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Christ Community Church

Worship Arts Pastor

Tucson, Arizona

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Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,369

Location: Tucson, Arizona

The Role: The Worship Arts Pastor provides leadership for the Music Ministry as a whole, including the many volunteer teams required to carry out the weekly corporate worship of the church.


Meet Christ Community Church:

For over 60 years, Christ Community Church has been a place where people experience God's love, learn God's Word, and impact the world for God's glory.

Christ Community Church was established in 1952 by a traveling evangelist and five married couples. Its first building was located at 2555 North Stone Avenue. The church’s first outreach program was a radio ministry, which remained prominent in Tucson throughout the 1950s and 1960s. In 1972, the church vacated its Stone Avenue property and moved to the growing east side of Tucson. The church body contributed sacrificially toward the purchase of its present-day site in 1973 and the construction of an auditorium and classrooms in 1976. The present-day worship center was completed in 1988. The Family Life Center was constructed in two phases and completed in 2005.

Christ Community stands out in the Tucson community for its timeless commitment to expository preaching and upholding of sound doctrine. For more than six decades, people have been drawn to the church because of its uncompromising stand on the Bible. This is what makes Christ Community unique in Tucson, and to some extent, unique in all of the United States. In an era when the Christian worldview is collapsing in America, and so many churches are willing to compromise God’s Word, Christ Community has refused to yield from the Bible as its final authority in all matters.


About the Worship Arts Pastor:

Christ Community Church(CCC) is an elder-led, non-denominational church that draws 1,200 attendees to our two Sunday morning worship services. Musically, we aim to incorporate the best of hymnody and contemporary songs, and our worship services aim to make full use of Scripture reading, prayer, and congregational participation. Our weekly worship team is joined by our bi-monthly choir, monthly orchestra, regular youth involvement, and occasional children’s choir. The Worship Arts Pastor provides leadership for the Music Ministry as a whole, including the many volunteer teams required to carry out the weekly corporate worship of the church.


The Worship Arts Pastor Will: 

  • Shepherd, encourage, and provide leadership for an effective Music Ministry that is consistent with Christ Community Church’s doctrine and values, and develop systems that will foster a healthy, God-honoring worship ministry culture.

  • Plan and lead the weekly corporate worship services of Christ Community Church, working under the direction of, and in collaboration with, the Executive Pastor of Preaching.

  • Provide direction for, and work in collaboration with, the Choir Director, Orchestra Director, and Audio Director.

  • Coordinate and communicate weekly verbal and visual communication, announcements, and promotions in the Sunday morning worship services.

  • Recruit, develop, train, and encourage several volunteer teams which contribute to our corporate worship services, including the Worship Team (singers and musicians), Technical Team (lighting, slides, staging, equipment upkeep), Host Ministry (greeters, ushers, communion servers), and Prayer Team (post-service prayer and counsel).

  • Meet regularly with key leaders to evaluate, improve, plan, and encourage.

  • Provide creative and strategic leadership to the Worship and Creative Arts department of CCC, speaking into the overall vision and direction of CCC’s worship culture.

  • Under the direction of the Executive Pastor of Preaching, oversee the collaborative design of seasonal events (Christmas, Easter) and special worship services.

  • Schedule musicians and volunteers, lead weekly rehearsals, and provide timely musical support and clear communication.

  • Work together with the Executive Pastor of Preaching to regularly analyze CCC’s list of songs and hymns to ensure theological faithfulness, and to introduce the best new music that fits the church’s theology and values.

  • Develop current musicians and volunteers through ongoing training, feedback, mentoring, and pastoral encouragement.

  • Oversee and develop the Worship Arts budget with a view toward overall financial health in relevant ministry areas.


What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Robust musical and theological background and training. 

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in music or worship theology is preferred, though candidates with equivalent experience and training will be carefully considered.

  • Five years of ministry experience.

Personal Characteristics

  • Because this role is largely pastoral in nature, we are looking for someone who fulfills the qualifications of leadership listed in 1 Timothy 3. 

  • Proactively cares for the spiritual needs of those involved in the Worship Ministry, and he should encourage the spiritual wellbeing of the congregation as a whole.

  • Lives out CCC’s Philosophy of Worship:

    • The Worship Arts Pastor position would fit best with someone who not only agrees with our Statement of Faith and our overall ministry values as a church, but also aligns with our general philosophy of worship. 

  • Lives out the worship values of CCC, which aim to show our heart for congregational participation, theological faithfulness, and musical beauty: 

    • Congregational Participation – We recognize the congregation as the “lead instrument” in corporate worship.

    • As such, we try to avoid a “performance mentality” wherever possible (this affects our sanctuary and stage lighting choices, volume of music, choice of songs, and keys in which they are set).

    • Musical excellence – We aim to sing and play the best of church music with technical skill, precision, and beauty to the glory of God and in support of congregational engagement.

    • Musical diversity – We try to incorporate the best of ancient songs and new, hymnody and contemporary choruses, theologically “meaty” songs, and prayerful expressive refrains.

    • Unified services – Though we have two corporate worship services on Sunday mornings, we intentionally plan the same music for each, in order to promote unity, and avoid a “functional split” in our church based on musical style or preferences.

    • Leadership diversity – We welcome participation in our Music Ministry of men and women, young and old, and members of ethnic diversity, and we hope to see this diversity represented on the platform each Sunday.

    • Visual beauty, simplicity, and intentionality – We want our lighting, visuals, audio elements, and body language to be helpful, purposeful, and simple, not manipulative or distracting.

    • Theological richness – We try to only incorporate songs that are biblically faithful and lyrically helpful for praising our Triune God.

    • Theological flow – We intentionally order our songs, readings, and prayers in a “gospel structure,” which generally includes the following elements: Call to Worship, Adoration, Confession, Assurance, Thanksgiving, Petition, Proclamation, Response, and Benediction. Our overall worship pattern is “God revealed/we respond.”

    • Scripture centeredness – The Bible is the guide for and content of all that we read, sing, pray, and preach. We aim for a “Scripture-rich” worship experience.

    • Prayerfulness – We incorporate extemporaneous, planned, pastoral, and congregational prayers.

    • Pastoral intentionality – We aim to shepherd God’s people through our worship, modeling both the spirit and content of worship that pleases God.

    • Church calendar awareness – Though we do not follow a rigid church calendar approach, we do place special emphasis on Advent season leading to Christmas, and Holy Week leading up to Resurrection Sunday.

    • Trinitarian emphasis – Our songs, readings, and prayers recognize the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We worship God, through the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and we want this triune pattern to be evident in our worship.

    • Creativity – While we generally follow the “regulative principle” of worship, looking to root every element of our services in the direct or implied teaching of Scripture, we also hope to encourage and cultivate musical, visual, and technical creativity, utilizing artistic and creative elements wherever possible within the bounds laid out in Scripture.

  • Technical requirements: 

    • Strong vocal ability and mastery of a lead instrument such as guitar or piano.

    • General understanding of musical theory and technique that is used in choral and orchestral music (the Worship Arts Pastor will give overall leadership and support to the directors of the choir and orchestra as they lead their respective groups).

    • Familiarity with applicable technology (live audio, lighting, video, Planning Center).

    • Ability to lead effective rehearsals.


What it's Like to Live in Tucson, Arizona: 

Tucson, Arizona is a great place to settle down - it's very family-friendly and is considered a midsize city of almost a million people. It offers big city amenities with a smaller town feel. Today, Tucson is a sprawling metro area in southern Arizona, but it first began as a small town. It has expanded over the surrounding area of the region of Arizona it is located in, inviting new residents to enjoy a low cost of living and a nationally recognized excellent university. But it also hasn't forgotten its roots - there are many tangible and visible reminders of the region's history and culture, including historic sites, statues recognizing important moments in its history, and even a site of a Native American village where the name Tucson comes from. People from all walks of life can be found here, and their cultures have left an impression on Tucson. 

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a great place to check out, as it houses a combined zoo, museum, and botanical garden to help visitors learn all about Tucson's indigenous animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert. Tucson Symphony Orchestra and the Arizona Opera offer classical music buffs a creative escape into music for an evening as well, with many great and well-known performances coming to Tucson's theater and orchestra.

If you love the mountains and all the outdoor adventures that come with living nearby them, Tucson is a place you'll enjoy. Five ranges of minor mountains: the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Tortolita Mountains to the north, the Santa Rita Mountains to the south, the Rincon Mountains to the east, and the Tucson Mountains to the west make it a climber and hiker's dream. It's a happy city to be outside in too - Tucson has 286+ sunny days every year and jaw-dropping desert sunsets of pinks, oranges, and purples! 

Tucson is a great place to visit, and an even better place to call home.

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