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The Church at Rocky Peak

Single Adult Pastor


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Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 3,000

Location: Chatsworth, California

The Role: The purpose of the Single Adult Pastor  is to start, build and lead a large and effective ministry for single adults (35 and older) that shares and is aligned with the vision and values of Rocky Peak. 


Meet The Church at Rocky Peak:

In the summer of 1977, 325 visionary believers launched a new church to reach the San Fernando Valley. They had no pastor and no place to call their own, but felt God calling them to step out in faith to launch a movement. For the first few years they bounced from location to location but as they served together and sought God’s will for their lives, over the next 20 years they  purchased nearly 126 acres of property in Chatsworth, CA. This location would become known as The Church at Rocky Peak.

In the spring of 2005, Michael Yearley was called to serve as the church’s Lead Pastor. In the search process, he was asked what his vision was for the church and he replied that vision isn’t something we create. It is something we discover and receive from God by listening and then following. The church elders and leadership would spend the next several years seeking after what God was calling them to do and what it meant to pursue God with a full heart, experience Him in worship, and be transformed to be like him in our relationships. They wanted to share the message of Christ in new and creative ways with those who didn’t know him. 

Over the last four decades, God has led them in an amazing journey of transformation. The vision He has given The Church at Rocky Peak is to unleash a movement of passionate Christ-followers who are pursuing God, loving people, serving sacrificially and sharing Christ. They are excited to see where He is going to lead as they continue to listen and follow as He charts a course toward  future transformation. 


About the Single Adult Pastor:

Singles Pastor

To shepherd our single adults (primarily over 35) through monthly large group meetings, weekly Life Groups, and regular social events, with the intent  to challenge, encourage, care for, and connect with them—in a way that leads to life transformation.

Pastoral Care

To provide pastoral care which will include, but not limited to: coordinating and facilitating core courses, crisis counseling, prayer, weddings, memorial services, conflict resolution, etc.

Special Assignment

To provide leadership or teaching in some other ministry based on gifts and passions. For example, this might involve leading a video venue, overseeing a ministry, serving as a teaching pastor, etc.  

The Single Adult Pastor will: 

  • Serve as one of Rocky Peak’s primary culture creators and carriers. To model our vision, values, strategies, and Cultural Code in a way that inspires, instructs, and encourages our entire team.

  • Launch and build a new single adult ministry that includes monthly large group meetings, weekly Life Groups, and regular social events that lead to life transformation and community for single adults over the age of 35. This will require a gifted leader who can build strong teams of high capacity volunteers.

  • Create and maintain a culture of relational health and sexual purity in the single adult community.

  • Provide strong, biblically based, contextually sound, and relevant teaching for single adults.

  • Develop, and oversee healthy, growing Life Groups for single adults (as a member of our Life Group team).

  • Shepherd the single Life Group leaders to ensure that they are equipped, supported, and encouraged to lead and multiply healthy Life Groups.

  • Work with the Life Group Team to achieve our goal of having 80% of our weekend adult attendees in each Life Groups session.

  • Work with the Life Group team to develop effective Life Group Gatherings and Trainings that envision and equip our leaders.

  • Provide effective pastoral care so that people feel built up, encouraged, equipped, challenged and loved. This will include crisis counseling, prayer, weddings, memorial services, conflict resolution, etc.

  • Provide strong leadership for the area of an identified “Special Assignment.”


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

The preferred candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and some biblical or theological training. A seminary degree is not required but is a great bonus. 

Experience in a larger church setting, leading and teaching in some capacity is necessary for this role. Singles Ministry experience is not required but is a great bonus. The ideal candidate will have strong leadership gifts and progressive experience teaching and leading. The ideal candidate will have an understanding or background in a church similar in size and culture to Rocky Peak. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Spiritual Integrity – Someone who is a passionate Christ-follower and living out the vision, values and cultural code of Rocky Peak. 

  • Strong Character – Someone with deep integrity who is committed to doing the right thing regardless of the cost. A leader with great courage, humility and compassion. Someone who is approachable and open to feedback.  Someone who is motivated more by his love for Christ and others than by personal gain, recognition, or ego. If married, someone with a strong marriage and family.

  • Biblically Orthodox – Someone with a high view of Scripture (inerrancy) and an orthodox view human sexuality and gender. While not an issue of orthodoxy, we lean towards a more complementarian view for leadership roles.

  • Hunger & Passion – Someone who is self-motivated and has a hunger and passion to make a difference.  A high achiever with grit.

  • Gifted Leadership  – Someone who is a gifted leader and excellent large group communicator.  Someone with strong organizational leadership skills and experience. Someone who is smart and knows how to get things done.

  • Strong People Skills – Someone who is gifted at reading and relating to others.  Someone with strong emotional intelligence (empathy, intuition, discernment, etc.).  Someone who is quick to move toward conflict and able to resolve it effectively. Someone who is a good listener and who can communicate clearly both one on one and in small group settings.  Someone who knows how to share the right things, at the right time, with the right people, in the right way.

  • Consistent Execution – Someone who is gifted at strategizing, planning, organizing, scheduling, and executing.  Someone who can get things done and create a culture of consistent execution in his teams.


What it's like to live in Chatsworth, California: 

The church is located right on the border of the San Fernando and Simi Valleys, with Chatsworth on one side, and most of the staff living in the quieter, suburban bedroom community of Simi Valley. The church itself is located in Chatsworth, California.

Bounded by Canoga Park, Porter Ranch, Northridge, and some unincorporated territories in the San Fernando Valley, Chatsworth is a diverse neighborhood in the Los Angeles area. Chatsworth sits south of the 118 freeway, and it’s noted for having one of the lowest population densities in the city.

While Los Angeles might offer residents the benefits of urban living, many homebuyers who choose to live in Chatsworth enjoy it’s tranquil and rural atmosphere. Even though Chatsworth doesn’t provide much in terms of a thriving nightlife or luxury shopping, most residents enjoy the neighborhood’s natural beauty.

The bulk of residents living in Chatsworth include retirees, families, professionals, and students. 

Chatsworth is tranquil and serene, and it’s normal to hear the sounds of nature. Due to the neighborhood’s low-density population and spacious terrain, locals avoid dealing with the frustrating sounds of traffic congestion. 

Chatsworth has worked to become more family-friendly, focusing on its strengths, such as it’s rich history, welcoming community, and its lush, natural environment.

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