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Encounter Church

Student Pastor

Groves, Texas



Theology: ARC

Weekly Attendance: 1,050

Neighborhood: Groves, Texas

The role: The role of the Student Pastor is to serve the vision of Encounter Church and the NextGen Ministry by way of student life, development, and pastoral care.


Meet Encounter Church:

Encounter Church, located in Groves, Texas, is a non-denominational church located outside of Beaumont, Texas. Through applicable messages, contemporary worship, and Spirit-lead services, Encounter Church continues to grow since it was formed six years ago. 

Encounter Church's mission is to provide a place for presence driven worship and practical application of the Word that will help lead you to purposeful living. Encounter Church exists to help people move one step from where they are, to where God wants them.

About the Student Pastor:


The role of the Student Pastor is to serve the vision of Encounter Church and the NextGen Ministry by way of student life, development, and pastoral care.

The Student Pastor will:

  • Develop message content based off of the topic of choice.

  • Create a service environment that connects students to small groups, worship, and prayer, builds healthy community, and challenges them to grow as leaders within the church.

  • Build teams that involve students and empower them as leaders.

  • Strategically promote Wednesday nights within the church using mediums such as Sunday mornings, attending sporting events, participating in community events, etc.

  • Actively participate in social media on a regular basis for students and parents to stay connected to student services.

  • Connect with schools within the community in order to enable students to participate in student services.

  • Actively follow up with every student that fills out a connection card from a student service.

  • Relationally serve students' pastoral care needs and create personal growth plans for students to receive and or experience healing, restoration, deliverance, freedom, and the process of redemption.

  • Push the Small Group systems and structure forward, implemented by Encounter Church and the NextGen department.

  • Be a part of the team. Help where is needed in any aspects of Encounter Church and the NextGen department.

What you bring:image13


A bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required for this position.


The ideal candidate will have at least five years or more of hands on Student Ministry experience.

Personal Characteristics

  • Loves God & loves people

  • Possesses a work ethic that is excellent, protective, and frugal with time and money

  • Has an attitude of a servant, is enjoyable to be with, and is devoted to the call of God and the Church

  • Someone who is devoted to the call of God and the vision  and values of Encounter Church

  • Commitment to & personally vested in the well-being and success of small groups at Encounter Church

  • Demonstrates effective pastoral leadership

  • Shows consistent involvement with the pastoral needs of students

  • Exhibits systematic team building and leadership development

  • Has the ability to communicate vision


What it's like to live in Groves, Texas:

Groves, Texas is the third largest city in Jefferson County. In the words of the city manager, D.E. Sosa, Groves is "A great place to live, work, learn, shop, and conduct business." This warm, friendly, well-kept community of 17,000 is nestled between Port Arthur and Port Neches in the heart of Jefferson County.

Groves had its beginning when Asa E. Groves looked longingly at the wide expanse of land east of Griffin Nursery. He formed a company and purchased 300 acres in the center of present day Groves.

Family entertainment is provided each year with the Texas Pecan Festival, which commemorates the planting of hundreds of pecan trees. Many of these trees are still standing, making the city one of the loveliest in the area.

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