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Cascade Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Senior Pastor

Grand RapidsMichigan



Denomination: Christian Reformed Church

Weekly Attendance: 425

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Role: The Senior Pastor is responsible for the provision of spiritual, pastoral, and administrative leadership to the congregation of Cascade Fellowship. 


Meet Cascade Fellowship Christian Reformed Church:

Our Mission: Love God, love people, and make disciples, wherever we go.

Our Vision: To be vibrant disciple-makers, engaging people with the love, grace, and truth of Jesus Christ.

Cascade Fellowship is committed to the Word of God and living it out faithfully. As a church we are people from various backgrounds. Our beliefs and values hold us together and keep our focus on Christ.


We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and our ultimate and final authority for faith in practice.

We believe in one God, revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God, our perfect heavenly Father, loves and cares for all.

We believe Jesus Christ, God's Son, sacrificially died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin, and is Savior to all who believe in Him.

We believe God created us in His image; sin brought separation from God; and all who receive salvation by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are no longer separated from Him but become children of God. The way to become a Christian is to turn from a sinful life and trust Christ as Lord and Savior. Only then can we delight in God as He intended.

We believe the church is a spiritual body made up of all believers, each a vital part of God's plan.


About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor is responsible for the provision of spiritual, pastoral, and administrative leadership to the congregation of Cascade Fellowship. This includes, but is not limited to, preaching/teaching, leading the senior leadership team, working with the Council to establish and implement a consistent vision for the church in this community, equipping the congregation for the various works of ministry, and developing the gifts, skills, and passions of the staff and membership.  

The Senior Pastor will: 


  • Preach compelling biblical messages rooted in Scripture with strong application to daily life, with an authenticity and humility that appeals to believers and seekers alike.

  • Plan and implement a weekly preaching/teaching schedule with the CFCRC worship leadership team that provides ample opportunity for attendees to grasp the truth of the gospel and develop as individual Christians and as the family of faith, and to encourage those who are far from God to draw near.

  • Prepare preaching schedules in advance and integrate the various seasons in the life of the church, community, country, and world as needed.

Leadership/Leadership Development, and Discipleship

  • Create a leadership process that will be implemented across the ministries of CFCRC which strategically develops leaders through the process of identification, recruitment, training, and coaching/mentoring. 

  • Coordinate staff to effectively execute the strategic plan of the church.

  • Other items as benefits the mission and operation of the church.

  • Work with the Council and Staff to implement the previously developed vision/plan. 

Mission/Outreach/Community Relations

  • Support, promote, and actively participate in the missions activities of Cascade Fellowship, both in the city of Grand Rapids and around the world. 

  • Equip and mobilize the local and global missions staff and elders in the role of evangelism and in the development of strategic outreach ministries and initiatives.

Congregational Relations/Pastoral Care 

  • Inspire the congregation to develop spiritual maturity through meaningful and regular examples of relational ministries, i.e. serving as an example of God working through collaborative ministries in local, regional, national, and international settings.

  • Provide for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the community of faith in partnership with elders and deacons.

  • Administer the sacraments in partnership with other ordained staff, elders, and deacons.

  • Professional development/personal growth/self care

  • Devote time to spiritual, emotional, and physical development/well-being through the practice of the spiritual disciplines, the use of a spiritual directors, or any other support that has proven to be beneficial.

  • Actively seek further professional development by attending courses, seminars, and workshops as appropriate and available, utilizing study leave.

  • Set appropriate boundaries and work schedules to avoid physical/mental fatigue and professional burn-out.

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What you bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree and a Masters of Divinity Degree. 

The ideal candidate will also have eight to ten years or more of leadership experience in a church of a similar background, culture, and size as Cascade Fellowship. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Is a gifted biblical preacher

    • His teaching and preaching creates life, conviction, and greater devotion in the lives of those who regularly sit under his preaching and teaching.

    • He has a history of exhibiting the ability to handle potentially divisive issues with wisdom, discernment, and grace.  

  • Has a heart for missions

    • He has a track record of compelling others to be missional.

    • His tenure as a church leader or a parachurch leader has always included a strong mission thrust.

    • Is inspired and energized by Cascade Fellowship’s strong commitment to local and global missions.

  • Has a personal devotional life that has produced a deep inner life

    • He is a practitioner of the spiritual disciplines as a means of living the transformed life.

    • He is a man who has given himself to others in the context of community and has a select group to which he is accountable.

    • Maintains a strong, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, exhibiting a relationship with Christ that is an example to all. 

  • Is a leader of leaders

    • Has a history of organizing, unifying, leading, and discipling a senior leadership team.

    • Within the church or in the context of leading another organization, he has a history of articulating the organization’s vision and aligning the senior leadership team around this vision.

    • He has a history of clearly articulating the organization’s vision to its constituents.

    • Embodies a strong leadership gift and is ambitious for God and the church but not for self. 

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What it's like to live in Grand Rapids, MI: 

Grand Rapids is a great place to live for many reasons. People of all ages will find something fun to do, whether you are a retiree looking for a vibrant community or an adventure seeker looking for outdoor activities (the city boasts 1,200 acres of public parks, and the Lake Michigan shoreline is a popular day trip during summer). The city also boasts friendly neighbors, and a cost of living that's noticeably lower than in other major U.S. metro areas. 

Visitors can also take in the art, music, beer, and food that prompted travel expert Expedia to call this a “Super Cool” city! There’s abundant public art and three art museums to dazzle your imagination. More than 100 live music venues provide diverse options for your listening pleasure.

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