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Crossroads Church

Spiritual Growth Pastor

Douglasville, Georgia



Denomination: Nondenominational SBC

Weekly Attendance: 2500

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

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The role: The Spiritual Growth Pastor is responsible for helping people at Crossroads get connected into relational discipleship environments where they can experience the abundant life found in Christ.


Meet Crossroads Church: 

We exist to help people experience the abundant life found in Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly." – John 10:10

Jesus tells us that there are three relationships that have to be in balance for life to work. God is the one who always comes first. He gives meaning and direction to the other two relational circles - loving self and loving others. The key to the truly abundant life is relying on Jesus to balance all three of our relational circles. When we learn from Him how to grow and live life in balance, we can enjoy the rich and satisfying life we long for. And we understand how every single aspect of life - our relationships, our work, our wealth, our family and our mission in life is for the purpose of showing how amazing and wonderful He is. At Crossroads Church, we are committed to helping every person experience the full and satisfying life God has created us to live.




About the Spiritual Growth Pastor: 

The effective Spiritual Growth Pastor will achieve the following goals during the first 12 months of work:

Mission critical responsibilities

  • Proactively communicate, support, and fulfill the vision, values, purposes, and goals of the church

  • Maintain open and frequent communication with senior staff, associate staff, administrative staff, volunteer team leaders, and members

Role specific responsibilities


  • Oversee the entire small group process, including interest groups, community groups, discipleship groups, and youth small groups.

  • Develop a system that is providing consistent onramps to group life that engages people at different levels of spiritual growth.

  • Create and execute events through group demographics such as men, women, and married events.


  • Develop and lead the missions staff to help coordinate all local, domestic, and international efforts.

  • Give oversight to all mission-related ministries alongside the leadership of the Missions Pastor.

Training and development:

  • Identify and utilize strategies to recruit and empower volunteers throughout the spiritual growth process.

  • See that all leaders receive encouragement, care, and support.

  • Oversee training and development of all leaders in the spiritual growth process.

  • Develop and execute weekly online leader development through our web avenues.

  • Meet monthly with leaders to continue to lead and develop.


  • Collaborate with the teaching team on message series calendar and series content.

  • Communicate in the adult environment during assigned weekends.

New believers:

  • Oversee new believer assimilation process, including decision, follow-up, and baptism.

  • Oversees discipleship groups.

  • Oversee the spiritual growth plan and help connect people to community, serving, and missions.

Other responsibilities:

  • Oversee our pastoral Care Ministry, which includes, but not limited to, visitations, prayer, and general care for our church.

  • Perform all other duties as assigned by senior staff members.

  • Honor God and Crossroads Church with a servant heart lived out in job, ministry, and lifestyle.

  • Adhere to the Crossroads Church Staff Values and Staff Statement of Ethics.


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will likely have a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree or theological training is a great bonus but is not required. 

The ideal candidate will have seven to ten years of experience in a progressive leadership role, with some experience in a pastoral role as well as at a large church similar in size and culture to Crossroads Church. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Has strong leadership abilities to include coaching, direction, career development, influence, and strategic development. 

  • Is well rounded, skills wise, and can speak into each role on the team. 

  • Has a strong commitment to personal time with God every day, and is committed to ongoing spiritual, personal, and professional growth.

  • Has interpersonal skills that enable effective collaboration with other ministry leaders and staff.

  • Has strong organizational skills.

  • Has a primary bend towards people, and a secondary bend towards systems. 

  • Has a good sense of humor and is able to laugh at themselves. 

  • Can navigate conflict well but doesn’t seek it out. 

  • Has emotional intelligence and humility. 

  • Is a high capacity worker who empowers their team, not controls or micromanages. 

  • Is fun and likes to have fun with the team. An extroverted personality will work great in this work environment.

  • Has a good theological understanding of the Scriptures.

  • Is a relational leader who can develop others into leadership.

  • Can take initiative. 


What it's like to live in Douglasville, Georgia: 

Douglasville, GA

Just a few miles west of downtown Atlanta, Douglasville is a welcoming city with a friendly, small-town atmosphere and entertainment that emulates big-town fun. While the city continues to grow, Douglasville uniquely preserves its signature hometown feel. It’s close to the big city amenities of Atlanta, but has a good cost of living and a great family feel. 

Located at a natural rise in the topography, Douglasville was originally known as Skint Chestnut, a name derived from a large tree stripped of its bark and used by Native Americans and traders as a trail marker. Downtown Douglasville is a nationally designated Main Street city and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

While the city continues to grow, Douglasville uniquely preserves its signature hometown feel. With its unique history, a healthy night life, year round events and activities, and regionally recognized restaurants Downtown Douglasville aims to be the heart and soul of our community where families and friends can congregate to work, live, and play.

Douglasville is a community where you feel like you can get to know people- small enough to get to know people, but close to all the action in Atlanta. It is truly a great place to call home! 

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