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Christ Community Church

Director of Worship

West Chester, Pennsylvania


Theology: Nondenominational

Weekly attendance: 1250

Neighborhood: West Chester, Pennsylvania

The role: The Director of Worship has the important privilege and weighty task of bringing people into the presence of God. This happens primarily on a Sunday morning, where this person’s leadership and musical ability combine with the giftedness of others, under the power of the Holy Spirit, moving the people in the congregation toward an experience with God.


Meet Christ Community Church:

Christ Community Church in West Chester, Pennsylvania, has a rich history and a bright future, as they add a Director of Worship to their team to continue growing and bringing more people to know Christ through intentional, gospel-centered worship.

Christ Community Church began in 1984, when ten couples from Church of the Savior in Wayne, Pennsylvania, joined Pastor Jim Stevens to start a church. Their first meetings were held in a 7th Day Adventist church building, then grew to a middle school, then bought land in 1990 and built their own building. Since then, they’ve continued to thrive and grow. Current Lead Pastor, Billy Burch, who has led since 2012, has been with the church since nearly the beginning, starting as the Student Pastor in the early 1990s.


About The Director of Worship:

The Director of Worship has the important and exciting task of leading people into the presence of God. This happens primarily on Sunday mornings, where this person’s leadership and musical ability combine with the giftedness of others, under the power of the Holy Spirit, leading the congregation into an experience with God.

Other events, such as holidays, memorial services and special services which require elements of worship and music will also fall under this role. This person will provide leadership and oversight of our vocal and instrumental teams, and work alongside our other teams including audio, video, visuals and creative arts.

The Director of Worship will work alongside the Lead Pastor and Creative Director to foster a deeper love and appreciation for our great God. Intentional, truthful, and creative inspiration through song and other artistic elements are within the purview of the Worship Director.


The Director of Worship will:

  • Maintain your personal worship by growing in your walk with Jesus

  • Shepherd those on your team toward growth in Jesus

  • Plan the worship service in coordination with Lead Pastor and Creative Director

  • Weave all the elements of the worship service together ensuring thematic consistency, cultural appropriateness and theological accuracy

  • Recruit musicians and artists, and instill in them a God-oriented vision for their artistic gifts, and train them towards excellence in their craft

  • Build relationships and contacts with local musicians, clubs and studios for evangelistic and recruitment purposes

  • Establish a culture of timeliness and excellence within the worship ministry

  • Choose relevant and current songs and styles of worship

What you bring:


The ideal candidate will possess a worship/music-related degree or have equivalent experience.

Necessary Skills and Experience:

  • Have a clear calling of God to be a Worship Director

  • Can engage a large audience in vibrant, contemporary worship

  • A passion and a heart to work alongside, lead and grow volunteer teams

  • Aptitude and enthusiasm to learn new technologies in worship

  • Have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ

  • Demonstrate objective excellence as a singer and musician

  • Practical experience in worship leading

  • Possess a worship/music-related degree or have equivalent experience 

Abilities and requirements:

  • Fully agrees with CCC’s Statement of Faith and Core Values

  • Has a pastoral heart and desires to shepherd people through worship

  • Has an enthusiastic and energetic presence when leading worship

  • Has a relational, teachable and approachable demeanor

  • Has a 'finger on the pulse' of current worship trends

  • Has a basic understanding of current sound/music technology

  • Needs to be skilled in guitar and/or keyboard

  • Skilled in coordinating musicians and vocalists

  • Skilled in organization, team-building, and recruiting

  • Loves to have fun, work as a team and see lives transformed by Christ

What it's like to live in West Chester, PA:

West Chester, Pennsylvania is located in Chester County; an upscale, affluent, and culture heavy region of Pennsylvania with a diverse community and several decades of growth from a region of farm land to urban sprawl and a city feel.

West Chester is the best option for families to live: it has been voted a top ten or higher place for the past several years thanks in major part to its excellent schools, not just public and private primary education, but also with West Chester University just ten minutes away. More than that, West Chester has tons of recreational options for families, including sports leagues, clubs, and organizations backed financially by the generosity of the area. In the last few years, West Chester has been a magnet for families with young kids.

Major employers that bring business and jobs to the area include QVC, Comcast, Visa, government, tech, and pharmaceutical companies.

West Chester also offers a multitude of entertainment options, including five major sports teams, and central location to Manhattan and Washington, D.C., offering even more opportunities to catch a football, hockey, baseball, or basketball game from some of the biggest teams in the nation. Its central proximity to major cities also offers concerts, art museums, events, and more.

Price of Housing has a wide range depending on where you want to live. - most people either live in West Chester, Downingtown, Exton, Malvern or other surrounding suburbs of West Chester which are only 10 min from the church. The West Chester area is a great place to live, work and raise a family!

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