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Calvary Tuscaloosa

Connections Pastor

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Denomination: Baptist

Weekly Attendance: 650

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Vanderbloemen is honored to present this role.  www.Vanderbloemen.com/jobs

The role: The Connections Pastor will oversee connections to our discipleship pathway and communications strategies under the leadership and direction of the Senior Pastor. This will require belief in mission, vision, and strategies of Calvary Tuscaloosa as well as the ability to align key leaders with our mission, vision and strategies. The CP will lead, facilitate and implement the key components of our Discipleship Pathway: connection, community, and contribution. 


Meet Calvary Tuscaloosa:


Mission is our one thing, our north star.

Mission: To make disciples [of Jesus Christ] of all nations. We believe a disciple of Jesus Christ looks like someone who is connected to God on a daily basis, committed to a small group, and making contributions to Christ and his kingdom, including making other disciples.


Vision is our aspirational dream of what the kingdom of God should be.

Vision: An all-inclusive community of loving people living out the story of God. Inclusion defines our reach. We say, “you will never meet anyone God does not love, and Jesus did not die for.” Loving defines our character. We say, “God is love, so to represent God in this world means that we are loving people.” Living out defines our goal. We want to be people who not only know the story of God but live it out! 


About the Connections Pastor:

General Function: To create an all-inclusive community of loving people who live out the story of God.

  • Oversight and Execution of Connections through First Impressions: responsible for creating an environment that welcomes new guests and provides next steps toward connection and spiritual growth. 

  • Oversight and Execution of Connections through Community: responsible for working with small group coordinators to construct practical on ramps and systems to help move people along our Discipleship Pathway: connecting, community and contribution. 

  • Oversight and Execution of Connections through Contribution: responsible for creating an environment and system that measures and monitors leadership development, financial giving and reproduction by making other disciples. 




  • To place your family above your vocation.

  • To give spiritual leadership in your home. 

  • To be connected with God through a daily quiet-time.

  • To create appropriate boundaries to protect your character and integrity. 

  • To be in community as a growing disciple of Jesus Christ with people pouring into your life on a regular basis.

  • To be a contributor to our church as a servant leader of leaders (giving ministry away as developer), financial support and sharing your faith to produce other disciples. 

  • To be a part of the Senior Leadership Team which meets weekly for implementation of plans and evaluation of processes, systems and results. 

  • Participate in hospital visitation, as requested, and on-call weekends on a rotating basis.

  • To work within the boundaries of the approved Governing Documents. 

  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Senior Pastor.


  • Personal Development: We understand our personal strengths, strengths of the Team and initiate learning and growth through consistent vulnerability and coaching. This produces TRUST. 

  • Brings Solutions: We define clearly the issues and decisions the Team faces and offer creative solutions to effect positive change with problems and people. This produces CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

  • Collaborates: We leverage the wisdom of the Team to achieve genuine buy-in when making decisions that moves us forward with confidence that no stone has been left unturned. This produces COMMITMENT. 

  • Raise Expectations: We encourage and challenge the Team to execute at a high level with clearly defined “wins” while demonstrating personal and peer accountability. This produces ACCOUNTABILITY. 

  • Creates Movement: We develop and mobilize people to execute our strategies through clear communication and detailed direction. This produces RESULTS. 


What you bring: 


The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and likely a master’s degree, which is strongly preferred. A candidate with an M.Div. or a Master’s in Theology or Religion would be a great fit, but is not required. Seminary experience is strongly preferred. 


The ideal candidate will likely have seven to eight years of leadership and church experience, working with adults, small groups, connection, or a similar role. They will have proven experience as a leader at a large church or church similar in size and culture to Calvary Tuscaloosa, and vision to be able to carry that experience into a leadership role. 


What it's like to live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama: 

For the city of Tuscaloosa, a new story is being told. Not one of SEC football, 17 national championships, or Bear Bryant, but of the Druid City, Dinah Washington, and the city’s five major bodies of water. The one and only Tuscaloosa in the world has a story to share, and that story is being shared with locals and travelers alike. Incorporated in the year 1819, the city of Tuscaloosa is rooted in history. Located along the riverbanks of the Black Warrior River, the city is home to The University of Alabama, but also so much more. Tuscaloosa’s new open-source brand serves to tell the stories of the city. “Tuscaloosa – The One & Only” not only demonstrates that the city is the only with its name in the world, but it sheds light on the direction the city is heading. Our hope is that visitors and locals will to continue to contribute to the story of the one and only Tuscaloosa, sharing their favorite spots and attractions, and strengthening the love and heritage for their city.

Tuscaloosa has traditionally been known as the “Druid City” because of the numerous water oaks planted in its downtown streets in the 1840s. Since serving as the capital city from 1826 to 1846, it has been the regional center of industry, commerce, healthcare, and education for West Alabama. Tuscaloosa is home to a vast array of remarkable sights that are known only inside its bounds. With hundreds of restaurants, activities, museums, and parks, it has managed to become one of Alabama’s most progressive cities. Visitors come to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere, historic features, and bustling nightlife that Tuscaloosa has to offer. With its great energy and eyes on the future, Tuscaloosa continues to thrive on being your one and only.

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