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Calvary Fellowship

Executive Pastor

West HartfordConnecticut

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Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 600

Location: West Hartford, Connecticut

The Role: The Executive Pastor’s will lead the implementation of the vision and mission of Calvary Fellowship under the direction of the Lead Pastor. 


Meet Calvary Fellowship:

In early 2005, my wife Rebecca and I packed up everything we owned into a Penske truck and moved with our one year old daughter from South Florida to West Hartford. We left behind family, friends, and full-time vocational ministry to launch a church that nobody asked us to start in a place where nobody was waiting for us to come.

Nonetheless, we came for a simple reason: we sensed God told us to. He gave a clear call and a compelling vision: Revolutionizing Lives Through the Revelation of God. Since that time we have grown from three people to more than 700 who call Calvary their church home. Over the years we have seen God transform lives in front of our eyes. Many people have given their lives to Jesus, been baptized, and taken all kinds of spiritual steps in their walks with Christ.

Since we began, we have met in five different portable locations and currently we meet at Conard High School in West Hartford. Take a look at the video below which explains more about where we started.

About the Executive Pastor

The Executive Pastor’s role is to lead the implementation of the vision and mission of Calvary Fellowship under the direction of the Lead Pastor. This includes, but is not limited to, preaching/teaching, leading the senior leadership team, working with the Session to establish and implement a consistent vision for the church in this community, equipping the congregation for the various works of ministry, and developing the gifts, skills, and passions of the staff and membership.  

The Executive Pastor will: 

Staff Leadership

  • Be a servant leader who equips and encourages each direct report.

  • Be an implementer, and oversee implementation through the staff and ministry leaders.

  • Be creatively resourceful, helping to remove barriers, locate resources, provide liaison, and connect staff to sources of help.

  • Be able to operate both at a conceptual level and pay attention to detail.

  • Be a competent multi-tasker, capable of managing multiple people, projects, and priorities.

  • Ensure his gifting and leadership style complements the Lead Pastor (LP).

  • Act as the “right-hand person,” implementing the vision of the church with the leadership and direction of the Lead Pastor. The XP is entrusted with great responsibility for that vision’s implementation and is a trusted confidant of the LP.

Management/Ministry Oversight

  • Ensure his primary responsibility to provide hands-on oversight for the ministries of the church, freeing the LP to pursue his calling and passion.

  • Oversee the ministries of the church to ensure they are moving in the direction of the vision of the church, are fulfilling the stated mission of the church, and are coordinated in their efforts.

  • Lead, manage, and supervise the ministry staff.

  • Provide oversight of ministry organization, long-range and/or strategic plans, priorities, goals, and budgets.

  • Anticipate problems, and embrace and facilitate the problem-solving process.

  • Hold the staff accountable for ministry results and the wise stewardship of time, talent, and money.

Integration and Collaboration

  • Be action and results oriented, getting things done through actively managing the efforts of the staff and ministry leads.

  • Influence by motivating, encouraging, and developing team members.

  • Demonstrate servant leadership and a collaborative style.

  • Fosters mutual respect and build a complementary team where each strength is maximized and each weakness is minimized.

  • Fosters a spirit of openness, participation, cooperation, communication, and unity among the various leadership units of the church organization.

  • Take responsibility for ensuring effective communications among the staff, ministry leaders, members, and congregation in planning and implementing the mission of the church. 


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and five to seven years of experience in a field or position with equivalent relevance to this one.

Personal Characteristics

  • Is stable

  • Takes initiative 

  • Is detail-oriented 

  • Is team-oriented and people person 

  • Is a leader of leaders 

  • Is gifted in conflict resolution 

  • Is confident in his calling as an Executive Pastor

  • Has a heart for missions and church planting in the New England area 

  • Is gifted in HR, processes, staffing, and other business administrative areas

  • Is invested in the community where Calvary Fellowship is located 

  • Exhibits spiritual maturity through the love of people, service to others, an active prayer life, and a strong knowledge of the Bible

  • Shows daily dedication to increasing knowledge of Jesus Christ and deepening spiritual walk, as evidenced by continuous study and active learning

  • Shows evidence of experience, skills, and giftedness, which can provide the basis for successfully achieving the purpose of the position

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What it's like to live in West Hartford, Connectivut : 

West Hartford is rich in history and new beginnings. You will discover wonderful shops and sites in every corner of town.

On the eastern border, you'll find the world-renowned Elizabeth Park rose gardens in full bloom in June and thousands of tulips and daffodils in March and April. In the northwest corner, get back to nature by hiking the trails at the MDC reservoirs or visiting the demonstration farm at Westmoor Park.

Bishops Corner, in the northern part of town at the intersection of North Main Street and Albany Avenue, is both a neighborhood and regional destination featuring a variety of businesses and restaurants and health care facilities on all four corners. In the central areas of town, you'll discover the birthplace of Noah Webster, the award-winning Rockledge Golf Club, The Children's Museum of Connecticut, the Connecticut Veterans Memorial Ice Skating Rink, and the renowned West Hartford Center.

West Hartford Center has been the community's hub since the late 1600s. The unhurried atmosphere encourages you to park and walk along the tree-lined, brick sidewalks and stop by the fine specialty shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and one-of-a-kind boutiques. West Hartford’s newest retail district, Blue Back Square, is the Center's contemporary counterpart and is connected via South Main Street. Blue Back Square features seasonal outdoor concerts at Webster Walk, and several national establishments including Crate and Barrel, Barnes & Noble, Cinepolis Cinemas, Cheesecake Factory, and many boutique shops as well. The new Delamar West Hartford boutique hotel sits at the corner of Memorial Road and Raymond Road, steps away from all the activity.

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