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First Baptist Church Henderson

Youth Pastor

Henderson, Texas

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Denomination: Baptist - SBC

Weekly Attendance: 530

Location: Henderson, Texas

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The role: The Youth Pastor will plan, administer, coordinate, supervise, and evaluate a comprehensive and active Youth Ministry. They will be responsible for working with and ministering to youth and their families. The Youth Pastor will give oversight to the recreation ministry and to the Family Life Center.

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Meet First Baptist Church Henderson

First Baptist Church Henderson believes that a "Church on Mission" honors God, loves people, and meets needs.

We welcome you as we faithfully share the "Good News" of God's Word. We hope you feel the enthusiasm among our family of believers called First Baptist Church.

We also have a variety of opportunities for Bible study for all ages along with many activities for fun and fellowship. 

student center cafe-1About the Youth Pastor

  • Oversee Sunday morning Bible study (Sunday School) time.

  • Provide for the Wednesday night programming which involves approximately 1-1/2 hours. 

  • Provide for small group (core group) Bible studies. 

  • Plan and provide an adequate number of activities and outings for youth to meet their social needs.

  • Coordinate retreats, mission projects, camps, conferences, and other special events for the spiritual maturing of the students and their families.

  • Coordinate programming and fellowships for parents with teenagers.

  • Contact/Visit students when they are in a hospital or in other primary moments of their lives. 

  • Work with program leaders, teachers, and appropriate staff members to resolve philosophical differences, procedural, and scheduling problems in the youth division.

  • Recruit and equip all youth leadership.

  • Recruit, oversee, and advise youth interns.

  • Prepare an annual budget for recommendation to the Finance Committee.

The role will: 

  • Establish short-range and long-range goals for the recreation ministry.

  • Coordinate and administer recreation activities in the Family Life Center.

  • Recruit and enlist workers for the church's activities and recreation program.

  • Plan and coordinate training for all volunteer activities and recreation workers.

  • Coordinate recreation activities with the church calendar.

  • Oversee all of the Family Life Center recreation equipment and facility.

  • Prepare an annual budget for recommendation to the Finance Committee.
    Cooperate with the Senior Pastor, other staff members, and leadership in promoting the entire ministry plan of First Baptist Church.

  • Attend all regular staff meetings.

  • Attend other church ministry team meetings as advised by the Pastor or Minister of Education.

  • Be available for counseling of church and non-church members as needs arise.

  • Utilize the services of the secretarial and facilities staff, which are consistent with their Position Descriptions.

  • Supply articles/information as needed for use in publications relating to your ministry areas.

  • Work within the budgeted amounts in your area of ministry. Avoid soliciting or expending funds not previously authorized.

  • Serve as an effective staff liaison to assigned Ministry Teams and/or Standing Committees.

  • Adhere to church-approved guidelines as set forth in the Policy Manual.

student center porch areaWhat you bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree. A seminary degree or biblical or theological training is not required but is a great bonus. 

The ideal candidate will also have five years or more of full-time ministry experience, preferably in a youth setting or similar. Family Life Center or sports experience is also a great bonus. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Maintains a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study, prayer, and meditation.

  • Has a calling into Youth Ministry

  • Student of the Word

  • Man of prayer

  • Understanding of the culture of First Baptist Church Henderson and the tradition of the Southern Baptist Convention

  • Willing to try new things, takes initiative, and creative with ideas

  • Engaged with students

  • Works well with students and parents

  • Is committed and called to Student Ministry 

  • People person and team player

  • Humble and willing to accept advice

  • Engaged in the community (schools, Friday night football, etc)

  • Maintains proper priorities in their home and be a spiritual leader to your spouse and children, if married.

  • Develops personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church.

  • Financially supports the work of ministries of First Baptist Church by faithfully giving at least a10% tithe to the church, and maintains wise stewardship measures over the remaining 90%.

student center lounge (1)What it's like to live in Henderson, Texas: 

Henderson is a small town in East Texas, just a short drive from the larger city of Longview, which is 130 miles east of Dallas. Tyler Texas is a few miles further away than Longview but it is a larger town with even more attractions. Henderson and Marshall, both towns in the Longview area, are culturally and historically rich towns, reminiscent of the prosperity of the old oil boomtowns. Originally a transportation center for nearby agriculture and timber industries, the Longview-Marshall-Henderson area prospered from the oil booms of the 1920s and 1930s. 

Today’s Longview still has a manufacturing and basic industry economy but also supports a large region of East Texas with retail, health care, and other services. The largest employers are Eastman Chemical and the CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System, and there is an assortment of smaller manufacturers in recreational vehicles, heavy equipment, railroad cars, and fabricated parts. Contrary to the popular Texas stereotype of endless dry Western prairie, Longview and East Texas, in general, is known as the “piney woods” part of the state, and lush pine trees and forests dominate the landscape where they weren’t cleared for cotton growing and other agricultural interests. Much of the East Texas area includes stunning vistas of rolling hills, starry skies, and quiet farmland. 

The most notable of the area’s many lakes is Lake of the Pines to the north. The low cost of living is one of the area’s biggest attractions, in addition to the welcoming and friendly hometown feel and residential and landowning opportunities. 

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