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Christ's Community Fellowship Church

Senior Pastor

Vega, TX




Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance:  200

Location: Vega, TX

The Role: Senior Pastor

IMG_4984Meet Christ's Community Fellowship Church:

In the late 1990’s, God began to move in a new way in the Vega area.  A stirring of the Spirit of God was moving in ways that had never been felt before.  Several people began to feel that God was calling them to a new level of ministry, a ministry that would include the birth of a new church for this area. Christ Community Fellowship was born, with the hope being a place to walk through life together.

Christ’s Community Fellowship looks forward to what God has in store for this body of believers. We also look forward with excitement as we continue to be  dedicated to fulfilling our purpose and striving to grow the Kingdom of God locally, by providing a place where believers can walk through life together, and globally in our support of mission work throughout the world.  The Elders of CCF are committed and submissive to the Holy Spirit of God and to His direction.  CCF was born out of a vision from God to serve this community and the world.  It will continue to flourish and grow as long as its people and the leadership submit to the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit of God. 


About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor will be responsible to receive, communicate and execute the vision of Christ’s Community Fellowship with the confirming authority of the Board of Elders of Christ’s Community Fellowship. As the singular head of the church he will be charged with leading the staff and congregation as the primary function of his work according to that vision.

IMG_3798The Senior Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

Pastoral Responsibilities

  • Encourage & Equip the members of CCF for works of service by implementing Dream Team

  • Minister to the congregation through regular preaching and teaching from God’s Word.

  • Be available to shepherd the congregation through life events by performing weddings, baptisms, and funerals for church members when possible. The pastor should also train other pastors or elders to perform these duties in his stead.

  • Be available for counseling church members through difficult circumstances, but will be encouraged to refer members for professional counseling when necessary.

  • Be available for emergencies within the congregation when the need arises and maintain means for notification for emergencies.

Apostolic Ministry

  • Network locally with other like-minded Pastors to work together for the advancement of the ministry in Oldham Co.

  • Network regionally with other Senior Leaders for prayer support and ministry collaboration by attending the Trinity Fellowship Association of Churches (TFAC) Monthly Coaching Group.

  • Network nationally with Senior Pastors for ministry collaboration, continuing education and ministry best practices for problem solving by attending TFAC’s Annual Senior Pastor Round Table.

Executive Responsibilities (Government)

  • Serve as President of the Board of Elders by meeting regularly (bi-weekly to monthly) with the elders to pray for the needs of the congregation, review financials, discuss any church discipline issues, and deliberate pressing issues that affect the life of the church.

  • Annually present Budget for next fiscal year necessary for confirmation.

  • Organize two social/spiritual formation functions a year for Elders and wives.

Executive Responsibilities (Administration)

  • Annually lead the staff through a strategic planning process for the next fiscal year.

  • Annually craft a budget to execute a strategic plan with staff to present to the Board of Elders.

  • Meet monthly with staff to review and execute the annual strategic plan.

  • Oversee finances of the church by working with the Treasurer to process payroll, plan annual budget, report annual giving statements to the congregation, conduct annual business meeting for the congregation and manage all accounts payable/receivable.

  • Annually organize one staff retreat for continuing education and/or spiritual renewal.

  • Annually review each staff member and provide evaluation based on their overall part of the strategic plan and their annual goals.

  • Conduct recruiting, hiring and termination as needed of staff personnel.

IMG_4981What You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Senior Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • 3+ years of relevant ministry experience

  • Experience in a comparable position accepted

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Visionary Leader

  • Strong Preacher and Communicator

  • Relational and Approachable

  • Transparent and Authentic

  • Grace-Filled and Humble

  • Multi-Generational Appreciation

  • Prayerful and Spirit-Filled

  • Family Oriented and Community Minded

  • Energetic Self Starter

  • Compassionate with Emotional IQ

  • Mission and Outreach Focus

  • Trustworthy and a Meaningful Change Agent

  • Teachable and a Learner

  • Tech Savvy

  • Fun and has a Sense of Humor

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Fulfill the character and leadership qualifications set forth by Board of Elders and outlined by CCF bylaws.

  • Seek the Lord daily through personal prayer and study in the Word in order to develop a closer relationship with Jesus.

  • Be a pastor to his own family as a priority over the congregation as a whole by being diligent to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife and children.

  • Be an example to believers.

  • Be accountable to the elders of CCF both personally and professionally.

IMG_3799What it's Like to Live in Vega, TX: 

Vega is a city and county seat of Oldham County, Texas located on the original alignment of Route 66. It is known as "Crossroads of the Nation" due to its significance on U.S. Highway 66, and "The Solar Capital of Texas" because it is one of the top seven sunniest places in the U.S.

Vega is a farming and ranching community that has strong family values and is conservative by nature. Public education in the city of Vega is provided by the Vega Independent School District.  In recent years, the district has had a total enrollment of between 250 and 300 students. The school system is highly accredited and sought after. It is a wonderful place to raise a family.

Vega’s community and surrounding area is  filled with a good mix of older and younger families who are friendly and sociable. It is a safe and welcoming community with close access to mountain areas in New Mexico. Vega is 30 minutes away from Amarillo, TX.

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