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Fellowship Raleigh Church

Associate Pastor

Raleigh, North Carolina



Theology: Baptist/Nondenominational

Weekly Attendance: 150

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

The role: The Associate Pastor of Fellowship Raleigh will be a full time pastor as part of the leadership and teaching team at the church. He will lead daily operations, develop key ministries, and manage projects, as well as occasionally preach.

culture_pic_1.0Meet Fellowship Raleigh:

The story of Fellowship Raleigh is just a small local expression of the story of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The dream of Fellowship Raleigh was born in the Schoolfields’ hearts the summer of 2005 while they took a class on church planting at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago. From the beginning, the vision has been to plant a dynamic local church in the heart of a strategic city. Before coming to Raleigh, their vision and strategy were refined and affirmed in Little Rock, Arkansas at Fellowship Bible Church as they participated in the ten month Church Planting Leadership Residency Program.

A few families and individuals from Chicago and Florida relocated to Raleigh along with them in the summer of 2007 to begin church planting.

In September of 2008, they started having weekly worship services at Broughton High School where they set up each week for a little over a year. After meeting at Broughton, they rented a small warehouse, then a larger one. Currently, they are gathering for worship in downtown Raleigh and scattering for mission and community in Fellowship Groups all over Raleigh and beyond.

Many things have changed, but many important things have stayed the same from the beginning. Their focus is always on their mission to transform the religious and irreligious lost through the Gospel into passionate disciples of Jesus.

As a 10-year-old, Elder-led church planted out of Fellowship Associates (Little Rock, AR), Fellowship Raleigh has a 20,000 square foot, permanent facility that seats 300 in a diverse and mixed income neighborhood on the fast growing east side of downtown Raleigh. They use their facility all week long as they rent ministry and office space to seven plus nonprofits to urban families, unemployed, single moms, natives to Nicaragua, and more.

The church of about 130 is diverse and growing. Fellowship Raleigh is affiliated with the SBC and actively engaged with unreached people groups around the world (East Asia, Oman, Central America). The church is known for strong visionary leadership, verse-by-verse Bible teaching, a strong sense of discipleship through small groups, and a unified vision to reach their community with the truth, beauty, and compassion of the gospel.  fellowship ral-1About the Associate Pastor:

The Associate Pastor of Fellowship Raleigh will be a full time pastor as part of the leadership and teaching team at the church. They will lead daily operations, develop key ministries, and manage projects, as well as occasionally preach.  

The Associate Pastor will:

  • Lead day to day Operations and Project Management (office, building, partner-tenants, managing, and developing leaders and other staff)

  • Give leadership to the leaders of Sunday volunteer teams

  • Develop key overall ministries and coaching the leaders within these ministries (i.e. Small Group Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, and possibly family ministries) 

What you bring:

A bachelor’s degree and some formal ministry training, including a Bible college, a seminary degree, or other theological education or training is required.

The ideal candidate will have five or more years of experience and will be a proven leader in the local church and a capable teacher of God’s word.

Personal Characteristics
  • Demonstrates a vibrant, demonstrated faith that is growing and solid.

  • Has the character of an Elder (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1).

  • If married, has a strong marriage that is supportive of pastoral calling.

  • Is personally passionate about outreach with urban / multi-ethnic focus.

  • Seeks to invest and commit to Fellowship Raleigh Church and their community for long term ministry.  

  • Is an administrative and operational leader who pays attention to detail.

  • Is a strategic thinker who thinks, “How do we take the next steps to execute the vision?”

  • Is personally self-aware, self-confident and able to communicate differing views within a leadership team in a healthy way to achieve best results.  

  • A leader with a heart for urban ministry and desire to live life and family on mission for the good of the kingdom and for the growth of the church.

culture_pic_4.0What it's like to live in Raleigh, North Carolina:

The Triangle area of North Carolina is frequently touted as one of the top areas to live in the United States. Glassdoor, a jobs and career community, released its “25 Best Cities for Jobs,” report last month and named Raleigh as the number one city for jobs in the United States.

As North Carolina’s capital city, Raleigh has it all: a thriving downtown, several notable music venues, sports teams for days, an exploding arts community and, as of late, a growing culinary scene that rivals its neighboring Southern cities—going way beyond shrimp and grits, biscuits and pimento cheese.

In January of 2015, the Brookings Institution’s survey of the world’s metropolitan regions found Raleigh among the world’s 50 leading economic growth areas, ranked 41st globally in 2014. In September of last year, Forbes found Raleigh is the nation’s leading “Baby Boomtown,” measuring quality school, affordable housing, and long-term economic security.Time magazine ranked Raleigh as the third most educated city in the United States, based on the percentage of residents who hold college degrees, which is most likely due to the number of colleges in the metro area.  Almost half of Raleigh’s residents have earned a bachelor’s degree.

It also ranks near the top of most lists for safest cities in the U.S.Home to North Carolina State University, Raleigh is part of the “Research Triangle,” which includes Durham (home to Duke University), and Chapel Hill (home to the University of North Carolina).  Research Triangle Park opened in 1959, and the area quickly became a center for high-tech and biotech research. The population of Raleigh is 423,179.

Some of the largest businesses making their home in the Triangle include IBM, Rex Healthcare, Cisco Systems, SAS, and GlaxoSmithKline. Raleigh has many offerings in the arts, with various performing venues and visual arts collections.

The Carolina Ballet and the North Carolina Theatre are nationally acclaimed. The city is also home to a great collection of museums. Raleigh has many restaurants that provide opportunity for many fine evenings out on the town. The area offers something for everyone, from a bustling downtown and nightlife, to quiet family suburbs, to rural and agricultural areas not far from the city.

Like most of the southeastern United States, Raleigh has a humid, subtropical climate, with four distinct seasons.  The area enjoys great weather for much of the calendar year. All in all, Raleigh is the ideal place for any couple or family to live. 

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