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Fellowship Bible Church

Pastor of Adult Discipleship

Little Rock, Arkansas



Theology: Bible Church

Weekly Attendance: 4,000

Neighborhood: Little Rock, Arkansas

The role: The Pastor of Adult Discipleship gives oversight, leadership, and development strategy to adult ministries ranging from young adults to seniors.


Meet Fellowship Bible Church:

From the beginning, Fellowship Bible Church has been more than just a place or another church; it is a community of people following Jesus together as they take His message to a city they love and to a world that needs it. In 2004, Fellowship Benton was launched as a campus of Fellowship Bible Church, joining the Little Rock campus. In 2007, Fellowship further expanded and established its third campus in Cabot—a campus community known for its authenticity, inclusivity, strength of staff, and unique culture.

About the Pastor of Adult Discipleship:

The Pastor of Adult Discipleship gives oversight to ministries ranging from young adults to seniors, and ensure that systems and processes are in place to identify, develop, and deploy new small group leaders; oversee ongoing development of small group leaders; and work to equip those at Fellowship in their faith and practice.

unnamed (5)-1The Pastor of Adult Discipleship will:

  • Build key relationships with existing Adult Discipleship team
  • Establish solid relationship with Campus Pastors
  • Identify and understand the D Group system - identifying what is working and what is not
  • Communicate in a way that inspires the leaders
  • Set vision for the ministry department
  • Help fortify the discipleship pathway
  • Build strong relationships and learn the culture of the church
  • Evaluate current Adult Discipleship staff, volunteers, ministries
  • Lead momentum, buy in, and build equity with tangible evidence that people are accomplishing it

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What you bring:


A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, as well as a seminary degree or further theological education. A master’s degree is preferred for this position.


The ideal candidate will have five or more years of ministry experience, preferably in a small group ministry or in a context of leading a team or a staff. The candidate for this role must be biblically qualified to serve as an Elder (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1).

Personal Characteristics

  • Strong, devout Christian
  • Spiritual Gifts
    • Leadership
    • Pastoring/Shepherding
    • Teaching, Discipleship
    • Administration
  • People-centric, outgoing, engaging, and approachable
  • Possess a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • Key traits:
    • Group-minded
    • Highly relational
    • Patient
    • Confident
    • Adaptable to change
    • Easy going
    • Fun-hearted
    • Reliable
  • Possess a passion for spiritual health, generosity, and achievable excellence
  • Embody the cultural values of the church
  • Sense of humor
  • Strong theologically
  • Holistic view of discipleship
  • Passion for small group
  • Team-oriented: gets life from and adds life to the teams they work on
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to develop and empower direct reports, volunteers, and others
  • Innovation management
  • Decision quality
  • Organizational ability
  • Committed to Fellowship’s mission, values, and beliefs

What it's like to live in Little Rock, Arkansas:

Little Rock and Pulaski County’s rich pasts span from pioneer days in the 19th century to presidential elections at the close of the 20th century, covering significant eras in United States history. Such historic highlights make the area stand out as an important piece of the American culture.

Today, in Little Rock, the old and new mix well together. Stately antebellum structures and ornate Victorian buildings neighbor gleaming new glass-facade skyscrapers stretching up into the river city's skyline with scenic, natural surroundings providing the backdrop. Its warm, comfortable climate offers its residents plenty of outside time to visit its many agricultural events including large farmers markets and tours emphasizing green practices.

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