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Christ Presbyterian Church

Senior Pastor

Edina, Minnesota



Denomination: Presbyterian - ECO

Weekly Attendance: 1,100

Location: Edina, Minnesota

The Role: The Senior Pastor is responsible for the provision of spiritual, pastoral, and administrative leadership for the congregation of CPC.


Meet Christ Presbyterian Church:

Christ Presbyterian Church (CPC) is a vibrant faith community with an evangelical staff and an intergenerational focus. There are approximately 60 staff and 4,000 members, with an average weekend attendance of 1,100 people. Started more than 60 years ago by a handful of families, Christ Presbyterian Church has grown into a faithful community with a vision to boldly extend the invitation Jesus makes to us, to everyone.

Over the past 60 years, CPC has experienced long-tenured leadership with only two senior pastors. Since our senior pastor retired in January 2019, the church has been stable and continues to thrive. We have been blessed with a transition pastor to oversee staff, and the staff has had the opportunity to preach regularly during this time. Our church recently completed extensive renovations and construction of a welcoming common space, a large gathering room and the children’s facilities.  This has been a blessing to the church and community.

CPC is a very welcoming church, uniquely seeking opportunities to open its doors and inviting many people from other churches and the surrounding communities to participate in mid-week programs. During the week there are upwards of 200 groups from within our church, other ministry programs, and community groups that use CPC as their home base. The largest Community Bible Study (CBS) in the country, and one of the largest Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) groups in the country meet at CPC weekly.  Additionally, CPC ministries for young moms, senior citizens, special needs worship, and support groups are attended by many CPC members and non-members alike. All of these, in addition to many other groups, provide weekday fellowship and spiritual growth opportunities.

CPC has a strong value and history of developing staff and members and sending them out to other ministries to follow the Lord’s calling to serve and build His Kingdom.


About the Senior Pastor:

We are seeking a Senior Pastor who is an effective biblical preacher able to lead, relate to and communicate to all generations.  The new Senior Pastor must be a committed believer with a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and who strives for continued spiritual growth for themselves, for the staff, and for the congregation.

The Senior Pastor is responsible for the provision of spiritual, pastoral, and administrative leadership for the congregation of CPC. This includes, but is not limited to, preaching/teaching, leading the senior leadership team, working with the Session to establish and implement a consistent vision for the church in this community, equipping the church for the various works of ministry, and developing the gifts, skills, and passions of the staff and congregation.

The Senior Pastor will: 

  • Serve as head of staff

  • Preaching/Order of Worship

    • Preach dynamic, expository messages rooted in the Gospel. The messages should have a strong application to daily life and be delivered with authenticity and humility to appeal to believers and seekers alike

    • Create a comprehensive preaching plan that ensures quality and consistency of sermons and worship services

  • Leadership/Development and Discipleship

    • Work with and through the Session to develop and maintain a compelling vision of God at work through CPC

    • Assist the Session and leadership groups in defining strategic goals at each ministry level

    • Provide leadership to the annual budgeting and stewardship process as well as capital campaigns as needed

  • Missions/Community Outreach

    • Support, promote and encourage the missions activities of CPC both in the local communities and around the world

  • Congregational Relations/Pastoral Care

    • Provide for the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the CPC community in partnership with staff, elders and deacons

    • Administer the sacraments in partnership with other ordained staff, elders and deacons

  • Professional Development

    • Devote time to spiritual, emotional, and physical development/well-being through the practice of the spiritual disciplines, through the use of spiritual directors or through any other support that has proven to be beneficial

    • Actively seek further professional development by attending courses, seminars and workshops

    • Set appropriate boundaries, work and sabbatical schedules, to avoid physical/mental fatigue and professional burn-out


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

  •   A relevant Biblical graduate degree (ie, MDiv, DMin, THd)

  •   10+ years in church ministry

  •   5+ years in church leadership

  •   Experience serving at a church of similar size to CPC

  •   Experience preaching regularly

  •   Experience casting a vision and growing a ministry

Personal Characteristics

  • Passionately loves Jesus and His Church

  • Exemplifies a strong, irresistible, personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Knows and preaches Jesus as the only answer for the brokenness in their own life, in the lives of the CPC family and in this world

  •  Has a prayerful reliance on God in all things

  • Models faithful love and devotion to their family

  • A gifted communicator able to bring the Gospel to life

  • Embodies a strong leadership gift and inspires the staff and congregation to grow the kingdom for Christ

  • Gifted at building relationships

  • Has the ability to develop a culture of trust, openness, collaboration, and mutual respect

  • Fosters an environment that promotes spiritual and professional growth and builds motivated, high-performing teams

  • Discerns when to lead and when it’s right to elevate others to lead

  • Enjoys engaging with all generations

  • Handles potentially divisive issues with courage, wisdom, discernment and grace from God


What it's like to live in Edina, Minnesota: 

Edina is a first-ring suburb of 48,000 residents, immediately southwest of Minneapolis. It offers one of the top school districts in the state, a strong tight-knit community, many parks and trails to explore, and a vibrant downtown district. There is one high school in Edina, which helps create a strong sense of local pride and connection among the residents. The Edina Aquatic Center and Arts Center are favorites in the community. Edina has a strong Community Education Center that offers many programs for youth and adults.

Edina is centrally located within the Twin Cities (the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area). This provides many opportunities for a broad array of interests. The Twin Cities is home to major and minor league sports teams, has a rich arts and theatre culture, has one of the most extensive trail networks and parks per capita in the country, and has an abundance of lakes within the city for recreational enjoyment. Living in the Twin Cities provides access to a large, leading healthcare network, many local colleges and universities, and a stable job market being the headquarters for many large companies (such as Target, UnitedHealth Group, Best Buy, General Mills, 3M, Cargill and EcoLab).  

Minnesota offers the enjoyment of four distinct seasons and all the associated activities. Minnesotans are very active in all seasons: biking, fishing, boating, hunting, skating, and golfing to name a few. There are many festivals (cultural, art, food, holiday) year-round and the State Fair is a big event each year. Just hours away are endless shorelines to explore along Lake Superior, the Boundary Waters, and the 10,000 lakes that make Minnesota famous.

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