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Centreville Presbyterian Church


Centreville, Virginia



Weekly Attendance: 300

Location: Centreville, Virginia

Denomination: ECO Presbyterian 

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The role: The Co-Pastor will serve alongside the Senior Pastor, as they lead side by side through the succession plan timeline. 

IMG-0025Meet Centreville Presbyterian Church: 

Centreville Presbyterian Church began as a church plant, from Vienna Presbyterian Church. In the beginning, 50 people showed up to the first worship service at a country club.  Their first pastor arrived in 1988, while the church was still meeting in an elementary school. As leadership changed, the church did too - and continued growing until they needed their own building, which served them well for the past 13 years. Centreville Presbyterian Church has seen several growth cycles in their history, always pointing them back to God’s provision and faithfulness. During the past 30 years, under the leadership of Pastor Rob Bromhead,  the Lord has grown this community of faith from a mission to a thriving church.  

In 2010, a new season of growth brought CPC to contemporary services from a more traditional feel, as well as the beginning of a discernment process on their theological affiliation.  Within the last year CPC separated from the PCUSA and affiliated itself with the ECO Presbyterian denomination and in the process raised over twice as much money needed to leave PCUSA through a Fresh Start Capital Campaign.   God has been faithful and always amidst the people and work of Centreville Presbyterian Church. CPC looks forward with anticipation to what God is up to next as they begin a search for their Co-Pastor as an integral part of the succession plan for their future Lead Pastor. 



IMG-0586 (1)About the Co-Pastor: 

The Co-Pastor will serve alongside the Senior Pastor, as they lead side by side through the succession plan timeline.   The Co-Pastor will receive the call of Senior Pastor as the succession plan is fulfilled. This role will be an integral member and eventually hold full oversight of the staff at Centreville Presbyterian Church. The Co-Pastor must have a passion to develop opportunities where adults can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Co-Pastor will: 

  • Lead Adult Discipleship Leadership (ADL) Team in developing a comprehensive plan to disciple adults from spiritual infancy to maturity.

  • Enhance LifeGroup Program:

    • Execute LifeGroup Leader ongoing training.

    • Develop a comprehensive annual plan for LifeGroup Ministry.

    • Create a culture in growth groups that encourages participants to reach out to others in community.

  • Work with ADL team to plan and implement leadership development tracks to specifically prepare future leaders.

  • Develop mentoring relationships with adult congregants.

  • Ensure there is discipleship from new members to mature members.

  • Pioneer new ministry opportunities to explore different ways for people to use their gifts and passions.

  • Meet monthly with children’s and student ministry to coordinate discipleship efforts.

  • Participates in staff and session meetings.

  • Assist in the development of Prayer being a part of everything done at CPC

  • Create and implement avenues to reach non-christians in the community.

  • Initially provide pulpit supply 25% of given Sundays with a plan to provide 75% of pulpit supply within the next 18 months.

  • Possess deep Biblical knowledge and understanding and be able to communicate that well.

  • Continue to assimilate into more aspects of the Senior Pastor role

What you bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have a seminary degree and 10+ years proven ministry experience.

Personal Characteristics

  • Healthy and growing relationship with Christ

  • Ability to inspire and relate to adult followers of Jesus

  • Exceptional communication, teaching, and preaching skills

  • Superior organizational skills and dedication to completing projects in a timely manner

  • Dynamic, engaging, and mature leader

  • Strong relationship skills - someone who loves people and is a relationship builder of authentic and real connections

  • Relatable/personable and someone who is willing to serve

  • Someone who is comfortable in their own skin

  • Someone above reproach – the Co-Pastor serves as an example to the congregation

  • Someone who is a shepherd, they feed the flock through mentorship and relationship

  • Great Christ-based teacher

  • Compassionate/soft skills

  • Approachable and fun spirit

  • Evangelism/outreach background

  • Someone who is free of a non-biblical agenda

  • Someone with Biblical knowledge and authoritative on scripture

  • Someone who is able to take initiative and who is able to embrace new ideas

IMG_1040 (1)What it's like to live in Centreville, Virginia: 

Centreville, Virginia, is considered part of the Northern Virginia Community within the Washington, D.C. metro area. In the years since CPC began, the community of Centreville has evolved into a thriving, diverse, suburban area of Washington, D.C. Fairfax County has a population of well over one million people who represent a large cross-section of people groups and languages.  Fairfax County has one of the highest educated demographics in the United States with many individuals employed by the Federal Government or working as government contractors as well as a significant number of fortune 500 Companies having a presence in the area. CPC attracts people who not only live in Fairfax County, but also Prince William, Loudoun, Fauquier, and other surrounding counties.

Northern Virginia families are extremely active. The cost of living is such that many homes have two working parents. Work commutes into Washington DC are common. The western counties of Northern Virginia have some of the highest performing schools in the nation, with kids involved in lots of activities and striving to gain entry into the best universities. CPC is situated in an ideal location to reach the lost. Many, if not most,of the people in the CPC outreach area are unchurched. It is an ideal mission field with incredible history, culture, and ample opportunity to reach the world for Christ, literally in one’s own neighborhood.

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