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Faith Bible Church

Student Pastor

The Woodlands, Texas



Weekly Attendance: 1750

Denomination: Bible Church

Neighborhood The Woodlands, Greater Houston area, Texas

The role: The role of the Student Pastor is to serve the vision of Faith Bible Church by way of student life, development, and pastoral care. Discipleship in relational environments is critical to this role.

IMG_7220Meet Faith Bible Church: 

Faith Bible Church is celebrating its 40th  anniversary this May, yet God continues to bless us with a youthful vigor.  This is a very exciting time in the life of our church family and our community. We have experienced healthy and regular growth over the last 10 years with increases in 2019 of over 20%. This comes from many different sources including new families to the area, new believers, young families seeking to deepen their faith, and individuals and families seeking healing from their struggles and in their marriage.

Faith Bible Church is all about Jesus. We are a non-denominational church family.  Relevant Bible teaching is the hallmark of our services, classes, and small groups. Authentic, spiritual, and joyous worship is the language of our gatherings. We long to be a church that reflects our city in diversity but is, even more so, unified in a life-giving preoccupation with Jesus Christ. We have a long-standing commitment to local and international missions. Thoughtful programs and ministries including Sunday communities are available for adults, special needs, junior high and high school students, kids, and much more.

God has blessed us with a diverse and talented pastoral team.. Our Elder board is a team of ten godly, engaged, dedicated and humble men that shepherd our people well, love each other and intentionally chase our pastors and other leaders. All this to say our church is alive and well, with an unlimited future of ministry, local impact and international fruit ahead of us. We strongly believe, even with our rich history, our very best years of ministry are ahead of us.

IMG_0267About the Student Pastor:

The role of the Student Pastor is to serve the vision of Faith Bible Church by way of student life, development, and pastoral care. Discipleship in relational environments is critical to this role.

The Student Pastor will: 

  • Disciple students in both large and small group relational environments.

  • Create a service environment that connects students to small groups, worship, and prayer, builds healthy community, and challenges them to grow as leaders within the church.

  • Develop teaching content that challenges and engages the felt needs of students.

  • Engage with current adult volunteers and leaders while continuing to grow a volunteer base of mentors and coaches.

  • Build teams that involve students and empower them as leaders.

  • Strategically promote Wednesday nights within the church using mediums such as Sunday mornings, attending sporting events, participating in community events, etc.

  • Maintain regular and consistent communication with parents, students and congregation through various means of communication, including social media.

  • Build in-roads with parents, offering support and assistance in the process of discipling their students.

  • Connect with schools within the community in order to enable students to participate in student services.

IMG_3020What you bring: 


The minimum requirement is a four year B.A. or B.S.  Additional seminary or ministry focused studies is  preferred. 


The ideal candidate will have several years of experience working with youth or students, or in a ministry setting in a church size and culture similar to Faith Bible Church.

Personal Characteristics

  • Is a disciple-maker, mentor, and developer.

  • Is an excellent communicator.

  • Has the ability to lead teams.

  • Is action oriented, has a great work ethic, is responsible, is organized, is a strategic thinker, and has the ability to manage, mobilize, and motivate people.

  • Is a passionate Christ-follower who is mature, humble, and teachable.

  • Agrees to full acceptance of FBC’s doctrinal statement, values, and vision.

  • Listens well and is relational.  Is assertive, yet compassionate.

  • Can lead well in difficult situations, engages in hard conversations, and calls people to accountability.

  • Has a zeal for reaching students and parents for Jesus Christ.

IMG_8841What it's like to live in The Woodlands, Texas: 

The Woodlands

Founded in 1974, The Woodlands has emerged from a fledgling outpost of the greater Houston area to a thriving community where people live, work, play and learn. A master-planned community far ahead of its time, The Woodlands is the brainchild of its founder George Mitchell who wished to create a thoughtful and diverse living experience that balanced the spirit of neighborhood life with business and innovation—nestled within a grounded natural setting. Today, as many as four generations of the same family call The Woodlands their home.

Over the years, The Woodlands has grown to include nine residential villages, The Woodlands Town Center, Hughes Landing and The Woodlands Waterway, the community’s nexus of business, entertainment and culture. The Woodlands boasts some of the highest-ranked schools in the greater Houston region, award-winning medical and wellness centers, and places of worship of virtually every denomination. Today, more than 1,700 businesses, including the headquarters of major corporations, are based in The Woodlands.

With over 140 parks, 214 miles of hiking and bike trails, pools, public art, water sport destinations and signature golf courses, there is never a shortage of things to do and ways to enjoy The Woodlands’ lush natural surroundings.

And yet, for all the community has to offer, the forest remains. Lush stands of trees line major roadways, leading one visiting architect to call the Woodlands “the invisible city.” Over the years, nearly one million tree seedlings have been given away at Arbor Day festivals and planted to enrich the community’s forested beauty. Today, almost 8,000 of our total 28,400 acres remain open space. A symbol of our diverse and ever-expanding spirit, our unique bird population continues to thrive in the Woodlands, with more species calling it home than ever before.


The rapidly growing Houston area ranks as the fourth largest metro area in the United States behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Not only is the population large, but the area includes ten counties covering some 900 square miles and spreads some 50 miles in each direction.

Houston is a national and world center for the petroleum and petrochemical industry, but also shines as a general corporate center including many major headquarters and national and regional offices.   There is a considerable amount of banking, general commerce and trade in the area driven in part by the large port facility and the petrochemical industry.

Cultural amenities are excellent and include performing arts, museums, and a variety of entertainment options. With the Houston Texans (NFL), the Houston Astros (MLB), the Houston Rockets (NBA), and the University of Houston and Rice University teams, the city offers a full slate of sports entertainment. The Texas Medical Center is a world renowned facility including 39 health centers and employing 50,000 healthcare professionals.  Cost of living is notably low for a big city and excellent housing is available.

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