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Central Community Church

Worship Director/Pastor

Wichita, Kansas



Denomination: Church of God

Weekly Attendance: 1,700

Location: Wichita, Kansas

The Role: The Worship Director/Pastor has the responsibility to plan, direct, and administer the music and worship of the contemporary service of Central Community Church. 


Meet Central Community Church:

Central Community Church began as a series of prayer meetings in the early 1900s and was built into a strong church with a great legacy of faith. In 1941, a building was built and dedicated as the official and permanent church meeting spot, which spurred growth as a fixture of their community. Since 1974, Central has been growing steadily, including expanding their sanctuary, updating their name and initiating a new season of vision for the church, and building a new sanctuary for 3,200 people in the late 1980s. These are examples of just how much God has done in their midst, and just how much He has planned for them in the future as they continue to grow.  

They have had a long legacy of strong pastoral leadership, and are known and admired for their traditional worship and great facilities. In addition to this, they are currently building a chapel facility to further facilitate a ministry of weddings and funerals as a way of reaching their community. Central Community Church is a great place for believers in Wichita to call home and invest in community! 

About the Worship Director/Pastor:

The Worship Director/Pastor's work should seek to continually pursue and strengthen relationships with the families of Central Community Church and the greater community at various points on their spiritual journey, consistently pointing the way toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a staff member of Central Community Church, the Worship Pastor/Director will work under the direction of the Senior Pastor and/or Executive Director and is expected to be a team player who will welcome the challenge to work and grow within the body of Christ as it pertains to supporting and fulfilling the mission of Central Community Church.

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The Worship Director/Pastor will: 

  • Serve as a director and an overseer of those participating both vocally and instrumentally on the contemporary worship staff.

  • Live under, instill and whenever possible, teach through both word and action the values and precepts of God’s Word.

  • Serve in the process of worship planning through music, the use of the Word and through thoughtful selection of repertoire that reflects the culture of Central along with the integrity of lyrics and musical composition.

  • Establish auditions and widen the numbers of participants both vocally and instrumentally.

  • Work in tandem with the technical staff in production and support of the worship services.

  • Schedule the singers and musicians for services and rehearsals.

  • Invest in the contemporary team members and to cultivate meaningful relationships in both social and spiritual contexts.

  • Invest in and help develop youth/college ministry worship team.

  • Make sure the lyrics are provided for Sunday’s services.

  • Allow for and provide opportunities for training as well as for a better understanding regarding the role of worship leadership.

  • Enter the service information in Planning Center and keep it current.

  • Read, to discern God’s leading, and to keep current in the affairs of worship leadership that impact today’s worship experience.

  • Bring unity to the leadership of the contemporary worship service with the entire worship ministry at Central.


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

A bachelor’s degree is required. Though not required, a music degree is preferred.

Personal Characteristics

  • A friendly and welcoming demeanor is mandatory. Is a strong, confident presence in front of people. Stage presentation skills are required.

  • Is comfortable engaging the Wichita community.

  • Has experience in supervising and coordinating volunteer teams.

  • Has a “can do” attitude, with dedication to the task.

  • Has excellent management, communication, and interpersonal skills.

  • Is a self-starter, and is able to work independently, as well as with a team, to achieve goals in a fast-paced environment.

  • Is competent with basic computer software (i.e. Internet navigation, MS Office products), and has the capacity to learn new software, as needed.

  • Has the ability to assist in supervising pastoral staff and understand, motivate, and support ministry leaders

  • Has a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above reproach character 

  • Remains confidential, helpful, cheerful, diplomatic, caring, and has a positive attitude at ALL times


What it's like to live in Wichita, Kansas: 

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas (most of Kansas City is in Missouri). Surrounded by wheat fields and oil-industry facilities, this traditional midwestern city has a diverse agricultural and industrial economy. In part because of its invulnerable central U.S. location, World War II aircraft design and production facilities were located in the area. Today, aviation firms like Beech, Cessna (Raytheon), Stearman, Lear (Bombardier), and Boeing all have plants nearby, and there are numerous supporting precision parts and engineering firms in the area.

Downtown Wichita has undergone renewal. Arts and entertainment facilities contribute to a strong community feel. The workforce is well-educated and paid, the Cost of Living Index is very reasonable with good housing values to be found. With 170 miles to Tulsa and 190 miles to Kansas City, local features are popular. The area ranks consistently well in categories of healthcare, schools and education, and employment opportunities. All in all, Wichita is a great midwestern city to call home!

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