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Dogwood Church

Director of Student Ministry

Peachtree City, Georgia


Weekly Attendance: 1300+

Denomination / Affiliation: Southern Baptist 

Location: Peachtree City, GA

Dogwood Church exists to make more followers of Christ who love God and love people here and around the world. It is a purpose driven Southern Baptist Church that has served Christ and enriched the lives of people for over 30 years. Located in the Atlanta, Georgia suburbs of Fayette County, Dogwood is a growing 30-year old missional, theologically conservative, evangelical church with a weekly attendance of 1,300+. They have 2,500+ members and regular-attendees who call Dogwood their faith family.

Dogwood willingly cooperates in the work of God’s Kingdom with churches affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Willow Creek Association, the Purpose-Driven Community, and other churches of the Christian faith in order to fulfill the Great Commandment and Great Commission.

Here is an overview of the Student Ministry at Dogwood Church.

Dogwood Church, is seeking a Director of Student Ministry to oversee all aspects of ministry for students 6th grade through 12th grade. This position has responsibility to set the vision and execute a ministry plan to bring students to faith in Jesus Christ and into membership in the Dogwood family; to help them grow in their faith, serve in meaningful ministry, and share Christ where they live, work and play. The Director of Student Ministry is expected to get things done by engaging, developing, deploying, and sustaining an ever-increasing team of volunteers.

A bachelor’s degree is required, while a seminary degree is preferred for this role. The ideal candidate will possess at least 3 to 5 years experience as a Director of Student Ministry, and achieve the following goals during the first 24 months of work:

  1. Establish a strong volunteer team with the appropriate volunteer to student ratios.
  2. Double the ministry in size and health.
  3. Create an environment that students and parents are raving about.
  4. Generate enthusiasm among volunteers in the ministry so that they have a desire to recruit other adults.
  5. Lead the ministry to reach students to make a profession of faith and follow through with believer’s baptism.
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Peachtree City is an award-winning master planned community located just south of Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1959 by a group of real estate developers, the city is home to a diverse population and provides the best in residential areas, commercial areas, and community services to its citizens. Known as the "the most successful planned community in the nation," Peachtree City is home to both domestic and international companies, many of which are situated in the 2,600-acre industrial park. Some of those major businesses in include Cooper Lighting, Fitel Interconnectivity, Hoshizaki-America, Panasonic, and TDK. Peachtree City and members of the community have been recognized both regionally and nationally for a variety of achievements among many others:

  • 2015 Best Cities for Women Entrepreneurs - com
  • 2015 Best Small Cities for Working Parents - Nerdwallet.com
  • Georgia's Best Place to Raise Kids 2013- BusinessWeek, 2012
  • Top 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S. - CNN/Money Magazine, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013          
  • Top 10 Cities for Families - Family Circle Magazine, 2011
  • Georgia's Best Affordable Suburb - BusinessWeek, 2009

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