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Emergence Church

Worship Director

Totowa, New Jersey

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Denomination: Nondenominational/ Independent

Weekly Attendance: 1800

Location: Totowa, New Jersey

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The role: The Worship Director (or pastor, if licensed or ordained) at Emergence is responsible for supporting the vision of Emergence by ensuring strong discipleship, administration, team cultivation, recruitment/development, and creative production in the music ministry across all campuses of the church.


Meet Emergence Church:

Emergence Church began in 2006 as a multi-site campus of Jacksonville Chapel in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. It began as an effort to bring the gospel to people who were not previously connected to church culture. With an emphasis on bringing the hope of Jesus to those who don't know Him, walking through the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse, and a heart for multiplication of churches and disciples, Emergence became a generationally diverse and culturally eclectic place to explore the truth of Jesus. 

In December 2011, Emergence moved to a new location in Totowa, New Jersey. This move was coupled with a decision to plant Emergence as an independent church, fully realizing the name the church has always carried: a new church "emerged" on January 1, 2012. With God's continued grace and kindness, the church continued to grow until it reached capacity in the new location somewhere around 2014. Putting out the "no vacancy" sign has never been an option. So, in 2014, in an effort to create more space, as well as provide a gathering for people driving from far away for services, Emergence launched its second location in Ridgewood, New Jersey. This was followed by the launch of two more additional campuses.

The great joy of this local church is people changed by Jesus. In just a handful of years, by God's grace, we have had the joy of witnessing over 500 baptisms, new churches planted, new sites launched, and countless people have been encouraged to pursue Jesus. The great prayer is for more Jesus... more life. 


About the Worship Director:

The Worship Director (or pastor, if licensed or ordained) at Emergence is responsible for supporting the vision of Emergence by ensuring strong discipleship, administration, team cultivation, recruitment/development, and creative production in the music ministry across all campuses of the church.

The Worship Director will: 

The effective Worship Director will achieve the following goals:

  • Experience full integration into the life and ministries of Emergence Church.

  • Have a growing relationship with staff, ministry teams, and congregation.

  • See sustained and continued development and mentoring of the worship team.

  • See growth in volunteer base. 

  • Use creativity in designing the worship experiences, music sets, songwriting, and music arrangements. 

  • Display tangible and demonstrated growth in excellence in the worship department.   

Ministry Responsibilities 

  • Oversee leading worship for weekend and special services

  • Work in conjunction with the Creative Director for development of all visuals used during services

  • Develop, implement, and maintain systems of expanding and maintaining the worship teams across all campuses, working alongside campus worship leaders

  • Shepherd and mentor staff and volunteers serving in the worship ministry.

  • Seek to develop personal gifts related to the accomplishing of role

  • Engage in an “apprenticeship” model of discipleship and ministry, inviting others to work alongside you to develop them as leaders in the ministry

  • Network with others in similar roles at other churches to develop relationships and learn new best practices

  • Work with Executive Team and Weekend Experience Department to select songs and arrangements for services and develop them into a worship flow for each service at least ten days in advance.

  • Deepen the understanding of the worship department staff and volunteers of worship

  • Collaborate with executive leadership to carry out the overall vision of corporate worship of the church which aligns directly with the Lead Pastor/Executive Team’s vision.

  • Recruit, train, organize, and shepherd music and production volunteers.

  • Plan, lead, and produce at least bi-annual nights of worship.

  • Oversee and stay within the annual budget

  • Set annual goals for the worship ministry that are in line with our vision and mission

  • Be open to change and the shifting of responsibilities as growth and ministry develop

  • Serve in carrying out pastoral duties (if desiring to be licensed)

  • Serve the church as an active church member.

  • Maintain and feed your personal hunger for God, and, if married, lovingly care for your family. 

  • Spiritual leadership: You must demonstrate you’re not only able to lead and inspire, but also serve with a submissive and joyful heart under those God has placed over you, most directly, the Executive Pastor. 

  • You will recognize you represent the Lord in all you do and say. You must be committed not only to your own walk with God, but also be concerned and intentional about knowing and caring about your teammates’ relationships with God.

  • Recruit, train, and disciple those involved in the music worship ministry.

  • Train and lead volunteers to help them lead worship with you each Sunday morning and for other times where music worship is desired.

  • Direct the audio and video leads in creating and producing arrangements and sound/lighting that truly enhances the worship environment.

  • Put together special events and programs as planned throughout each year.

  • Plan and implement monthly leadership meetings, training events, etc.

  • Lead weekly (and other) meetings with the worship arts staff.

  • Assist in strategic planning and church ministry evaluation meetings with the Executive Pastor and other pastors.


What you bring: 


A bachelor's degree is preferred but not required for this role.  


The ideal candidate will have three to five years of experience as a worship leader /Pastor/Worship Director, or similar experience. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Displays personal integrity and intimacy with God.

  • Is a daily student of the Bible, intentionally putting its teachings into action.

  • Is an example of Christ through humility, by demonstrating a teachable spirit, and by working well with others

  • Demonstrates obvious love for your spouse and children (if married).  

  • Is anointed and called to lead people in worship. We are looking not only for someone who is gifted musically, but someone who is called and gifted to lead people in authentic worship.

  • Has a good reputation outside the church,

  • Has excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills,

  • Demonstrates love and respect for others. 

  • Humbly leads and mentors others.

  • Has full buy-in to the Vision, Mission, Values, and Doctrinal Statement of Emergence Church,

  • Is able to conceive, initiate, and follow through with people and processes in the performance of your ministry.

  • Is a godly and effective representative of Jesus Christ, Emergence Church, and the Worship Ministry.  

Knowledge / Skills

  • A strong gift for leadership and a proven track record of developing leaders of leaders.

  • Strong vocal skills, instrumental skills (prefer guitar or keyboard), songwriting and arranging abilities

  • Have a deep understanding of sound, lighting, and video in order to be able to work creatively and collaboratively with the Weekend Experience team and tech team

  • Love for Jesus and a desire to see lives and communities changed by the gospel.

  • Entrepreneurial aptitude.

  • Proven success at multitasking, time management, and prioritizing.

  • Proven ability to work with and maintain positive, loyal relationships with those inside and outside the church.

  • Relational skills and a passionate presence and heart for leading worship.

  • Ability to work with Chord Charts, Sheet music, and Guitar Tabs.

  • Must have a teachable spirit.


What it's like to live in Totowa, New Jersey: 

Totowa is a borough of New Jersey, with just over 10,000 residents. It’s tucked away north of the bustling city of New York, just a short train ride away. One of the biggest draws of Totowa is that it has a suburban feel, despite being so close to New York City. Excellent education options, affordable housing, and a neighborhood family friendly feel makes this borough an excellent reprieve from the constant activity and energy of the city. 

Public elementary schools include Totowa Borough Public Schools, Memorial School, and Washington Park School. Public high schools include Passaic Valley Regional High School in Little Falls Township, which offers students a great teacher to student ratio, and opportunities to apply for Passaic County Technical Institute, which offers an abundance of marketable and trade technical skills to students post grad. These have been cited as some of the best schools in the country, with close proximity to Ivy League schools, professional specialty schools like Juilliard and Columbia University, and state schools such as NYU. 

Totowa, while having a small town feel, is home to some of the country’s richest cultural pockets, with art, entertainment, history and more at your fingertips, as well as a great American melting pot of languages, world cultures, food, and more. Not only that, but residents of Totowa can have the best of both worlds personally and professionally: many work a regular weekday job in Newark or NYC, where financial, business, teaching, and so many more jobs are plentiful, and then spend weekends enjoying the countryside of upstate New York, the northern Appalachian Mountain ranges, skiing in New Hampshire, or seaside relaxing on the many beautiful beaches and bay areas of the Northeast. 

The New York and New Jersey area offers a rich assortment of amenities, with world-class dining, shopping, and performing arts including theater, symphony, opera, and live music. Museums and architectural attractions, large and small, draw global audiences. Numerous major-league teams play in the area, including the MLB Yankees and Mets, NBA Knicks, NFL Giants and Jets, and NHL Islanders and Rangers. An extensive public transit system with subways and buses serves the urban core and links the boroughs.

A suburban rail and ferry network services surrounding communities in Connecticut, Long Island, and New Jersey. Rail lines on the Northeast Corridor make such cities as Boston and Washington, D.C. easily accessible. Many residents don’t own cars and choose to depend on public transit or an occasional car rental. Three major airports, La Guardia, Kennedy, and nearby Newark, provide air service domestically and abroad. Surrounding the city are numerous recreation areas: Long Island beaches, the Poconos, the Hudson Valley, and the Jersey Shore, to name only a few.

If you’re in search of big city adventure with the pros of affordable housing and a family feel, Totowa is a great place to call home. 

About New York: 

Not just any city, New York is THE City; a hub of ideas and institutions that shape the culture of the entire world. New York City is the largest city in the United States; a bustling metropolis of the arts, food, and culture. With a population of 1.6 million residing in an area of about 34 square miles, Manhattan represents the epitome of big city life. It is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world, including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, and multiple world-class museums including MoMA and the Guggenheim. Manhattan is the ideal living choice for those who truly enjoy the urban lifestyle and culture that comes with it. In addition, Broadway Theater is considered the highest professional form of theater in the United States. 

No other metropolis in the world compares to New York City, the epicenter of sophisticated cosmopolitan living. With its illustrious social scene, the finest in dining, style, arts, and entertainment, New York City offers limitless lifestyle choices. Living in New York and raising a family is a truly unique experience.

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