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Lead Pastor

Odessa, Texas

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Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 2,762

Location: Odessa, Texas

The Role: The Lead Pastor at CROSSROADS Church will be a highly gifted teacher responsible for communicating God’s Word in a compelling and relevant fashion.



CROSSROADS Church is a non-denominational church started more than 75 years ago in a storefront in downtown Odessa, Texas. The first Lead Pastor was Curtis Thorpe, who led the growing congregation for 40 years.  His son, Jerry Thorpe, served as co-pastor and Lead Pastor for a total of 35 years. In 1988, Griff Jones came on staff as an Associate Pastor and grew in his leadership and influence. With the consensus of the church, Griff became the Lead Pastor in the fall of 2000. 

CROSSROADS Church believes that lost people matter to God and therefore matter to the church. They are a diverse church reaching multiple generations for Christ. They exist for the purpose of connecting people with Jesus Christ and helping them become fully devoted followers of Him. Their vision is to be a biblically functioning community of believers so that Christ’s redemptive purposes can be accomplished in the world. Rather than growing in one location and building bigger buildings, CROSSROADS Church aims to reach the unchurched in multiple locations. We strive to be the church outside of the walls of our buildings, aiming to serve our community. We partner with 5 community organizations, and work to connect our small groups to community service projects. We are #ForTheBasin!

About the Lead Pastor:

The Lead Pastor at CROSSROADS Church will first and foremost be a highly gifted teacher. Communicating God’s Word in a compelling and relevant fashion while maintaining integrity to the text is job number one. He will be supported by a gifted teaching team, and that team will be at his disposal. In doing so, he will strive to champion the mission of CROSSROADS Church, while offering a strong foundation of leadership, strategic foresight, and a spiritual perspective to the future of the church. This man will be skilled in leveraging the influence of the leadership, staff, and volunteer teams, to further the mission of making more and better disciples.

The prospective candidate will have proven experience, either as a Lead Pastor or an executive level staff member from a larger church. They will ideally have a history of leading healthy teams and growing churches. They will possess a natural eye for excellence and lead with a player-coach mentality. The successful candidate for the position of Lead Pastor will carry a disposition of authenticity, which will be evidenced through their life, leadership, and teaching.


The Lead Pastor will: 

  • Connect with the congregation by being a Lead Pastor who is trusted, well received, and beloved. 

  • Communicate God’s Word through a blend of biblical teaching that stays true to the text while giving everyday application.

  • Fulfill the mission of making more and better disciples for Jesus. 

  • Create an environment for financial generosity to increase through motivation and encouragement of the congregation.

  • Foster a healthy and thriving staff-to-Lead Pastor relationship, where the staff feels like the Lead Pastor is approachable and accessible, and feels resourced and supported by their senior leadership. 

  • Create ways to leave a lasting impact on the community and the church, through preaching, teaching, leadership, and other missional and ministry objectives. 

  • Manage the staff well, utilizing supportive staff structures that he deems helpful.


What you bring:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Lead Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • A bachelor’s degree is required. 

  • A graduate degree with a strong background in Biblical and Theological studies is preferred.

  • At least ten years or more of leadership experience. 

  • Experience teaching 15 to 20 times a year in a multisite church environment or similar church in size (1,500 to 2,000 attendees) and culture as CROSSROADS Church. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Is an excellent Bible teacher.

  • Is a visionary leader.

  • Is a theological match with the church and has a chemistry that “fits” with the culture of CROSSROADS Church. 

  • Is motivated and excited by the goals for growth in ministry.

  • Has a passion for the lost.

  • Has a strong, long-standing spiritual journey with God, evidenced by a regular devotional life.

  • Has a depth of connectedness with God which is reflected through what flows out when teaching, speaking, and leading.

  • Is committed to maintaining a high sense of integrity in doing “what is right,” regardless of what it may cost.

  • Is an ongoing, lifelong learner.

  • Has a commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture in handling everyday situations.

  • Values the leadership and staff culture of the church.

  • Leads through consensus and collaboration.


What it's like to live in Odessa, Texas : 

Odessa is known for its unique West Texas culture, the legion of oil rigs that stand on top of dusty plains, and Friday Night Lights, a book and film based on one of the town’s high school football teams. Yet there’s more to this West Texas town than meets the eye. Spend some time here and you'll discover more than a few surprises, such as a working re-creation of William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a replica of Stonehenge, and the second largest meteor crater in the United States. Not only that, but the Midland-Odessa area also has a thriving arts scene with top-class performers and a world-class performing arts center. All of these elements combine to make Odessa and the Permian Basin a destination that has something to offer everyone.

Although Odessa is a truly modern city, it still retains its cowboy spirit. Experience it for yourself at the Sandhills Stock Show and Rodeo, one of Odessa’s premier events that features a rodeo, livestock show, a competitive horse show, and plenty of live country music. When you’re ready to hang up your cowboy hat, catch a performance at the Globe of the Great Southwest, the aforementioned recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre located on the campus of Odessa College. The Permian Playhouse is another theater in Odessa that produces a wide variety of plays and musicals throughout most of the year. Meanwhile, the Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale has much to offer you music lovers out there.

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