and reach unchurched or spiritually disconnected young adults to Jesus and the church.

1. Shape, lead, and ensure alignment of the Young Adult Ministry with the vision of Calvary Assembly.

2. Oversee the planning and coordination of the Young Adult Ministry
      A. Prep and lead bi-weekly discussion during school semesters.
      B. Lead ~6 annual large group gatherings to help young adults grow & connect.
      C. Follow up and meet with current and potential students. The goal is to grow deeper and wider.
      D. Help recruit people in the young adult groups to serve in the body at large.
      E. Help dream, plan, and execute plans to expand the young adult groups.
      F. Place yourself in settings to develop new relationships for the purpose of growing the ministry.
     G. Help with administrative duties as assigned by the lead pastor or executive pastor.

3. Create an engaging atmosphere with the goal of helping young adults develop significant relationships, grow into deeply committed followers of Christ, and serve others.

4. Develop a strategy alongside our executive and lead pastor to reach unchurched/spiritually disconnected college students in the area.

5. Recruit and develop adults to be involved in ministering to young adults. Develop and lead a volunteer leadership team.

6. Manage, direct, and have vision for the ministry’s budget and finances.

7. Handle confidential information in a proper and secure manner.

8. Additional assignments and projects as assigned by the executive pastor (~15% of time)
     A.  Recruiting for new ministries, getting people involved in serving in the church, helping at special events, etc.


Calvary Assembly Young AdultsWhat You Bring:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Young Adults Pastor:

Personal Characteristics and Qualifications

1. Culture fit. Contributes to a healthy and enjoyable work environment. Knows when to have fun and when to put the head down and work.

2. Competency: Fluent competency in jobs responsibilities

3. Character and Spiritual Maturity. A relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ that demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit in daily living. Is consistently a godly example to those around him or her, using their influence to draw others closer to Jesus.

4. Leadership. The ability to provide leadership, development, and accountability to the ministry. Willing and able to delegate responsibility as needed. Ability to recruit others and lead. Lifelong learner in ministry trends and leadership skills. Exemplifies servant leadership.

5. Interpersonal Skills and high emotional IQ. The ability to effectively attract, relate to and communicate with others in a gracious, wholesome, and persuasive manner. Initiate counsel and care to those in your ministry for the intent of their spiritual growth.

6. Organizational and Communication Skills. Good administrative skills with the ability to organize and give attention to lots of details. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

7. Flexible. Flexibility in implementing ideas, even when they are not their first choice. Comfortable working in a fluid, fast-paced and collaborative environment.

Education and Experience

1. A personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Ability to grow the ministry.

3. Proven ability to lead and teach effectively in both corporate and 1:1 settings.

4. Ability to recruit and develop new leaders.

5. Enjoys empowering others to own and take responsibility for the success of the ministry

6. Love for the local church. Hungry and ambitious to help people in the Rochester region grow their faith.

7. A significant understanding of God’s Word and agreement with Calvary Assembly’s vision, values, and beliefs.

8. Ability to have hard conversations in a gracious and clear manner

9. A passion to see the lives of young adults transformed and pointed toward Jesus

10.Bachelor’s Degree in related field is desired, but not required.

Calvary Assembly GatheringWhat it's Like to Live in Rochester, NY:

One thing we love is our city. It’s filled with some incredible food. If you like Mexican, Italian, American, Indian - honestly we have so many different great options. It’s an affordable city too with cost of living at 15% less than national averages. 

We’re 50 minutes from Bills stadium, Strong Museum of Play is unreal, and there are tons of free splash pads, and parks if you like to hike and get outdoors. We’re 5 miles from the airport as well, so if you need to go see family or getaway it’s super convenient.


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