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Corinth Reformed Church

Teaching Pastor

Byron Center, MI

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Denomination: Affiliated w/ ARC (Alliance of Reformed Church)

Weekly Attendance:  300

Location: Byron Center, MI

The Role:  Teaching Pastor

Corinth Reformed Church BuildingMeet Corinth Reformed Church:

Corinth Reformed Church is a well-established church, in the reformed tradition, serving their community just 15 minutes south of downtown Grand Rapids, MI. 

Over the years, Corinth Reformed Church has seen strong growth and has had a regional presence. As the church grew, land was purchased, and a new facility was constructed to serve the congregation. Soon after, the new facility was overflowing and a new worship center, gym, additional classrooms, and more office space was added in 2005.

In 2022, the congregation voted to leave the RCA and join the Alliance of Reformed Churches (ARC). By the grace of God Corinth Reformed Church continues to grow in a casual atmosphere - where all are welcome just as they  are. Through contemporary worship & relevant teaching, strong growth with young families, a dynamic local and international and mission focus, and ministries  for every member of the family, Corinth Reformed Church continues its strong presence and fruitful ministry in the community.

About the Teaching Pastor:

The Teaching Pastor is a first-chair leader who serves the church as a co-leader with the Shepherding Pastor and will specifically serve as the primary preacher in worship services and design and implement the comprehensive system for discipleship. In addition, the Teaching Pastor will assist with other pastoral duties. 

Corinth Reformed Church Sanctuary  The Teaching Pastor Responsibilities Include: 

Preaching and Worship: The Teaching Pastor will serve as the primary preacher in worship services (approximately three Sundays per month).

  • Plans the preaching calendar (Sunday and seasonal worship services) for each quarter (minimally) in collaboration with the Shepherding Pastor.

  • Prepares sermons grounded in and driven by the biblical text, through which he will invite hearers to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and to incarnate the message of the biblical text. 

  • Collaborates with the Creative and Technical Director in planning and leading worship services that invites a multigenerational congregation to respond to God’s person and work. 

  • Schedule other speakers to preach on those occasions (Sunday and seasonal worship services) when he steps aside to allow the congregation to hear another voice. 

  • Assists the other pastor and staff with worship, sacraments, teaching, pastoral care, weddings, funerals, etc. 

Discipleship: The Teaching Pastor will design and implement a comprehensive system for discipleship keeping in mind what discipleship will look like for all levels and group size.

 The goal of Discipleship is to facilitate  growth in faith, love for God, love for others, and to produce true life transformation in the body of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Develops pathways for the congregation to engage the community of faith.

  • Recruits, develops, evaluates and supports leaders involved in areas of adult ministries.

  • Collaborates with the Director of Family Ministries to create and implement a holistic ministry of discipleship for all ages. 

  • Equips believers to discover, develop, and deploy their God-given gifts. 

  • Enables believers to embrace  their identity in Christ and continue to grow by taking their next step by faith. 


  • Meets with the Shepherding Pastor on a regular basis.

  • Attends all consistory meetings and assists the Shepherding Pastor and Vice President of Consistory in setting the agenda for each meeting.

  • Undertakes other duties and projects as needed.


  • The Teaching Pastor and Shepherding Pastor will function under a shared leadership structure leading Christ’s church together under the authority of the consistory.

  • The co-leaders roles will be based on their specific giftings and skills and will complement each other in ministry.

  • Each co-leader will hold a position on the consistory and have equal authority to each other (the Shepherding Pastor will hold the official position of president of the board).

Corinth Reformed Church Baby DedicationWhat You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Teaching Pastor:

Education & Experience

A Master of Divinity Degree or a Master of Arts in Theology is required; and 7-10  years of experience is desired. 

Personal Characteristics and Qualifications

  • Conforms in public and private to the qualifications for leaders found in 1 Timothy 3:1-15 (also see 1 Timothy 4:7-8, 11; 6:6-12; 2 Timothy 2:9-10).

  • Strives to live a life worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ growing in the likeness of our Lord and Savior. 

  • A  servant leader, demonstrating both the experience of grace from Jesus and extending that grace and respect to each member of the staff, setting the tone and example for team ministry.

  • Student of the Bible, theology, ministry (especially leadership and congregational administration), culture, community, and Corinth Reformed Church.

  • Affinity in the current mission of Corinth Reformed Church, live out the mission in their daily lives, and prioritize the health and success of the church above their own personal success.

  • Respect and care for the other co-leader including holding one another accountable in life and in ministry.

  • Team player displaying the willingness to collaborate and support one another in each distinct role.

  • Ability to collaborate with staff, congregants, community and denominational partners.

  • Visionary (forward thinking, pioneer) helping to push Corinth Reformed Church forward with new initiatives and into new territory. 

  • Willingness to teach & offer wisdom out of a spirit of love.

  • Emotionally and spiritually mature displaying the fruits of the Spirit.

Corinth Reformed Church GatheringWhat it's Like to Live in Byron Center, MI: 

Corinth Reformed Church is located on the suburban/rural border (Gaines Township) of Grand Rapids.  

Grand Rapids is the 2nd largest city in the state of Michigan and features several cultural amenities including: Frederick Meijer Gardens, John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids Public Museum, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids Children's Museum to name a few.  Grand Rapids also has VanAndel Arena and DeVos Hall that host large scale concerts, Broadway productions, and sporting events.  Additionally, the area is home to a thriving medical community anchored by its “Medical Mile” including several large health care organizations.  

Corinth Reformed Church is located in the Byron Center School District– home to Blue Ribbon Schools.  There are also highly acclaimed Christian schools in the area as well. Gaines Township, Michigan is a 15-minute drive  to downtown Grand Rapids, 40 minutes to Kalamazoo, 40 minutes to the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline and 60 minutes to Lansing, the capital of Michigan.


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