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Christ Community Church


Spring Creek, Nevada



Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 60

Location: Spring Creek, Nevada

The Role: Pastor


Meet Christ Community Church:

Christ Community is a non-denominational family church built on Christ. The mission of Christ Community Church is to know Christ and make Him known by sharing the Gospel with our church family, youth, local community and throughout the earth. We seek to grow deeper in relationship with Him daily, and to partner with other churches who desire the same, expectant that revival is on the horizon.


About the Pastor:

Christ Community Church seeks a shepherding pastor with management skills, complemented with team-building experience, who can strategically execute our vision. Thus, we seek a man whose preaching clearly shows the relevance of the gospel to people’s lives, who equips the saints for the work of ministry, and who is steadfast in prayer, convinced that power in the Lord’s work comes by God’s means and His blessing. Christ Community Church believes that God’s man will have a shepherd’s heart for family, congregation, and community. The ideal candidate has experience in living out the Christian faith in a family setting. He aligns with the pastoral qualifications found in Acts 20:28, 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4.

He works closely with the church elders and ministry leaders in the areas of worship, education, administration, stewardship, and outreach. He has a genuine love and concern for the members and enjoys providing pastoral care through prayer, wisdom, and guidance as he empowers and encourages them to live out their gifts in obedience to scripture. (Eph. 4:11-13).

The pastor responds to the needs of the congregation. He partners with the elders, staff, congregation, and our ecumenical community of believers. He leads and guides them in truth, grace, and unity as he works for the Lord. (Col. 1:18).


The Pastor Will: 


  • Minister the Gospel of Christ, encouraging spiritual growth and development in the Lord’s people.

  • Preach the Gospel in a clear, understandable manner, demonstrating its relevance and application to life, and consistent with Christ Community Church’s foundational Beliefs.

  • Connect with young adults and families to share Christ and seek to help them join into God’s Family at Christ Community Church.

Pastoral Care

  • As able, carry out a visitation ministry (i.e., nursing home, hospital, funeral, in-home, shut-ins). Be accessible to people in emergencies or urgent matters.

  • Encourage communication with our missionaries alongside our Missions Team.

  • Lead by example within worship, meetings, special prayer meetings, shut-ins, the sick and hospitalized, etc.

  • Counsel at a level of comfort and gifting.

  • Provide counsel to others in matters of faith, relationships, self-image, etc.

  • Provide support in times of grief, loss, sickness, trials.

  • Officiate weddings, funerals, and baptisms. As a service and witness to our community, if available, conduct funeral services for non-church families.


  • Manage pastoral and secretarial staff, in conjunction with the Elders. Attend Elder and Congregational meetings and provide a ministry report.

  • Support and encourage ministry staff.

  • Maintain office hours to be available to the congregation.


  • Help educate the congregation in Biblical stewardship from the pulpit and other means/venues.

  • Promote congregational benevolence and mission work.


  • Encourage the congregation to reach out to the unreached, unchurched, inactive members, neighbors, and new residents in our area.

  • Help welcome new members as they learn how to join the life of the congregation.

  • Encourage the congregation to support our missionaries and to step out in faith to take on new missionaries or become missionaries. (Matthew 28:19-20).

Overall Goals and Expectations

  • Help a multigenerational congregation become more secure in their walk with the Lord and grow the Family of God.

  • Help with development of volunteer and paid staff.

  • Continue to wisely use technology for online worship services, communications, and ministry.


What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Preference will be given to candidates with 3+ years of ministry experience.

  • Seminary or degree in biblical studies from an accredited Christian college is preferred.

  • Ample multimedia examples of preaching or teaching should be available.

Personal Characteristics

  • Personable and approachable

  • Good sense of humor

  • Good communicator and listener

  • Open to new ideas

  • Servant’s heart

  • Spiritually disciplined

  • Lifelong learner and have a teachable disposition


What it's Like to Live in Spring Creek, Nevada: 

Located in Elko County, situated in Northeastern Nevada, is Spring Creek. The area itself is considered to be the Elko Micropolitan Statistical Area that includes the Humboldt River Basin, the Snake River Basin, and the Central Nevada Desert Basins. Spring Creek is a small town known as a mining area and for its beautiful mountains since it is nestled in a valley between the Ruby Mountains and the Elko Hills. 

Just about twelve miles northwest of Spring Creek, you’ll find Elko, Nevada. Elko offers numerous outdoor recreational activities such as water sports, camping, hiking, golfing, fishing, and many more. There are also opportunities to shop and explore animal parks, aquariums, Northeastern Nevada Museum, and other local attractions. Overall, living in and near Spring Creek, Nevada, you will most definitely be surrounded by beautiful trails and mountains.

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